Champs and…stuff

Ya’wl seen the Apocalypse champions yet? You haven’t? Well hop on over to Digimon Apocalypse and go and have a gander!

As for Origins, no news on Episode 30 yet. Remember, Ep 30 will be an interlude episode to serve as a ‘break’ in the story. 

Also, I would love to know from you guys if you would like another holiday themed interlude, such as Halloween or Christmas. These have both been done before, like a few years ago. So if you would like another one, and would like to suggest a villain/s or ally/allies to be featured, drop me a message!


Episode 29 UP!!!

Major delay…my bad…

Episode 29 is now up!

Please note, there are some paragraph spacing issues…I’ll take care of that soon, so please bear with me… >.<

Also, avoid using the drop down menu in the Volume 3 tab in the Episodes tab for now. Since some of the titles of the Volume 3 episodes are longer than usual, most PC resolutions won’t display the entire drop down list. That will also be taken care of soon.

Until next time!

P.S Keep an eye out for the champion forms of the Digimon Apocalypse cast that’ll be up tomorrow! :D :D

Ep 29 Date…

The sad news of Robin William’s passing ealier this week just broke me to no end…So much so that I just couldn’t bring myself to finish the next episode of Origins, which I had planned on uploading this weekend…Now it will be up on the 23rd of August.

Just a head’s up, Episode 30 will be an interlude episode. The last interlude served as a Christmas episode for December 2012, so another one is due. This will serve as a brief break in the story, and prefect timing too as I will be busy moving and settling in overseas (I hope I don’t get any further delayed, but you know how some embassies work… T_T” )

Anyways as a treat to you readers I will also be revealing one or two Apocalypse champions (Of the main cast, of course). Profiles are still in progress. Please head over to DigimonApocalypse and tell me which of the rookies is your favorite?

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Episode 28 date! PLUS new Digimon fanfic in the works!

So it’s quite possible Episode 29 will be up before my move…But first expect Episode 28 to be up this weekend!!!

Also, those of you who follow my artistic ventures on DeviantArt know that I’m also busy planning my second Digimon fanfic. Yes! Another Digimon fanfic! Wooohooo! :D AAAAAANND what’s more, the rookies will be revealed ALONG with Episode 28 of Origins! My other fanfic is called Digimon Apocalypse and will be vastly different in story to Origins, so no, it’s not a sequal or anything like that. I’ve already got the site up and running here on wordpress, so check it out! -> Digimon Apocalypse