General Stats

  • Partner: Phoebe
  • Origin: Light
  • Maaumon’s Evolutionary Line: Domemon, Nyaromon, Maaumon, Mikemon, Tefnumon, Isismon


  • Pronounced: ‘Doh-meh-mon’
  • Level: Fresh/Baby
  • Type: Lesser Digimon
  • Attribute: Vaccine
  • Family: Nature Spirits

Attacks: N/A

Personality: Domemon bounces around playfully, shooting soft bubbles out into the air in order to amuse herself. She’s easily bored however and will hope around looking for something to play with.

  • Possible Evolutions: Felismon
  • Possible De-Evolutions: N/A


  • Pronounced: ‘Ni-yaa-ro-mon’
  • Level: In-Training
  • Type: Lesser Digimon
  • Attribute: Vaccine
  • Family: Nature Spirits


  • Galactica Magnum Tail: Slaps with its tail repeatedly.
  • Atomic Bomber Tail: Attacks with a powerful tail smash.

Personality: Just as playful as Domemon, Nyaromon will bounce around in an effort to find amusement. She’s extremely bubbly and friendly.

Extra Information: Nyaromon loves chocolate croissants, the kind Phoebe always smuggles to her when at the Deli.

  • Possible Evolutions: Rockymon, Salamon, Kudamon,
  • Possible De-Evolutions: SnowBotamon


  • Pronounced: ‘Ma-oo-mon’
  • Level: Rookie
  • Type: Beast Digimon
  • Attribute: Vaccine
  • Family: Virus Busters


  • Cat’s Meow: Maaumon meows loudly. Enemies are temporarily stunned.
  • Light of Ankh: The ankh on Maaumon’s tail begins to glow. She poises her tail like a scorpion as light shoots from the ankh at enemies.

Personality: Maaumon has a sweet and playful personality, much like a kitten. She shies away from strangers but is very sociable around those she’s comfortable with.


Extra Information: Maaumon and her forms were created from light. There is virtually no way of corrupting her data, making her an invaluable asset to the Origins team.

  • Possible Evolutions: Gatomon, BlackGatomon, Manxmon
  • Possible De-Evolutions: Felismon, Tsunomon, Viximon


  • Pronounced: ‘Mi-keh-mon’
  • Level: Champion
  • Type: Beast Digimon
  • Attribute: Vaccine
  • Family: Virus Busters


  • Paw Punch: Strikes with its hardened paws.
  • Neko Claw: Scratches foes with its sharpened claws.

Personality: Mikemon is determined and always ready for action.

Extra Information: Enemies often underestimate Mikemon due to her size, but she is capable of holding her own along with the other champions. She uses her size to her advantage, however, having uncanny agility.

  • Possible Evolutions: Angewomon, Pantheromon,
  • Possible De-Evolutions: Rockymon, Salamon, Kudamon



  • Pronounced: ‘Teff-noo-mon’
  • Level: Ultimate
  • Type: Wizard Digimon
  • Attribute: Vaccine
  • Family: Virus Busters
  • Attacks:
  • Claw Blizzard: With her claws she slashes foes. The cuts cause the foe to be engulfed in light and explode.
  • Limit: Holy Rain: Tefnumon summons a rain of tiny light beams onto enemies.

Tefnumon’s face emits the brightest light, the reason for her wearing a mask.

Her Holy rings read ‘Tefnumon’. She has a gentle and kind nature but becomes ferocious if her Digidestined is threatened.

  • Possible Evolutions: Magnadramon, Ophanimon, Dominamon, Cherubimon, Seraphimon, Spirimon, Virtuemon
  • Possible De-Evolutions: Gatomon, BlackGatomon, Manxmon (w/ Digi Egg of Light)