Episode 26 is now up! (finally)…

Bringing two new Ultimate level Digimon of Origin!

Also you may have noticed that updates have officially begun! Today it’s the new banner that changes color for any page you visit!

More updates coming real soon!

Updates in progress!!!

Woooo New Banner!!! :D

No, it’s not permanent…It’s a bit of a teaser preview for the tamer’s upgraded looks. That’s Maya you see in the preview. All the tamers will be upgraded to new and improved looks, some Digimon too! Also some changes will be made to the site…I’ll post up a list soon, but if you haven’t already noticed, the screen shots were removed from the episodes…most of them actually…

I’ll be posting up some sneak peaks of the updated tamers on twitter, so keep and eye out! :)


Yessshhhhhh!!!! After returning from my trip to Canada I’m back and almost ready to upload Episode 25!!!

Coming next Saturday so stay tuned!!! :D

Artful War!

Sooooo crushed that deadline…

Episode 24: Artful War is now up here as well as on

Vulpemon’s profile has been updated…;)

Not giving anything away, but you will run across a new character in the Episode called Maugrimon. Currently I’ve only posted up his ‘profile’ on DeviantArt, so if you’d like to see it, click here.

We’re nearing the halfway mark!!!