Episode 28 date! PLUS new Digimon fanfic in the works!

So it’s quite possible Episode 29 will be up before my move…But first expect Episode 28 to be up this weekend!!!

Also, those of you who follow my artistic ventures on DeviantArt know that I’m also busy planning my second Digimon fanfic. Yes! Another Digimon fanfic! Wooohooo! :D AAAAAANND what’s more, the rookies will be revealed ALONG with Episode 28 of Origins! My other fanfic is called Digimon Apocalypse and will be vastly different in story to Origins, so no, it’s not a sequal or anything like that. I’ve already got the site up and running here on wordpress, so check it out! -> Digimon Apocalypse

Done and Done!

As of last night, episode 27 has gone live!

Check it out here.

Also, TA DAAA! Tamers profiles have been upgraded aswell! Along with some other changes. Vol. 3 of the Digimon Origins Soundtrack is up. Also I’ve added a new page under the ‘Guestbook’ tab, a Gallery where you can now find older artworks as well as concepts and designs and just a lot of random stuff there. Oh yes and you can now have a look at the complete lists of ALL enemies and allies so far. Keep in mind theses lists are still under construction…

Confirmed Ep 27 date…

Hey guys!

I really don’t mean to keep you faithful readers waiting so long between episodes. There’s just so much going on right now. I’ll be moving to Canada next month, and I’ll try really hard to make it to atleast Episode 28 before. So there’s that, along with getting settled in and starting college in Toronto in September. So I ask you to please bear with me during this time…

Meanwhile, Episode 27 will be up on Sunday, the 8th of June. I’d like to make it sooner but I’ll be studying most of this week, finishing it up whenever I get the chance. It’ll be worth the wait though, as the tamers new and improved looks will be up on Sunday as well, (Check out DigimonOrigins.DeviantArt.com for previews of a few of them…) along with the debut of the final Ultimate!

On a side note, can you guess which Digimon of Origin will be the first to reach Mega level????


Episode 26 is now up! (finally)…

Bringing two new Ultimate level Digimon of Origin!

Also you may have noticed that updates have officially begun! Today it’s the new banner that changes color for any page you visit!

More updates coming real soon!