Episode 16: Land of the Sugarplum Fairymon

“When we opened the portal back in SquareCity, it must’ve opened a portal in Cairo too, bringing Yasmin to the Digital World with us.” Alex pondered.

“That could mean that the remaining two tamers are somewhere in the Digital World as well.” Maya continued.

As night fell the team headed back to the merchant village and managed to find a Digimon hotel to rest for the night. Yasmin managed to haggle a cheap rate out of the manager, a Digitamamon; a Digimon within a large white egg, with holes at the bottom for his reptilian legs. Yasmin had also managed to acquire some Digital World currency to pay for it.

“I thought it’s unethical for you to gamble.” Phoebe raised an eyebrow.

Yasmin shrugged her shoulders, “We need the money, don’t we?”

The other tamers were grateful for Yasmin’s poker skills and said nothing further. Between the eight tamers and their Digimon they shared two rooms, guys in one, girls in the other. The rooms afforded just enough space for four humans and their four Digimon each.

In the guys room there was a lot of tension between Alex and Max. Trask and Duke thought it a good idea to distract the two before the tension rose any further. Max had sat upright against the wooden wall with his legs outstretched and his arms crossed.  Midomon sat beside him and mimicked his pose. After some incessant and boring babbling from Trask and Duke both Alex and Max had fallen off to sleep. As soon as Midomon nodded off he slid off to his side, his head landing on Max’s arm. Elishamon curled herself up and fell asleep immediately, with Equimon next to her. Vulpemon was curled up beside Alex, but kept awake until all of them had nodded off.

The girls’ room had a more cheerful mood. As soon as Yasmin found out whom Viola was there was deep discussion about all things fashion between the four female tamers.

Griffmon had been describing to the others what Yasmin’s home country was like.

“Maya tells me its mostly sand.” Rockymon said.

The purple griffin nodded and went on to explain, “Correct. About 90 percent of the country is desert. The entire population dwells along the NileRiver.”

“I know that river!” Rockymon held his hand up, like a student in class. “It’s one of the biggest around!” He had listened infrequently to Maya reading out her textbooks when she had studied. Griffmon nodded again, amused by the felines eagerness to share his knowledge.

Griffmon was a bit shy at first, but took to the rest of the Digimon pretty well. He immediately showed his knowledge of the world and his mannerisms weren’t childlike as the rest of the Digimons’ were. He did get mocked a few times for being too ‘proper’, but just took it as harmless fun from the others.

Before long both the Digimon and their female tamers were fast asleep.



Cries for help echoed through the village just after dawn. The merchants had begun to set up their tents, stalls and wares for the day. Smoke started drifting from the chimneys of the Digimon restaurants. The tamers and their Digimon stirred as there sleep was disrupted. Alex got up after Vulpemon gently nudged him awake. She walked over to the other Digimon and guys and did the same. In the other room Heraldimon was the first to waken, and, after failed attempts at waking any of the girls up, resorted to whistling in a high pitched tone. Pillows flew in her direction in an effort to silence the plant Digimon. Once everyone was half awake more screams were heard outside.


Realizing all at once it wasn’t their imagination all of the tamers and their Digimon were fully awake now, standing up and grabbing for jackets and clothing items that were removed the night before.

They all ran out of the hotel, D-Arks in hand, their Digimon standing alert. Looking around the main street the Digimon responsible for the shouting ran up to them. The male tamers all choked when they saw her. Maya, Phoebe and Viola’s jaws dropped. She was human, they were convinced; she was wearing a scantily clad purple outfit, which afforded little cover for her body except the areas where she needed it most. She was human, they all thought again. She had long, wavy, purple hair and a set of bright, almost translucent, green, butterfly-like wings sticking out of her bare back. She’s human, she’s gotta be.

Alex tried to distract himself by quickly lifting his D-Ark device to get the reading on her. “Kazemon, a Fairy type, champion level Digimon. A warrior possessing the powers of Wind. Not to be underestimated.”

“Will you please help me?” The fairy Digimon grabbed Trask’s hand and pleaded.

“Uh…I…” Trask gulped. He had lost all thought, lost all words, he just stood there and looked at what would be her eyes were she not wearing a metal-like visor.

“What’s the problem?” Phoebe casually walked up beside Trask. Kazemon turned her attention to Phoebe, “Please! The Togemon, they’ve all gone mad! They’ve attacked our home!”

“Togemon?” Maya looked at Viola.

“Please, you must help us!” Kazemon took Phoebe’s hand, “Please!”

“It’s okay,” Maya said, “We’ll help you.”


Trekking through yet another thick jungle Kazemon led them to the side of a large mountain, the sheer walls were almost completely vertical, offering no way of climbing it.

“We going up?” Trask asked Kazemon, holding on to the jagged edged pipes on Kentauromon’s back.

Kazemon shook her head, “No, we’re going through it.”

Confused yet intrigued the tamers watched as Kazemon revealed a recess behind the cascade of vegetation on the mountainside wall. The opening was large enough to let the three large champions; Kentauromon, Youkomon and Enumamon through.

A few moments later the group was looking upon a utopia of green fields littered with oversized flowers. Waterfalls cascaded nearby, its tributaries leading all the way through to the other side of the mountain, which was now revealed as just a really big crater. Viola gasped in awe of the flora, as did Heraldimon, Phoebe and Maya. A moment later a a panic-stricken flower looking Digimon ran up to Kazemon, relieved to see her, “Kazemon! They’ve taken the others! They’re all trapped. I don’t know what to do!”

“Floramon, flower type, rookie Digimon.” Trask used his device. “Fear not, Floramon. They’re here to help us.” Kazemon took Floramon’s flowery hands in an effort to calm her. Floramon turned her attention to the others, “More humans?” she said, confused.

“What?” Maya said. “More humans?”

“Yes.” Kazemon said. “Another human and her Digimon had come to help us.”

“They’ve been captured as well!” Floramon said, her tone quickening once more. The tamers all exchanged looks between themselves and their Digimon. They were about to find the ninth tamer and the ninth Digimon of Origin.

“Lead the way, Floramon.” Alex said sternly. As they made their way through the lush jungles of the utopia the tamers couldn’t help but be distracted by its beauty. “Be careful.” Kazemon told them, “Beauty can be deceiving.”

“This place is home to plant type and fairy type Digimon. The plants here give off an alluring scent that mesmerizes intruders. Once they are helped out of here they have no recollection of being here in the first place.” Floramon explained.

“It’s how we protect our home.” Kazemon added. “Not even the Shadow Lords are immune to its power.”

“So what about the Togemon? What happened to them?” Maya asked.

“I’m not sure.” Kazemon stopped. The tamers and their Digimon slowed down to a stop with her. “Yesterday, everything was as normal as could be expected. Selena and Tulamon were helping us plant seedlings in the meadow.”

“The Togemon are amongst the most friendliest around.” Floramon added.

Kazemon nodded before continuing, “When one of the Togemon returned from a visit to the village something was different. Togemon attacked us. As the other Togemon came to help they became ‘infected’ as well.”

“Infected?” Alex looked at Phoebe.

“Like Birdramon.” Phoebe said.

“So it must be true.” Maya crossed her arms, “The Shadow Lords are ‘infecting’ Digimon with their virus.”

“Just like the story Matt had told us.” Trask added.

“Only this time it’s different. This time the Shadow Lords are only targeting us tamers.” Alex contemplated, “In our world, most of the time they appeared where we were. And here, yesterday with Phoebe and Maaumon. They somehow knew that there was a tamer here too and infected the Togemon.”

“You’re right.” Trask nodded. “It makes sense now.”

“Now that you mention it, I just remembered…” Yasmin’s face was serious. “A few weeks ago there was an attack in near the city of Asyut in Egypt. The news said it was some kind of creature that looked like Anubis.”

“I remember that report. The Egyptian military got involved and the creature just disappeared.” Viola said. Yasmin nodded.

They continued through the jungle, coming to a clearing where they made out the form of a human, a female, entangled with vines next to a few Digimon. Immediately next to her was a small, pale blue, penguin-like Digimon.

Alex checked his D-Ark, confirming she was the ninth tamer after seeing a pale blue dot on the D-Ark’s radar grid. Patrolling in front of their captives were a troop of tall, grey cactus-like Digimon, each with wearing bright green boxing gloves.

“VirusTogemon, plant type. Champion level.” Trask checked his device. Maya held hers up, looking at Rockymon, “You ready?”

The feline nodded as he stepped forward, the remaining rookies took behind him.


“Rockymon evolve to…Manxmon!”

“Heraldimon evolve to…Rosaemon!”

“Maaumon evolve to…Mikemon!”

“Midomon evolve to…Graikosmon!”

“Griffmon evolve to…”

Purple light engulfed Griffmon as his form began to grow. His body took on the distinctive big cat frame, but his back legs became talons. From his front legs sprouted two large, purple wings. He grew a magnificent mane around his head and neck. He roared proudly. “Leoarmon!”

The eight champions dashed forwards, alarming the group of VirusTogemon, who launched their needle-like thorns at them immediately.

“Blazing Sphere!”

Youkomon shrouded herself in a golden flame and leapt in front of the others, parrying the combined attack. The thorns disintegrated by the heat of the flaming fox Digimon.

“Thanks, Youkomon.” Manxmon nodded to her as she reappeared from the flames.

“There must be a way of ridding them of the virus without destroying them.” Kentauromon said. “Any ideas?” He turned to Manxmon. The panther Digimon stood thinking, his arms ready for attack, or defense.

“There must be some way.” Kazemon repeated.

“Maybe if we weaken them enough…” Mikemon voiced her theory.

“That might give us some time to think about it.” Manxmon nodded at the smaller feline before turning his attention to Enumamon and Griffmon, “We’ll hold them off. You two fly overhead and free the captives.” The winged Digimon nodded and took to the sky.

“Weaken them! Nothing more!” Manxmon shouted as he leapt for one of the cacti Digimon.

“Panthera Punch!”

The VirusTogemon took the shot in the head and stumbled backwards. “That’s what these things are for!” Manxmon stood over the larger Digimon, waving his boxing gloves.

“Flaming Dragons!”

“Blue Lightning Burst!”

“Neko Claw!”

Youkomon, Kentauromon and Mikemon each struck a VirusTogemon, holding back on their attacks slightly.

“Twisted Thorns!”

“Metal Fist!”

Rosaemon summoned vines and plant roots from the ground beneath the enemy, wrapping around its legs tightly. Graikosmon shot forth towards his target, slamming his fists on the Digimon’s head, holding back his full might. The needle-like thorns scraped Graikosmon’s arms as he jumped back.

“Needle spray!”

The two remaining cacti had targeted the flying Digimon, releasing a barrage of thorns into the air.

“Frozen Nova!”

Enumamon inhaled deeply and released an icy blast of breathe that froze and shattered the needles in mid-air.

“Hurricane Wave!”

Kazemon flew up to help the two flying Digimon. She landed in front of the VirusTogemon duo. Raising her arms with her fingers pointed upwards, gusts of tiny winds formed from her fingertips, growing to small tornados that she launched at the cacti. They stumbled backwards and over each other.

Leoarmon descended to the captives and clawed through their vine binds. The human captive, Selena, was a slim, blonde girl with striking blue eyes. As soon as she was freed she raised her pale, metallic blue and silver D-Ark device, calling out her command.

“Activate Evolution!”


“Tulamon evolve to…”

The small, pale blue penguin Digimon at Selena’s side became engulfed in blue light. Her form grew tall; her fins lengthened and sprouted three long claws each. From her behind sprouted five long, magenta feathers that bent in the middle. Same colored feathers grew from the top of her ears.


“Arctic Blitz!”

The tips of Niscimon’s claws began to freeze, forming ice that gave off a faint cold mist. She bent forward, touching the ground. As she did ice formed around her claws, spreading towards the cacti Digimon, gripping their feet in solid ice. They tried to lift their legs in vain.

“Not bad.” Enumamon landed a few paces from the penguin champion. “Let’s take this party to the others.”

“Frozen Nova!”

“Arctic Blitz!”

Enumamon exhaled a blast of icy breath that, together with Niscimon’s icy claws, trapped all the VirusTogemon by freezing their feet to the ground. Kazemon and Floramon promptly ran up to check on the other Digimon captives, the group of Floramon and Sunflowmon.

Maya and the others ran up to Selena. “You alright?”

Selena’s eyes widened. She hadn’t noticed the tamers in the thicket of the jungle. Humans, like her, in the middle of the Digital World.

“Humans? Here?!” She looked at her champion Digimon. “I thought I was the only one.” Selena spoke with a distinctive eastern European accent.

“Long story.” Trask said and turned towards the group of giant cacti Digimon trying to punch their way out of the ice that surrounded their feet.

“Now what?” Viola crossed her arms.

Manxmon walked over to the closest VirusTogemon, keeping his distance. “Any ideas, Manxmon?” Maya asked him.


“Use your devices!” Ophanimon’s voice was clear as she spoke through their D-Arks.

Each tamer held up their devices in turn. “A D-Ark device can purge the virus from an infected Digimon.”

“It…speaks?” Selena stared at her device with her jaw dropped.

Manxmon stepped closer to the VirusTogemon. As he did, Maya’s device beeped once. It rose up, pulling her arm with it. Something suddenly came over her, forcing her to yell out as the device faced the cacti Digimon.


A beam of red light shot forth from her device, engulfing the VirusTogemon. Their forms lit up brightly as they still struggled to free their frozen feet. The light faded slightly, becoming red binary symbols of ones and zeroes that circled the purified Togemon before flowing smoothly into Maya’s D-Ark.

The regular green Togemon stood scratching their heads and looked around, dazed and confused. Niscimon willed the ice at their feet to thaw and free them.

Maya looked at her device in astonishment as Manxmon walked over to her. “Guess we can add that to the list of features” he said crossing his arms.

In flashes of multi-colored lights the Digimon all reverted back to their rookie forms as Kazemon and the Floramon checked up on the still dazed group of Togemon. Selena and Tulamon made their way to the group. “Thank you, for saving us” she said politely.

“Yes. Thank you.” Tulamon bowed her head in gratitude.

“It’s no problem!” Phoebe extended her hand out, shaking Selena’s. Each tamer in turn introduced themselves and their Digimon partner.

“You are one of us.” Maya said.

“What do you mean?” Selena looked at the brown haired girl, confused.

Maya held up her D-Ark, “See this? You have one. There are only ten like it.” She looked down, indicating at Rockymon who stood at her side, “Our Digimon, they’re not ordinary Digimon.”

Tulamon tilted her head, listening intently. “They’re the ten Digimon of Origin.” Kazemon and the other Digimon paused instantly at hearing it. They turned to face the group, their eyes widened.

“The Digimon of Origin?!” Kazemon ran up to them. “You are the ten Digimon of Origin?!”

“Nine, so far.” Midomon said.

“I should’ve known! You’re here to save the Digital World!” Kazemon grabbed Midomon and squeezed him in a tight hug. Midomon squealed.

“You’ve heard of them?” Trask asked.

“Heard of you?! Why, we’ve been waiting for the day your Digimon would return to the Digital World.” The fairy Digimon sat Midomon back down on the ground.

“Hmm…But the Digimon back at the village, they didn’t know…” Alex began to scratch his head.

“Fools!” one of the Floramon said.

“We’ve only heard stories of the ten Digimon of Origin.” Another Floramon began. “How they fought the Shadow Lords and sacrificed themselves to save both our world and the human world.”

“And that someday they will return to protect both worlds once more.” Kazemon continued.

“Wow. Where exactly did you hear that from?” Phoebe asked.

“From Ivymon” a Floramon replied.

“Ivymon’s the queen of the Forest of Fairies” another Floramon added. “She’s one of the elders of the Digital World. She knows pretty much everything.”

“She does? You think she could tell us what she knows? About our Digimon I mean.” Maya asked.

The Floramon exchanged looks with each other. “Um…well…”

“What? What is it?” Viola asked impatiently.

“No one really knows where the Forest of Fairies is.”

“What?! Then how…”

“Ivymon’s stories were passed on from a Digimon who claimed to have been in the Forest of Fairies.” Kazemon explained.

Maya looked at her Digimon, and then back at Kazemon, “Who was this Digimon, then?”

“Shurimon!” the Floramon shouted in unison.

“Shurimon?” Vulpemon looked at Alex.

“Shurimon’s been famous for bringing Ivymon’s stories all over the Digital World. He lives in the next town, SamuraiVillage.” Kazemon explained.

“You think he might talk to us about Ivymon’s stories?” Alex asked.

“No doubt! If he knows you’re the Digimon of Origin.” Kazemon looked at each of the rookies with a wide smile.

“Well, guess we ought to head out, again…” Trask stretched his arms.

“Oh but you can’t leave! Not just yet!” Kazemon grabbed one of his arms, wrapping both of hers around it. Trask blushed as he was tugged by the scantily clad fairy Digimon. “You saved the Togemon. We have to thank you!”

“Yes! Yes!” The Floramon jumped around the group of tamers and their Digimon happily.

“In celebration we should hold a banquet in your honor!”

The Floramon all cheered aloud.

The bright moon of the Digital World shone brightly, lighting up the streams and brooks of the utopia. The team was lead to a giant tree which was flanked by beautiful flowers and vines. Groups of Togemon and Sunflowmon had already begun setting up a long, wooden table. The Floramon scurried around the table, placing large bowls of bright, ripe fruit all over. There were large flower bulbs hanging from the tree and, when one of the Floramon gently touched it, began to emit a soft glow. She did this with the rest of the low hanging bulbs and soon the soft light filled the area, painting everything with its light.

The tamers and their Digimon ate gratefully as the Floramon entertained all with their soothing singing voices.

“Tomorrow I’ll lead you to SamuraiVillage.” Kazemon told the team. “But tonight, you are our guests.”

“It’s the least we can do!” one of the Togemon laid down more bowls of fruit, which the rookies grabbed without a second thought.

“I’ve never tasted better fruit in all my life!” Trask said.

“It’s weird, eating this…digital food. I wonder, is it even real?” Alex turned a bright red slice of watermelon in his hand, examining it.

“Anything is possible in the Digital World. Well, pretty much anything I mean.” Kazemon said from across the table.

“Were there any other humans who came here?” Maya asked the fairy Digimon.

“Not that I know of. Selena was the first human I ever saw. Then you guys.”

“So Selena, where exactly are you from? And how’d you get here?” Trask asked the blond girl.

“Moscow. I was studying at the library, on the computer. Tulamon was with me. Next minute, I’m in this beautiful jungle.” Selena explained.

“We were lost, but the Togemon were very kind and brought us here, where we met Kazemon, the Floramon and the Sunflowmon.” Tulamon continued.

“What about all of you? And what is all this about the ‘Digimon of Origin’?” Selena asked.

“That’s kind of a long story.” Phoebe replied.

As the night wore on the story of the Digimon of Origin and the Digital World was retold to the newcomers. Kazemon and the others listened intently as well. Selena, Tulamon, Yasmin and Griffmon learned about the Digital World game, the Creators, the ‘remaking’ and all the events that took place since the Digimon came into their lives.

Selena had her own Digimon story. She told the others about how she came to find Tulamon’s egg by a computer at the library, and about each incident in which Terimon evolved to Nicamon, then Tulamon and when she had first evolved into Niscimon.

“As far as I know I was the only one with a Digimon. I had no idea there were others” she added.

It was nearing midnight when finally Trask stood up and stretched his arms. Kazemon noticed and stood up, “Oh dear. It’s really late.”

The Floramon immediately scurried around the table, cleaning up the bowls and leftovers while the Togemon raised and removed the large table.

“What’s going on?” Viola asked as the tamers and their Digimon stood as the benches were removed from under them. Suddenly a bunch of hammocks dropped down from the large tree branches. They were made of thick vines and leaves. Trask tested the one closest to him, leaning on the foliage with his arms, “We’re sleeping on these?”

“Unless you’d rather return to that expensive and cramped hotel back at the village.” Kazemon put her hands on her hips.

Alex looked at Vulpemon, shrugged his shoulders and eased himself onto the makeshift hammock. “It’s not that bad, guys” he said.

Vulpemon jumped up and made herself comfortable against Alex’s arm. Maya yawned as she climbed into hers with Rockymon, who immediately fell asleep. One by one the others got into their designated hammocks, Elishamon and Equimon each had their own.

As they all got comfortable and dozed off the soft glow of the fruit bulb lights faded. Kazemon and the others tip-toed away in the peaceful silence of the night where nothing was heard except the faint sounds of a distant waterfall.



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