Episode 12: Symphony of Soulmon

It was a bright sunny morning over at the Aquatic Adventures Water Park in Atlas City. Atlas City was a small town compared to Square City, but the opening of the water park and its hotel brought in many tourists and, for the first time since its opening, was the location for this years Square City University Spring Break.

Phoebe, Maya and their Digimon had hitched a ride with Trask and Equimon, since they were reluctant to take their Digimon on a bus. With the throng of SCU students everywhere it was easy for the little group to reach their rooms without their Digimon being noticed. Phoebe and Maya opted to share a room on the third floor of the hotel, which gave an awesome view of the entire park.

Maaumon and Rockymon sat looking out of the window most of the time, daunted by the thought of being virtually surrounded by water. When the tamers had gone out to enjoy themselves Equimon came around to keep the feline Digimon company.

“I don’t trust that Lekismon,” Rockymon said.

“Hmm?” Maaumon thought it odd.

“Don’t you guys think it’s weird that she just appeared out of nowhere, offering to help us defeat the Shadow Lords?”

“I don’t think that’s weird at all.” said Equimon. “I mean, I didn’t sense anything bad about her.”

“Me neither.” Maaumon said.

“I just think there’s something going on and that rabbit’s probably part of it…” Rockymon folded his arms and continued to gaze out the window.

As soon as he left his room Trask headed for the biggest water slide in the park. It was confirmed to be the largest in the state when it was built. With the influx of both students and tourists standing in line for the slide Trask thought he’d never have the chance in the day, but stood in line anyway.

Meanwhile Phoebe and Maya lay stretched out on the recliners over by the swimming pools. No one would go to a huge water park just for a swimming pool, so the area wasn’t busy at all. Maya relished the idea of just letting everything go away from her mind for the weekend, but with Phoebe around that didn’t happen;

“You still haven’t told me what happened that day at Matt’s.”

“We’re not gonna talk about it, Phoebe.” Maya said.

Phoebe sat up and turned to her, ”Oh come on. Are you gonna act like that every time all of us get together?”

Maya felt a knot in her throat. She tried to ignore Phoebe.

“Something’s up between you and Max, I know it.” Phoebe pushed.

Maya’s blood boiled. She jumped up off of the recliner, turned to Phoebe and yelled, “I said drop it, okay! It’s none of your business!”
And with that she stormed off back to the hotel.
Phoebe sat still, bewildered. Maya had never yelled at her or anyone like that.


Matt and Takeshi had spent the entire week working on a connection to the Digital World. Viola would call regularly to check up on their progress, and to make sure they hadn’t taken her D-Ark device apart.

That day Matt and Takeshi continued with their everyday work at the Kingdom Games studio. A little after noon a bunch of their colleagues got up from their desks and left for lunch. Takeshi stood up to join them.

“Aren’t you coming, Matto-san?” he called.

“Uh, nah. You go on. I’ll just get some coffee and I’m all set.”

Takeshi walked over to Matt’s desk, “You can’t spend every waking moment on ‘you-know-what’. Not even here, where other work comes first.”

Matt took a breath and sat back in his chair, “I know. I just…” Matt looked around to see if anyone else was in the room. “It feels like I’m doing something with purpose, you know.”

Takeshi looked puzzled.
“You don’t get it?” Matt examined Takeshi’s expression. He sighed.

Just then the D-Ark in Matt’s shoulder bag began to beep. As Matt dug into his bag Takeshi looked around to make sure they were alone.

“What is it?” Takeshi asked, anxiously.

As Matt held up the device the projected screen read, “Incoming Message”.

“What the…Incoming Message?” Matt read.

“Message? On the D-Ark? Who’s it from?” Takeshi stared at the device in Matt’s hand.

A voice sounded from the device, “Opening the portal to the Digital World requires one of the ten Digimon of Origin and its designated D-Ark device.”

“That’s the voice of Ophanimon.” Matt noticed.

“We need one of the Digimon. Who do we call?” Takeshi asked.

“Maya, Phoebe and Trask are out of town.” Matt stood up, “Call everyone else. Tell them to meet us at the apartment in an hour.” Matt grabbed his bag off the floor and headed towards the door.

“Matte Matto-san. What about work?” Takeshi asked.

“Work? Taki, we’re saving the world here. Two worlds, in fact. Now come on!” Matt said.
Takeshi grabbed his jacket and followed.


Rockymon sat by the door of Maya’s room, concerned. She had stormed into the room, not saying a word and slammed the door to her private room.

“What do you think happened?” Equimon whispered to Maaumon.

“If I know anything it was probably Phoebe that said something to upset her.” said Maaumon. She walked over to Rockymon, “I think we should just leave her alone to cool off.”

“I’ve never seen her like this before, ever.” Rockymon said. “I’ve gotta do something.”

“It’s a girl thing, Rockymon. Just give her some time.”

The three Digimon sat in silence and continued to gaze out of the window as the sun began to set. Rockymon lowered his gaze to the throng of swimmers and other students enjoying the park. His eye had caught the sight of something moving in one of the decorative hedge plants. He squinted a bit to enhance his feline vision and saw a small black tail disappear into the hedge. As he shifted his head the setting suns rays caught a shiny surface within that sent a blinding reflection straight into his line of sight. Momentarily blinded Rockymon shielded his eyes with his paws and groaned.

“What is it?” Maaumon and Equimon turned their heads to him.

“I saw something.” He replied, still shielding his eyes. “A tail. I saw it in one of those plants.”

“Where?” asked Maaumon.

Rockymon opened his eyes and pointed to the hedge. Maaumon and Equimon squinted and examined the hedge all around.
“I don’t see anything.” Equimon shrugged his shoulders.

“Neither do I.” said Maaumon.

“I’m telling you something was hiding in there just now.” Rockymon looked back at the hedge, but could make out nothing hiding within, “It was just there…”

“You sure, Rockymon?” Equimon looked at him.

“You think I’m going crazy? I saw something there! And come tomorrow I’m gonna find out what it was.” Rockymon said.

Moments later Phoebe walked in. “Oh hey guys. Did Maya come back here?”

“Yea.” Maaumon replied.

“She’s in her room. What happened?” Rockymon said.

Phoebe sat herself down on the couch and sighed, “I should really learn to keep my mouth shut sometimes…”

“Sometimes?” Maaumon said sarcastically.

Phoebe stood back up and walked towards Maya’s door. She raised her hand up slowly and knocked gently on the door. “Maya, I’m really sorry about just now. You’re right, it’s not any of my business and-“

Just then Phoebe’s D-Ark began to beep and vibrate wildly on the little coffee table. The three rookies became instantly alert. Phoebe walked over hastily and picked up her device. The screen was blank but it continued to beep incessantly.

“This isn’t what I think it is…” Phoebe said, facing the rookies.

Maya emerged from her room, D-Ark in hand. She exchanged looks with the others, before noticing something appear in the sky through the window. She walked over, her eyes fixed on a dark cloud. The sky was painted a dark lilac color as the evening approached, but the mysterious cloud was pure black and stuck out. It appeared to be emitting its own source of lightning and the group heard the faint roars of thunder.

The two tamers and three Digimon stood with their noses almost touching the wide window, examining the cloud, which began to expand.

“I’ve got a bad feeling about this.” Equimon said.

Just then Trask rushed into the room. He was soaking wet in his swimming shorts, carrying a towel in one hand and his D-Ark in the other. He sat his device on the nearest surface and began to towel himself off frantically.

“Does anyone know what the hell that thing is?” he asked.

No one answered.

“Thought so.”

Maya looked down and noticed people had begun to run and scream. “That’s our cue!”

The group dashed through the hotel towards the lobby where the staff where trying to calm the guests down. When they had made it outside they noticed the size of the cloud was considerably bigger. The lightning it emitted was more consistent and the thunder louder.

The D-Arks began to beep once more, this time louder than before. Maya held hers up. The screen projected a ghost looking Digimon. “Bakemon. Ghost type champion Digimon…”

“I don’t see any Digimon…” Phoebe said. As she did the massive cloud burst into small fragments. The fragments began to descent towards them. Until the group realized that they weren’t fragments, but the Bakemon. The Bakemon swarmed down upon the group.

“Not my Spring Break!” Phoebe shouted. As if they were synchronized the three tamers yelled out the order, “Activate evolution!”


“Rockymon evolve to…Manxmon!”

“Maaumon evolve to…Mikemon!”

“Equimon evolve to…Kentauromon!”

The Bakemon were stunned by the display of bright colors. The champions emerged from the light, taking down handfuls of the ghastly Digimon with every attack.

“Panthera Pounder!”

Large boxing glove silhouettes appeared above Manxmon’s head. Controlling them like a puppeteer he sent them punching Bakemon from all directions.

“Blue Lightning Burst!”

Aiming his spiked right arm downwards Kentauromon unleashed his blue static charges which bounced off the ground and targeted the Bakemon.

“Neko Claw!”

Mikemon jumped up and furiously scratched and clawed any Bakemon within her reach.

Moments later all Bakemon were laying face down on the ground. The three champions breathed heavily, smiling at their victory.

“Alright guys!” Trask cheered.
Maya was skeptical, “That was a little too easy, don’t you think?”.

Just then the D-Arks began to beep incessantly once more. Ophanimon’s voice called out, “DANGER!”

Maya’s heart stopped. The Bakemon’s forms became distored and began to rise up. Each Bakemon started to shake more and more until they split down the center, forming new Bakemon. Where there were a few dozen Bakemon before were now almost a hundred.

The tamers gasped. Mikemon turned towards them, “You guys better get to safety!”

Maya looked around and spotted a chalet nearby. “Over there!” she pointed to Trask and Phoebe. The three humans ran towards the small hut as the champions prepared for another onslaught.
A few Bakemon broke from the swarm and followed the tamers as the rest took on the three champions.

“No!” Manxmon leapt forward to protect the humans, but was hit with an attack from the other Bakemon.

“Zombie Claw!”

Giant decaying claws began to protrude from one of the Bakemon’s sheet like exterior and slashed at Manxmon. Two more Bakemon contributed. Manxmon yelled out for Kentauromon and Mikemon, who were suffering the same onslaught. He took blow after blow, watching as the Bakemon neared the humans.

“Maya!” he called out.

Maya turned to see the Bakemon closing the distance. Just then the Bakemon were hit but what looked like solid balls of fire. Each of the five Bakemon fell to the ground as flames began to engulf them.


Maya looked in the direction of the fire balls origin. Suddenly a creature leapt up and swooped down in front of the Bakemon. Maya gazed at it; it was a large, dark pink draconic Digimon. It had large fin like structures on the sides of its head. Its claws were large and it had frill-like wings that looked almost like that of a fairy’s. Maya noticed the two golden Holy rings on its front legs and gave a sigh of relief. It’s been the tamers experience that no evil Digimon wears a Holy ring. She raised her D-Ark, “Enumamon, champion level dragon Digimon. One of the ten Digimon of Origin.” Maya paused. Here eyes widened, “Digimon of Origin?!”

Maya looked up at the Dragon Digimon, who gave a loud roar at the Bakemon.
“Dragon’s Roar!”

The voice was distinctly feminine. Enumamon hurled out another ball of molten rock towards the five Bakemon. Their data eradicated instantly. The dragon took a few seconds to absorb the fragments before turning to help Manxmon and the others.

“Frozen Nova!”

Her elegant wings raising her into the air Enumamon inhaled deeply. From her mouth she blew out a freezing gust of wind. Half of the Bakemon froze over and fell to the ground, the others hovered in the air, unsure of what to do. Manxmon and the others took advantage.

“Shadow Punch!”

Manxmon disappeared into a poof of black smoke and began to rain invisible blows onto random Bakemon.

Kentauromon and Mikemon retaliated aswell.

“Are you guys alright?” a voice called out from nearby the tamers. Trask and Phoebe had been hiding in the hut the entire time. As soon as they heard the voice they had come out. The young man walked over towards the three tamers, who immediately noticed the D-Ark device in his hand. Trask and Phoebe turned to see a large pink dragon freezing the Bakemon.

“Tamers?” the man said. He looked no older than Alex, tall with jet black hair, piercing green eyes and a distinctive Scandinavian accent.

“I thought I was the only one with a Digimon.” he said.

The tamers said nothing. Maya smiled and they continued to watch their Digimon beat down each of the ghost Digimon. With a slash of her large claw Enumamon finished off the last of the Bakemon.

As soon as Enumamon landed on the ground she reverted back to her rookie form with a flash of red-pink light. A miniature version of her champion form, Elishamon introduced herself formally to the other three, who also reverted back to their rookie forms.

“The seventh tamer.” Maya turned to the man.

Trask and Phoebe were stunned. “Wait, what?” Trask said.

“And that’s your Digimon?” Maya pointed at the little magenta colored dragon.

“She is indeed. I’m Duke.” He held out his hand. Maya shook it, “Maya. This is Trask and Phoebe. Oh and our Digimon of course.”

The four Digimon walked over to their tamers, where introductions continued.


“You go to SCU?” Maya asked Duke. They were back at the hotel, in Trask’s room. “I’ve never seen you around before.”

“I just transferred in from Edinburgh University.”

“You flew here?” Phoebe asked.

“Sure did, but not by plane.” Duke gave a sly smile towards his Digimon.

Elishamon was much bigger than the others, although she didn’t have wings. She was also bipedal, with big bright blue eyes, a starkly contrast to her dark pink scales. She told the others jokes and they laughed loudly. Equimon had got embarrassed at accidentally neighing from laughing so much, which made the tamers burst out into laughter.

Maya stood up to get a few drinks from the mini bar fridge. Phoebe offered to help on order to speak with her alone.

“Maya, I am sorry about earlier.” Phoebe began.

“Don’t worry about it Phoebe. I…I’m sorry I took off with you like that.” Maya sighed. “We can talk about it when the time’s right.”


When Matt and Takeshi had returned to their apartment Matt went straight to his desk and booted up his PC. “Call em now, Taki!”

“Alright, alright.” Takeshi began dialing.

All the while Viola’s D-Ark hadn’t stopped beeping since they’d left the studio. Takeshi became increasingly frustrated at the noise.

“Ah, can’t you figure out what’s up with that thing?!” Takeshi yelled out over the beeping.

Just then Matt’s mobile phone began to ring. If it were anyone besides the tamers or the other ‘Creators’ Matt would’ve just ignored it. He was surprised to find that it was Malgam Keslar.

“Mr. Keslar?…”

Takeshi paused to hear.

“The news?” Matt turned and gestured to Takeshi, who understood and went over to turn on the television.

“Breaking News! Eye witnesses have reported strange occurrences throughout Square City an its surrounding cities. It appears some sort of cloud has manifested itself above the Aquatic Adventures Water Park, where students of Square City University were enjoying their Spring Break. We…” The reporter pushed her earpiece into her ear. “This just in: The same strange phenomena is said to be appearing other major cities around the globe…” Scenes of the water park incident were shown, followed by amateur videos of the same cloud above the Statue of Liberty, the Eiffel Tower, Big Ben, the Sphinx and various famous world landmarks.

Matt dropped his mobile phone to the ground. Takeshi continued to dial frantically. “Viola? Come to the apartment. Hurry!”

Both Matt and Takeshi’s eyes were fixed on the television. “Wait a minute…” the reporter was still holding in her earpiece. “The cloud above Aquatic Adventures Water Park seems to have exploded and…strange creatures are swarming towards a small group of students…sssshhhhhhh….zzzzzzzzzz…..shhhsshhhhh…” the screen turned blank.
Takeshi began dialing Alex, but found that there was no network. All signals were lost.

When Matt turned back to his PC his computer monitor went blank for a split second. “Not again…” he muttered. Suddenly it went blank a second time, this time a silhouette appeared for that split second. Matt recognized it instantly and jumped back, tumbling backwards over his chair. Takeshi jumped up from the noise and looked back. Matt picked himself up slowly and looked at his screen. It was normal. The D-Ark had stopped beeping.

“What happened?” Takeshi said slowly walking over.

“I saw her…” Matt said monotonously. “Lilithmon…”

Takeshi felt his heartbeat quicken. Suddenly Matt’s computer switched off, as did the T.V and the lights. Takeshi was frozen still.
“You don’t think that…” Matt slowly walked over to the window and drew back the curtains. He carefully peered out of the window. “…the power is out…all over the city…again…” he turned to Takeshi.

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