General Stats

  • Partner: Duke
  • Origin: Dragon
  • Elishamon’s Evolutionary line: Draakmon, Gigimon, Elishamon, Enumamon, Hesperimon, Tiamamon


  • Level: Baby
  • Attribute: Vaccine
  • Family: Dragon’s Roar
  • Type: Lesser Digimon
  • Attacks:  N/A

Personality: Draakmon seldom likes being alone and prefers to be with her tamer all the time. Due to her bright coloring she is very conscious that she will be easily spotted by enemies.

  • Possible Evolutions: Koromon, DemiVeemon
  • Possible De-Evolutions: N/A


  • Level: In -Training
  • Attribute: Vaccine
  • Family: Dragon’s Roar
  • Type: Lesser Digimon


Personality: Gigimon is extremely energetic and social, but only with those she knows. She likes to deceive Duke’s friends who aren’t tamers, playing tricks on them when Duke’s not watching.

Extra Information: If angered Gigimon will hurl a tiny fireball at opponents.

  • Possible Evolutions: Guilmon, Agumon, BlackAgumon, Veemon, Shoutmon
  • Possible De-Evolutions: Botamon


  • Pronounced: ‘Eh-lee-sha-mon’
  • Level: Rookie
  • Attribute: Data
  • Family: Dragon’s Roar
  • Type: Dragon


  • Golden Beam: The rings on Elishamon’s arms and neck emits blinding beams of light that cuts through the flesh of enemies.
  • Star Gazer: Shoots beams of pink energy from her eyes.

Personality: Elishamon has a very docile personality. Being the biggest of the rookies she acts somewhat maternal towards them. She’s sweet and extremely sensitive to the feelings of those around her.

History: Unknowingly Elishamon wields the powers of all dragon Digimon hidden within her.

Extra Information: Elishamon often has trouble walking in tight spaces like Duke’s apartment. Her tail swishes from side to side gently, and she often has to take great care in not knocking anything over.

  • Possible Evolutions: Greymon, Growlmon, Tyrannomon, Monochromon, GeoGreymon
  • Possible De-Evolutions: Koromon, DemiVeemon


  • Pronounced: ‘Eh-noo-muh-mon’
  • Level: Champion
  • Attribute: Data
  • Family: Dragon’s Roar
  • Type: Dragon


  • Dragon’s Breath: Spits out large balls of molten rock at foes.
  • Frozen Nova: Inhales deeply and exhales ice cold breathe that freezes foes.
  • Limit: Draco Stella: Creates seven bright balls of energy before it. Enumamon then unleashes the eight ball from her maw, it merges with the others, forming on large blast of energy in the shape of a cross that’s cannot be avoided.

Personality: Enumamon does not tolerate enemies and won’t hesitate to start a fight in order to protect her tamer. She has a commanding voice that often intimidates foes.

Extra Information: being one of the few low level Digimon of Origin capable of flight, Enumamon is a great asset to the team.

  • Possible Evolutions: MetalGreymon, WarGrowlmon, DarkTyrannomon, Tuskmon, RizeGreymon
  • Possible De-Evolutions: Guilmon, Agumon, BlackAgumon, Veemon, Shoutmon


  • Pronounced: ‘Heh-speh-ree-mon’
  • Level: Ultimate
  • Attribute: Vaccine
  • Family: Dragon’s Roar
  • Type: Dragon
  • Attacks:
  • Roaring Spirit: Releases a blast of energy from her mouth that envelops foes and explodes/implodes, releasing the sound of a powerful roar.
  • Supreme Supernova: Inhales deeply, exhaling out a massive ball of molten rock accompanied by a blast of frozen air and a powerful gust of wind.
  • Limit: ?????

Personality: Hesperimon is a noble spirit. She’s extremely intelligent and an analytical thinker. She communicates through thought, for if her physical voice was heard it would shatter everything around her. Although stalwart and powerful she also possesses a gentle soul. She’s very maternal and protective by nature and will attack relentlessly when defending those she cares about.

Extra Information: Hesperimon is among the largest Digimon in the team. She towers over both her comrades as well as foes. Flapping her powerful wings would cause those around her to lose their balance. Despite her size she is an extremely fast flyer and is capable of speeds that break the sound barrier.

  • Possible Evolutions: WarGreymon, Gallantmon, Machinedramon, ShineGreymon, Dianamon, BlackWarGreymon, Azulongmon
  • Possible De-Evolutions: Greymon, GeoGreymon Growlmon, Tyrannomon, Monochromon

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