General Stats

  • Partner: Alex
  • Origin: Magic
  • Vulpemon’s Evolutionary line: Canimon, Uromon, Vulpemon, Youkomon, Zerdamon, Kuzuhamon


  • Pronounced: ‘Ka-nee-mon’
  • Level: Baby/ Fresh
  • Type: Beast
  • Attribute: Vaccine
  • Family: Nightmare Soldiers

Attacks: N/A

Personality: Canimon cannot speak but wails till she gets what she wants. She dislikes being told what to do.

  • Possible Evolutions: Tsunomon, Viximon, Nyaromon
  • Possible De-Evolutions: N/A


  • Pronounced: ‘Oo-roh-mon’
  • Level: In-Training
  • Type: Beast
  • Attribute: Vaccine
  • Family: Nightmare Soldiers


Canis Ball: Uromon creates a ball of energy that she blasts from her mouth.

Personality: Uromon is more calm and collected than her previous form. She takes orders from Alex alone, enfuriated if given orders by someone else.

  • Possible Evolutions:  Renamon, Gabumon, Salamon, Kudamon
  • Possible De-Evolutions: Punimon


  • Pronounced: ‘Vuhl-puh-mon’
  • Level: Rookie
  • Type: Beast
  • Attribute: Data
  • Family: Nightmare Soldiers


  • Blazing Claws: Vulpemon’s paws begin to glow in golden flames. She rushes at the enemy and begins clawing at them.
  • Limit: Golden Inferno: Vulpemon becomes engulfed in a golden flame. The flames run of her and onto the ground and towards the enemy, igniting them and exploding.

Personality:Vulpemon is very intelligent. She will never back down from a fight and admit defeat. She is very stoic in her spiritual beliefs. She shares a similar personality to Renamon, being distant relatives.She’s calm and can often be found meditating. She enjoys the company of the other rookies and finds it hard to keep a straight face around them.


Extra Information: Vulpemon sees her purpose only as that of protecting her tamer and those close to her. She doesn’t necessarily have a playful nature like the others but joins in on the fun they have.

  • Possible Evolutions: Kyuubimon, Garurumon, Dobermon, Gaogamon, Fangmon. BlackGarurumon
  • Possible De-Evolutions: Viximon, Xiaomon


  • Pronounced: ‘Yo-ko-mon’
  • Level: Champion
  • Type: Bewitching Beast
  • Attribute: Data
  • Family: Nightmare Soldiers


  • Blazing Sphere: Youkomon is engulfed in a large golden flame. The flame turns her into a large fox/dragon like spirit that attacks the opponent. (Kyuubimon’s Dragon Wheel)
  • Flaming Dragons: The tips of Youkomon’s tails ignite in small golden flames that she launches at enemies. (Kyuubimon’s Fox Tail inferno)

Personality: Youkomon is often bent on destroying her opponent, although she will never rush into battle without weighing up the consequences.

Extra Information: If faced with an opponent stronger than her, Youkomon wills her energy into her attacks, making them stronger, but tiring her significantly in the process.

  • Possible Evolutions: Taomon, Doumon, WereGarurumon, BlackWereGarurumon, Sangloupmon, Cerberumon, MachGaogamon
  • Possible De-Evolutions: Renamon, Gabumon, Salamon, Kudamon



  • Pronounced: ‘Zerr-da-mon’
  • Level: Ultimate
  • Type: Beast Man
  • Attribute: Data
  • Family: Nightmare Soldiers


  • Kitsune Spells: When using Kitsune Spells Zerdamon hurls a fist full of spells that turn into fox spirits which surround the enemy and explodes. The tags read ‘Kitsunetsuki’ in Japanese, not Digi-code.
  • Limit: Shinigami Kitsune: Zerdamon disappears onto the ground. She causes the opponents own shadow to engulf it in darkness.

Personality: Zerdamon is a calm spirit. She is a Digimon of discipline and never begins a fight. Much like her previous forms she is stoic in her spiritual beliefs and often offers alternative or peaceful solutions to the team when faced with a problem. She has a defensive approach when in battle.

Extra Information: She has the ability to disguise her appearance by using the magical mask on her head. She weaves spells that can render her opponents under her control, the spell tags on her sleeves protects her from the spells of other wizard Digimon.

  • Possible Evolutions:  Sakuyamon, MetalGarurumon, MirageGaogamon, Lilithmon, Mervamon,
  • Possible De-Evolutions: Kyuubimon, Garurumon, Dobermon, Gaogamon, Fangmon, BlackGarurumon