Not dead, just Super busy!!

Readers please bare with me during this time. I have a lot of other commitments that take priority right now. I will be back at writing the next episode soon, but first I do want to catch up on all the profiles that need updating that I’ve been putting off for waaaay too long now.

In the mix of all that I’ve started drafting out more characters and concepts for my next fan-fic, Digimon Apocalypse.

Until then!

Episode 31 coming your way!

It’s been a LOOOOOONGGG and uncalled for hiatus. I’ve been pretty busy with other commitments, not to mention a pretty intense case of writer’s block… I’m currently back on track and have loads planned for Origins in the coming months.

In the mean time Episode 31 will be on it’s way sometime this week. So stay tuned!