General Stats

  • Partner: Max
  • Origin: Metal
  • Midomon’s Evolutionary line: Styxmon, Thessamon, Midomon, Graikosmon, Iliamon, Achillemon


  • Pronounced: ‘Sticks-mon’
  • Level: Baby
  • Attribute: Data
  • Family: Metal Empire
  • Type: Lesser Digimon

Attacks: N/A

Personality: Styxmon is full of energy and playfulness. He loves playing Hide and Seek. Being in blob form he’s unable to bounce at the others do. However he can climb walls and ceilings.

Extra Information: He often sneezes when at Max’s apartment, a sign that he’s probably allergic to something there.

  • Possible Evolutions:
  • Possible De-Evolutions: N/A


  • Pronounced: ‘Theh-suh-mon’
  • Level: In-Training
  • Attribute: Data
  • Family: Metal Empire
  • Type: Lesser Digimon

Attacks: Trojan Punch: Jumps up and punches foes.

Personality: Thessamon is lively and wild. He does anything he can to get Max’s attention and gets frustrated when Max is unable to play with him.

  • Possible Evolutions: Gazimon
  • Possible De-Evolutions:


  • Pronounced: ‘Mee-doh-mon’
  • Level: Rookie
  • Attribute: Data
  • Family: Metal Empire
  • Type: Imp Digimon


Steel Spikes: Punches foes with his steel knuckleduster.

Personality: Midomon has a very childlike personality. He jumps into fights without thinking, something that Max considers reckless. Because of Max’s laid back attitude, Midomon is always out to please him and seek his approval, not caring about anyone else.

History: Midomon possesses the powers of steel. As Achillemon, he is able to control even the tiniest spec of an iron mineral within anything and everything. Midomon possesses a fraction of this ability which he has yet to discover.

Extra Information: Midomon idolizes Max. He always strives to do better and be stronger than the others.

  • Possible Evolutions: Datamon, Andromon, Etemon
  • Possible De-Evolutions:


  • Pronounced: ‘Gra-ee-kos-mon’
  • Level: Champion
  • Attribute: Data
  • Family: Metal Empire
  • Type: Warrior Digimon


Metal Fist: Graikosmon slams his fist into the ground, causing it to crack and shake under his strength as enemies lose their balance.

Personality: Graikosmon’s personality matures somewhat from Midomon, although his attacks are unrefined and rushed. He’s not much of a tactician and leaps into a fight without weighing out the consequences.

Extra Information: Graikosmon is strong and swift on his feet. He grapples and wrestles with opponents, thus specializing in hand-to-hand combat.

  • Possible Evolutions: HiAndromon, MetalGreymon, WarGrowlmon, LoaderLeomon, MetalEtemon
  • Possible De-Evolutions: Gazimon


  • Pronounced: ‘Ee-lee-uh-mon’
  • Level: Ultimate
  • Attribute: Data
  • Family: Metal Empire
  • Type: Android Digimon


  • Omega Fist: Slams his fists onto enemies. Alternatively Iliamon rains powerful blows onto enemies at lightning fast speed.
  • Graeco Granade: Releases small grenades from his armor. The explosive power of the grenades combine to form one powerful blast.
  • Limit: ???

Personality: Iliamon is the literal strong and silent type. He doesn’t speak, just grumbles behind his armored helmet. He has a short fuse and can become reckless in battle as a result. He prefers to let one of the other, more tactical, Digimon make the decisions, he’s just there to jump into the brawl when the time is right.

Extra Information: He’s extremely powerful and quick on his feet, despite the weight of his armor, which is made entirely out of Chrome Digizoid, the toughest substance in the Digital World. His jet packs allow him flight, giving him an advantage in battle.

  • Possible Evolutions: Apollomon, VenomMyotismon, Alphamon, WarGreymon, Machinedramon, Beelzemon
  • Possible De-Evolutions: Andromon, Datamon, Etemon