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Episode 32: The Last Starlight

Thought I’d have Episode 32 up by now buuuut I’m still busy with a few tweaks to the site as well as finishing up character profiles for Digimon that will appear in this episode. So for SURE it will be up NEXT SUNDAY. FOR SURE…

Stay Tuned..


Site update in progress…

Site under construction! I’ve removed the soundtracks since I don’t think it’s needed anymore. I will post up a compilation list I’ve made at a later stage but without a youtube link. It will just be more of an idea of a soundtrack for the series…

Other changes will include; simplification of the header menu, images and profiles will be added to characters that lack them, possible header image changes and perhaps even a beta trial using a new wordpress theme.

If you run across a page that doesn’t work please comment on this post with the name of the page you were looking for.

More changes and episodes soon!


Origins is back!

Yes, it’s been ages. Real life had a good hold on me for the past year. But now I’m back at it and noticed alot of Digimon pages on DA had kinda…’died’.
So I’m here and I’m gonna bring Digimon back! Or atleast, I’m bringing Digimon Origins Back! I’m busy going over past episodes, editing as I go, since it’s been a while and I’ve learnt a bit from writing. So I’m going to update just about all the episodes. They won’t be major changes, just grammatical errors and such that have been overlooked. Any major changes in the story will be noted…
I’m also looking into a new domain to host the website/ fanfic, or a new website altogether. I’ll also be slowly updating character profiles and images throughout the year and… of course bring in new episodes soon! I’ve made the decision to extend the number of episodes over 50, so it might go on for a further 10 to 15 episodes or longer… Simultaneously I’ll be working on DigimonApocalypse’s plot, characters and episodes, and I’m hoping to get the prologue out in the next month or so…
Stay tuned!
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