‘Dominion’, one of the 9 classes of the Heavenly Being Hierarchy, ranking fourth behind Thrones(Ophanim), Cherubim and Seraphim.


  • Level: Mega
  • Type: Holy Angel
  • Attribute: Vaccine
  • Family: Wind Guardians / Virus Busters


  • Grace Blade: Slashes with her sword of light.
  • Soul Purge: Creates a sphere of light that blasts the foe.

Personality: Although Dominamon means well and only wishes for a peaceful Digital World, she emits a tough-as-nails personality, which might come off as slightly rude. However she doesn’t speak out of turn unless it is absolutely necessary, and she never speaks badly about others.

History: Unlike her Angel companions, Dominamon is less merciful in battle. She follows orders sternly, but also makes her own decisions. She’s always the first to offer up tactics and strategies.