Digimon Origins: Prologue

The Story Begins…

In the beginning, a world was created within cyber space. A small group of humans created a utopia inspired by what their dying world used to be. They created continents, oceans and skies, tundra, vast deserts and lush meadows.
For lack of a better name, they called it the Digital World.
If it was a success, they would launch it onto the internet as a virtual game for children all over the world…

The Creators would create a program that would protect their digital utopia from viruses, a program with which they could interact. A member of the group, an avid gamer, suggested a digital creature, much like those from a tamagochi. So they worked through the days creating the creature, a Digital Monster or Digimon as they soon called it. The result was an egg, a digital egg much like that of a tamagochi. But within the egg would hatch a Digital Monster that would gradually gain experience and evolve into more powerful forms in order to protect the Digital World.

Feeding the egg with energy every day it hatched into an orange Digital Monster with long ears and big eyes. The Creators named it Patamon. This was the very first Digimon.

Over the next few months the Creators created more and more Digimon, to inhabit the vast array of terrain within the Digital World. All kinds were created, ice types, to fire and earth and air types, wings and claws and fangs. Creatures inspired by fantasy, mythology, the natural world and just plain old creativity. They were all small and playful little Digimon. The Creators were happy with their creations and thought that these Digimon could be the center of the game, interacting with children.

One day though, one of the Creators accidentally unleashed a Worm into the Digital World. The Worm spread and grew, infecting areas of the Digital World as well as the Digimon themselves. The infected Digimon grew so powerful with the virus that they evolved into bigger, stronger Digimon. The virus was spreading throughthe Digital World quickly. Once they discovered it, the Creators chose a handful of Digimon and rewrote their data to make them powerful enough to eliminate the virus. Patamon grew into a man-like angel inspired Digimon, Seraphimon. The other handpicked Digimon were also angelic in form, Ophanimon, Virtuemon, Dominamon and Spirimon. The Creators called them the Digimon Lords and they were all in their last programmed level of evolution, Mega level.

The virus had caused the infected Digimon to become evil, and they destroyed other Digimon in order to absorb their data and evolve. Eventually there was also a handful of virus infected Mega level Digimon, the Shadow Lords: Kronosmon, Lilithmon, Beelzemon, Plutomon and Atropomon.

For the next few months in the real world, the Shadow Lords and Digimon Lords were at war, each side gathering armies of Digimon.

The Creators were at a loss, as the virus rendered any more interference with the Digital World futile. The Digimon had become self aware, and no longer needed the help of the Creators.
The virus created a barrier that prevented any communication between the Digital World and the real world. The Creators could do nothing but watch as the virus slowly took hold of their creation…

One of the Shadow Lords devised a plan to create new Digimon out of the remnants of destroyed Digimon.  They started off with an egg, and filled it with viral data of a Digimon.
The Holy Angels found out about their plan and sent two lesser Angel Digimon to steal it. Once they returned with the egg, the Holy Angels could not think of what to do with it. The lesser Angels suggested passing non-viral data into the egg, so that when it hatched, the Digimon within, although it would be of viral attribute, would no longer be evil.

The Holy Angels, with the power of manipulating data given to them by the Creators, gathered up the data left by defeated Digimon and created 9 new Digimon. They would help them defeat the Shadow Lords once and for all. They were called the Digimon of Origin…

With the Shadow Lords growing more powerful with each passing day in the real world, the Holy Angels made the choice of sacrificing their energy and ultimately themselves in order to make the Digimon of Origin strong enough to defeat the Shadow Lords.
The ten eggs of the Digimon of Origin, fueled by energy from the Holy Angels, hatched into Mega level Digimon:

Kuzuhamon, the wizard Digimon,
Ashurmon, the wind type Digimon,
Odoramon, the earth type Digimon,
Belleromon, the thunder type Digimon,
Isismon, the light type Digimon,
Ganemon, the fire type Digimon,
Adeliamon, the ice type Digimon,
Achillemon, the metal type Digimon,
Tiamamon, the dragon type Digimon,
and from the once evil Digi-egg came Mahesmon, who although wielded the powers of darkness was able to use it for good against the Shadow Lords.

Whilst the battle waged on between the Digimon of Origin and the Shadow Lords, the virus began to burrow its way deep into the core of the Digital World. The Digimon of Origin, armed with the powers of the elements and the Holy Angels, were able to defeat the Shadow Lords and purge most of the virus from the
Digital World. The barrier between the real world and Digital World was opened again, and the Creators were astounded to discover the creations of their own creations.

The Digital World had become a barren empty space within cyber space that neither the Digimon of Origin nor the Creators could save. The Digimon knew that if there was even the smallest remnant of the virus left, any attempt to restore the Digital World would be futile.

There was only one decision to make, the Digital World would have to be completely erased. The Digimon agreed that this was the only solution.
The Creators saved the binary coding of the Digimon of Origin, which in themselves also held the data of the Holy Angels and the Digimon they were created from.

And so, the Digital World was slowly erased. The Creators, saddened, returned to their humanly tasks in the real world, and the idea of the Digital Monsters game was never touched upon again, until now….


4 thoughts on “Digimon Origins: Prologue

  1. XIII

    This fiction seems really interesting ! I began reading it yesterday when I was searching if Achillemon existed ^^ And you really are talented for drawing and imagining Digimon (though I don’t know why you’ve put a Kuzuhamon, of the wizard type instead of a water type digimon, in your Digimon of Origins because it already exists, as well as Plutomon that have been recently created ^^).
    Oh, did you know that you were known even in France ? Well we’re surely not so many but I think it’s great 😉
    Well, I’m looking forward to reading your fic !

    1. EmeraldSora Post author

      So great to hear of fans of the story all the way in France! Bonjour! 😉
      There are quite a few official Digimon in the story, and I love Kuzuhamon and Youkomon so I used them as part of the evolution line of Vulpemon. I didn’t know there was an official Plutomon when I created him, but mine is much different…
      I hope you enjoy the story! 😀 And thank you for the lovely comment!

  2. XIII

    Hello, I wondered, I’m a fanfic author and a manga translator in the french digimon community and I wanted to know if you’d let me translate Digimon Origins so that you can have more than one fan in France (and it could even be readed by the whole community if posted on the number one digimon french site). Tell me if you agree with me translating the fic I would be really glad to do it (I don’t have to say that I would translate the good comments if you’d like to know them or even give you the translations if you’d like to create an alternative blog in french, as you wish ^^)

    Oh and so far I read the 8 firt chapters and it’s still so great, keep at it !


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