Episode 11: The Crescent Crusader

The mysterious Digimon sized up his opponents; the fox-like Youkomon and the centaur Kentauromon. They heard him mumble to himself before slamming his hardened fists to the ground beneath him.

“Metal Fist!”

The ground beneath Youkomon and Kentauromon began to shake violently, cracks appearing from the impact of the enemy’s fist in the ground. They teetered back and forth in an effort to keep their balance. Bringing his fist out of the ground the Digimon leapt forward towards Kentauromon, metal fists ready. Kentauromon stretched out his left hand and caught him by the neck. Stunned, the Digimon dangled his legs and hung on to Kentauromon’s wrist with his hands. Kentauromon was a couple of feet larger than him, with a spare set of legs which steadied him as the ground shaking subsided.
Kentauromon held up his right hand, the hand with the sharp metal rods that sparked with blue lightning. Just then Trask and Alex rounded the corner.

“This was the nuisance whose scent I picked up on earlier,” Kentauromon said.

Youkomon examined the struggling Digimon, “Strange, he doesn’t seem like the others we’ve fought so far.”

“He attacked us. That’s still good enough a reason to put him down.” Raising the Digimon in one hand, he took aim with the other. The blue charges grew as Kentauromon readied to deliver his attack.

“Kentauromon wait!” Alex called out.

The centaur paused. The struggling Digimon noticed Trask and Alex, “Wha…tamers?”

“Why’d you stop him?” Trask turned to Alex.

“Look!” Pointing to his D-Ark, Alex had noticed the radar grid had appeared and showed a beeping navy colored dot close by.

Trask examined his grid, “Another tamer…”, he raised his head to look at the Digimon dangling from Kentauromon’s grip.

“Kentauromon, put him down.”

The centaur opened his fist, releasing the Digimon. He tumbled backwards.

“Who are you?”

Pulling himself up and dusting himself of the Digimon replied, “I am Graikosmon. Your device should’ve told you that already.”
He turned back to the two champions, “I apologize, I caught your scent earlier and thought you were, well evil.”

Youkomon gave a short snicker. Kentauromon still stared at him with his one bright red eye, “Where is your tamer?”

Graikosmon’s bright orange eyes lowered to the two tamers walking towards their Digimon. As he was about to speak a voice called out.

“Graikosmon! What the-“

The group of tamers and Digimon turned to see a man stepping out from the rubble of the wall Vulpemon and Equimon were thrown through earlier. The man was tall, with dirty blonde hair and grey eyes. He had a distinctive koi fish tattoo on his neck. The tamers recognized him instantly.

“No…” Trask began.

“Way…” Alex finished his statement.

The man looked up and saw Graikosmon, standing in front of two large Digimon. He hardly noticed the two humans amongst them.

“Having a party without me?” he said. Graikosmon walked towards him.

“Look Max! They’re tamers too!” he said excitedly.

“Tamers? Where?” he focused to take notice of the two humans standing between the two big Digimon, dumbstruck looks on their faces.
“Oh. Cool,” he said in a sarcastic tone.

“Keslar? Max Keslar is the sixth tamer?” Alex exclaimed. He and Trask exchanged looks with large grins on their faces.

“Oh great, groupies…” Max slipped his hands into the pockets of his leather jacket.


Everyone had decided to do their own thing the next day. Trask was still fast asleep by around noon, Equimon as well. Phoebe had this Sunday’s shift at the bakery and Viola was out of town.
Maya was sorting out the things she’d take along for Spring Break, which was the following weekend. While browsing through her clothing cupboard she was explaining all the hype to Rockymon, who sat on the bed listening, whilst trying to fold clothes that were thrown in his direction. Maya had showed him how to fold after he had bragged about doing it by himself.

“Can you swim, Rockymon?” Maya turned to him.

“I don’t really like it.” he replied.

“You’ve never swam before. How do you know that you don’t like it?”

“It’s the feline stereotype isn’t it?”

Maya paused where she stood. She looked at Rockymon in surprised and at a loss for words. Before he had first reached champion level he was as much a child as her five year old cousin. After becoming Manxmon for the first time, Maya had witnessed Rockymon’s intelligence increase. It was as if he had matured five years overnight.

“Uh…yea, but there are some cats that do swim. Tigers, for instance, actually enjoy the water.” she explained, “In any case you will enjoy it.”

“What about Phoebe and Maaumon?”

“Phoebe can’t get free from the bakery for that week, unfortunately.”

Suddenly Rockymon felt a mild vibration on the bed. Then the familiar ringtone of Maya’s phone began to blare out. Rockymon picked it up, not eager to answer as he usually does, and checked the screen for the name of the caller.
“It’s Alex.”

“Oh?” Maya took up the phone from him.


“Maya, hey. You’re not gonna believe this.”

“What is it?”

“The sixth tamer, we’ve found him!”

“What?” Rockymon saw the grin on Maya’s face and became intrigued.
“Well, who is it?” she asked excitedly.

“Okay, okay. Max Keslar. The lead singer of Random Koi. Can you believe this?”

Maya’s smile faded slightly, “Max..Keslar? Really?”

“His Digimon attacked Vulpemon and Equimon after the show last night thinking they were a threat.”

“Oh,” Maya slowly sat herself on the edge of the bed next to Rockymon, who was still examining her reactions.

Alex paused, “What’s the matter? You sound…disappointed.”

“Oh, no I’m alright. I’m just, a little tired.”

“From all that packing I’ll bet. Where is Spring Break gonna be this year anyway?”

“Um…SCU’s planned its own thing out by Atlas City, there’s that huge new water park on the beach.”

“Sounds awesome.”

“Yea, it is. Hey did Phoebe tell you about yesterday?”

“Sent me a brief e-mail about it. The mess that Digimon caused was all over the news this morning.”

Maya sighed, “These Digimon are appearing everywhere, what if we can’t stop them all? What if there are too many?”

Alex paused before saying finally, “I’ve been thinking about that too. I…haven’t told Vulpemon. I don’t want her to doubt herself.”

Maya glanced at her Digimon who continued to fold the strewn clothing, “Yea I haven’t told…mine either…”


“What the…Taki, come check this out!” Matt sat up right at his desktop PC, browsing through various news sites from all over the world.

“What is it, Matto-san?” Takeshi walked over, mug of coffee in hand.

“Remember the Kuwagamon incident?”


Matt was well accustomed to Takeshi peppering his already broken English with his native tongue, “The big, red bug that attacked the network tower last month.”

“Oh yeah”

“Well it turns out there have been similar incidents all over the world.”


“Yeah. Montreal, Cairo, Johannesburg, Moscow, Tokyo…There were sightings of strange creatures attacking mobile network towers everywhere.”

“You mean, Digimon appearing all over the world?”

Matt nodded, “Doesn’t look like the friendly kind either.”

Takeshi carefully sat his mug on the coffee table before letting himself drop onto the sofa. He proceeded in giving a well exaggerated sigh, “Is that all you’ve been doing, Matto-san? Searching for bad news?”

Matt glared at him, “As a matter of fact, Taki, I’ve been looking into making contact with the Digital World’s portal, the same kind of portal that’s been opening up all over the planet allowing the Digimon to come though.”
Matt turned back to his computer, “There must be some kind of trigger opening the portal, or portals. If I can just find out how to access it…”

“Why don’t you ask the D-arks?” Takeshi said, sarcastically, “They have all the answers lately.”

Matt thought on this for a moment. His face brightened and he said finally, “That’s an idea! If I could borrow on of the tamers devices I might be able to get some answers, or more!”
Matt jumped up and dashed to his room for his mobile phone. Takeshi saw him fiddle with the phone for a minute before raising it up to his ear. After a moment Matt lowered his hand, frantically pushed some more buttons and raised it once more to his ear. Another moment later and Matt’s face hardened into frustration.

“What’s up?” Takeshi said finally.

“The numbers are all busy.”


“Who’s the sixth tamer?” Rockymon looked at Maya in intrigue as she set her phone down on the end table.

“What? Oh it’s…Remember that band Trask and Alex went to see yesterday?”

“Yea, was it Random Fish?”

Maya smiled slightly, “Random Koi. Well it’s the lead vocalist- uh, singer, the lead singer is a tamer.”

“Cool. I can’t wait to meet his Digimon!” Rockymon became charged with enthusiasm, but noticed Maya wasn’t excited over the news when she’d been on the phone with Alex. She sat staring at the pile of strewn clothes on the floor as Rockymon shifted to sit next to her, “What’s wrong, Maya?”

Maya gave a sigh, “I know him, the tamer. We…used to be friends…”

Rockymon looked at her, “What happened?”

“I…I don’t really wanne talk about it.” She stood up and, faking a smile, turned to her Digimon, “Hey, you know what’s the best part of Spring Break, getting away from the city.”
Rockymon watched as she continued packing. He picked up on the hint and decided to drop the subject, “I hope the weather will be good.”

The next day Rockymon noticed Maya’s mood hadn’t changed since hearing about the new tamer. What could’ve happened between her and the tamer that made her so upset? In any case she had tried her best to concentrate through her classes to distract herself. Rockymon kept close eye on her throughout.

“She knows the sixth tamer?” Maaumon asked. Rockymon had explained all to her from their vantage point up in a tree.

“Yeah. Something happened between them that upset Maya. I gotta find out what it was.”

“How are you gonna do that?”

Rockymon scratched his chin, “I’m not quite sure yet.”

Done for the day Maya strolled across the campus grassy grounds and sat by the tree where the two felines were hiding, or by this time, snoozing. After a while Phoebe made her way to the tree and sat down beside Maya, “Hey.”


“I can’t wait for Spring Break. It’s gonna be awesome.”

“What about the deli?”

“Taking a couple of days leave. I’ll make up for it. There’s no way I’m missing out on Spring Break this year.”

Maya’s mobile phone began to beep, then Phoebe’s. The two tamers inspected their phones.

“A text from Matt; ‘Tamers meet at my apartment at 6’…” Maya read out.

“Same here,” Phoebe got excited, “You think Max Keslar’s gonna be there?”

“I guess,” Maya replied monotonously.


Maya made sure she and Rockymon were the first to arrive at Matt and Takeshi’s that evening. Phoebe and Maaumon arrived at the same time as Alex, Vulpemon, Viola and Heraldimon.

When everyone had settled Matt began, “Right so Trask and the new guy aren’t here yet. I think we should get right to it. We’ll fill them in later. So I’ve discovered that there have been sightings of Digimon appearing all over the world.”

“What? Really?” Phoebe exclaimed.

“The day of the Kuwagamon incident there were giant Digimon appearing at various locations of mobile network towers all over the globe.”

“Kuwagamon evolved when he absorbed enough data from the tower. What about those other Digimon?”

“According to reports they just disappeared.”

As Matt went on to explain there was a knock at the door. Takeshi casually stood to answer. Maya felt her heart beat faster as the anger grew inside her. Rockymon picked up on this. As Takeshi opened the door Trask shook his hand and introduce him to the newest member, Max Keslar.
Following Trask, Equimon and Max was the newest Digimon of the group, Midomon in his rookie form; a brown imp-type Digimon with electric blue hair in the mohican shape. His eyes were startling orange and he had a holy ring on his right arm, which he raised in a greeting to the rest of the Digimon and tamers.

Trask introduced them to the gang. Max’s eyes shifted immediately to Maya, who folded her arms and looked away. He was shocked to see her, although he didn’t show it, and went on with the introductions.

“I still can’t believe it! You …here. A tamer like us!” Phoebe showed her exuberance at having a world renowned rock star in their midst.

Alex took the opportunity to relay to the two tamers and their Digimon all that Matt had explained.
As he did there was a flash of light by the balcony window. The Digimon immediately stood ready. Rockymon bared his fangs, as did Maaumon and Vulpemon. Equimon lowered his head. Suddenly there was an unexpected knock on the balcony door. The curtains were drawn, which usually allowed full view of the balcony and the street below, yet they could see nothing but light. Heraldimon reached out her vines from where she stood and unlatched the door. The light entered the room at full force, blinding the group before fading.
As it did they made out a form standing in the doorway; a Digimon, with a rabbit like form.

The D-arks began to beep simultaneously. The light had completely faded and before them stood a pink bipedal rabbit-like Digimon, wearing a mask of some sort of metal covering half of its face, tied with ribbons at the back of the head. It had purple-blue tube-like structures coming out of its back and it wore a pendant with the shape of a crescent moon.

Viola was the first to raise her device up, “Lekismon, a Champion level beast Digimon.”

“Fear not,” the Digimon said in a clear, feminine voice. The tamers Digimon did not let their guard down.

“I am sent from the Digimon Lords to ally you in your fight against the minions of the Shadow Lords bent on destroying your world.

“What?” Trask exchanged looks with his Digimon.

“Who exactly sent you?” Maya asked.

“The Holy Ophanimon, revived at last after the final of the Digimon of Origin had acquired Champion level,” Lekismon explained.

“After the final of the Digimon of Origin acquired Champion level…” Matt thought out loud, “All ten Digimon reaching Champion level brought Ophanimon back?”


“Where is she?” Phoebe asked.

“Where you must venture in order to save all Digimon, the Digital World.”

“The Digital World? We can’t go there, can we?” Alex questioned.

Lekismon turned to Matt, “You already know how to access the portal. Only with the D-Ark devices can they travel between the two realms.”

“I knew it!” Matt said out loud, “What did I tell you, Taki?” Takeshi rolled his eyes.

“What about our world? If we’re not here to protect it…” Viola became concerned.

“That is why I am here. My purpose is to protect your world whilst you battle the Shadow Lords in mine. There will be others, my brothers and sisters will make their journey here once you have crossed into the Digital World.”

“Wait a minute. How do we know you’re not a minion of the Shadow Lords yourself? This whole thing could be a trick!” Rockymon pointed his finger at the rabbit Digimon.

“You must believe.” Lekismon turned back towards the balcony, “If I were here to destroy you, I would have.” With that she leapt off the balcony and vanished in another flash of white light.
The group stood where they were for a moment, absorbing all that Lekismon had said.
“I think she’s telling the truth,” Vulpemon broke the silence finally.

“Me too,” said Equimon.

Viola held out her D-Ark device to Matt, who took it thoughtfully. “It could take a while to figure it out. Maybe a day or two” he said.

“Don’t worry about it,” Viola said and she and Heraldimon made their way towards the front door.

Maya glanced at the clock on the wall, “It’s late, we gotta go too.”

As the all headed out the door Maya felt a hand on her arm. She turned her head to find that it was Max.

“Maya, I-“ he began.

“I have nothing to say to you.” Maya pulled her arm free.

“Just listen-“

“Is everything alright here?” Alex came back around the corridor, to Maya’s relief. She glared at Max and walked off past Alex.

“What was that about, Max?” Midomon looked up at his tamer.

Max sighed softly, “Nothing. Let’s go.” The two carried on down the opposite end of the corridor, avoiding the rest of the group.



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