The story begins….
Five years ago the Digital World game was being created. The Creators made creatures called Digital Monsters to inhabit their own world.
A virus soon wormed its way into the Digital World and began to corrupt some of the Digital Monsters, or Digimon, and spread throughout the Digital World, threatening to infiltrate the real world’s internet. In order to destroy the corrupt Digimon, theShadow Lords, the creators had chosen a handful of non corrupted Digimon, the Digimon Lords and programmed them into evolving to a stronger level.
Unable to defeat the Shadow Lords, the Digimon Lords created nine new Digimon and willed into them their data and energy. Along with an egg stolen from the Shadow Lords, the ten Mega Digimon, known as the Digimon of Origin defeated the Shadow Lords, but in order to prevent the virus from spreading into the real world, the Digimon of Origin sacrificed themselves to erase the entire Digital World. Before the erasure, the Creators saved the data of the ten Digimon of Origin.

The Digital World game concept was never touched upon again, until now…

Before you begin, read the Prologue for the exact events of the beginning…

Digimon Origins: Prologue

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