General Stats

  • Partner: Viola
  • Origin: Earth
  • Heraldimon’s Evolutionary line: Knospmon, Rilkemon, Heraldimon, Rosaemon, Rosatimon, Odoramon


  • Pronounced: ‘Nosp-mon’
  • Level: Baby/Fresh
  • Attribute: Vaccine
  • Family: Jungle Troopers
  • Type: Lesser Digimon

Attacks: N/A

Personality: Knospmon is a friendly Digimon although extremely shy. When she feels uncomfortable she simply sits absolutely still or, if the situation’s too much for her, she bounces off to find a more comfortable space.

Knospmon are unable to speak and simply hum when they’re happy. When angred they make faint growl sounds.

  • Possible Evolutions: Tanemon
  • Possible De-Evolutions: N/A


  • Pronounced: ‘Ril-kuh-mon’
  • Level: In-Training
  • Attribute: Vaccine
  • Family: Jungle Troopers
  • Type: Plant Digimon


Sweet Scent: An alluring fragrance is released from Rilkemon’s flower. If Rilkemon is afraid, chemicals are released within the scent that render those who smell it paralyzed. When Rilkemon is happy or excited, it releases chemicals that cause laughter. Both of these chemical releases help it escape from danger.

Personality: Rilkemon are distant relatives of Tanemon. They are extremely affectionate and disdain violence and anger. When in groups, their contentment causes the flowers on their heads to release a chemical into the air that becalms all around them, keeping them happy. Their laughter can be heard from far away.

  • Possible Evolutions: Palmon,
  • Possible De-Evolutions:


  • Pronounced: ‘Huh-rahl-dee-mon’
  • Level: Rookie
  • Attribute: Vaccine
  • Family: Jungle Troopers
  • Type: Plant Digimon


Dart Thorn: Heraldimon inhales as much air as possible and with releasing it shots the thorns on its body in all directions. Be careful as some digimon of this species seem to possess poisoned thorns.

Personality:  Although friendly, Heraldimon can be arrogant. She is often self conscious about the way she looks. She is quiet and prefers to watch those around her silently. When she is angered, her cheeks will blush a bright red, a sign that she’s about to release her thorns.


Extra Information: Unaware of her hidden abilities, Heraldimon’s evolutions control the elements of earth and wood. Willingly she can summon forests of branches of thorns, generate immensely powerful earthquakes or fill the entire Digital World with greenery and exquisite arrays of flowers and blossoms.

  • Possible Evolutions: Togemon, Sunflowmon, Blossomon
  • Possible De-Evolutions: Tanemon


  • Pronounced: ‘Rose-ey-mon’
  • Level: Champion
  • Attribute: Vaccine
  • Family: Jungle Troopers
  • Type: Plant Digimon


  • Needle Dance: (Similar to Togemon’s Needle spray) Rosaemon spins as thorns shoot from her towards enemies.
  • Twisted Thorns: Summons thorns from underground that trap enemies.
  • Limit: Rhodon Strike: Creates roses of solid material out of thin air and hurls at foes.

Personality: Unlike her previous form, Rosaemon develops a sense of self confidence and is no longer a timid Digimon. She protects Viola fiercely and doesn’t tolerate anyone disrespecting her.

Extra Information: Although a small sized Champion, Rosaemon packs a punch. Should she choose, she can fill her vines and thorns with venom when using her specialty attacks.

  • Possible Evolutions: Lillymon, Lilamon, Cherrymon
  • Possible De-Evolutions: Palmon



  • Pronounced: ‘Rose-aa-tee-mon’
  • Level: Ultimate
  • Attribute: Vaccine
  • Family: Jungle Troopers
  • Type: Plant Digimon
  • Attacks:
  • Flora Dagger: Slashes foes with her dagger.
  • Flower Song: The bell in her hair begins to chime a melody. Enemies are engulfed in a purple light. The light causes an explosion and from it petals rain to the ground.

Personality: Rosatimon is very kind and somewhat motherly towards the other Digimon. As she walks, her skin releases a sweet smelling fragrance that calms those around her. She is able to alter the chemicals in the fragrance, using it to lure in her enemies. Her cheeks change color slightly according to her mood.

  • Possible Evolutions: Rosemon, Lotusmon
  • Possible De-Evolutions: Togemon, Sunflowmon, Floramon


  • Pronounced: ‘Oh-door-a-mon’
  • Level: Mega
  • Attribute: Vaccine
  • Type: Fairy Digimon
  • Family: Jungle Troopers
  • Attacks:

Rose Hunter: Odoramon is engulfed by a purple light and speeds towards enemies, destroying their data. (Similar to MagnaGarurumon’s Starburst Hunter)

Thorn Storm: Odoramon whips her vine on her left arm in a circular motion as thorns shoot at the enemies.

Limit: Petal Burst: Odoramon summons a large flower or flowers to rise up from beneath the ground and swallow enemies. The flower begins to glow in a bright lilac light and explodes, leaving nothing but a shower of flower petals.


Personality: Odoramon is somewhat self absorbed. She’s very aware of her own beauty and doesn’t hesitate to use it to her advantage. A far cry from her Rookie form, Odoramon is confident in her attacks and her ability to protect those close to her. She’s also not afraid to get her hands dirty when in battle with an opponent.


History: Odoramon was created from the data of fallen plant type Digimon. She helped defeat the Shadow Lords and bring order back to the Digital World. She controls an army of Cherrymon and Shurimon. With the help of Tiamamon, she originally defeated Atropomon.

  • Possible Evolutions: N/A
  • Possible De-Evolutions: Lillymon, Lilamon, Lotusmon, Cherrymon