Episode 19: A Hunka Hunka BurningGreymon

The black smoke produced by the furnaces of Fire City dissipated after the furnaces were all powered down. “This area’s hot enough as it is. We don’t need any more heat.” Agunimon told the inhabitants that gathered by the largest furnace. “The smoke causes way too much pollution, and we don’t need that either.”

The other Digimon nodded, murmuring in agreement. Maya smiled. The tamers and their Digimon crowded a distance away from the furnace, which was still radiating the remaining heat. Only fire type Digimon were able to withstand the temperature as they had learned.

Suddenly the ground began to shake violently. The Digimon stumbled in an effort to keep their balance. A ripple formed beneath the ground’s surface from where the tamers stood. Slowly it moved, closing in on the center, towards the furnace. Agunimon yelled out to the Digimon who stood nearby, “Get back! Now!”  He led them a distance away from the furnace just as the ripple reached it. Fire blasted out of the chimney and vents for a few moments before dying down, releasing trains of black smoke into the air once more. The furnace had switched itself on, somehow…

“What the hell?” Davis said.

Agunimon looked upon the smoking chimney with confusion. “What…How…”


SkullMeramon walked on, infuriated by the events that had taken place back at FireCity. His city. His domain. He had thwarted rebellions easily and effectively time and time again before, but now these so called humans and their Digimon easily dethroned him. He was infuriated, to such a degree that his body had begun to give of faint, blue smoke. He walked on; the heat resonating from him burnt a trail into the grass, singing every blade of grass he walked over. It hadn’t been a long walk, but to him it felt like ages.

In the distance ahead of him he made out a small village. He stopped, taking in the scents that were carried towards his direction by the light breeze. Smoke. Fire. He knew those scents better than anything. Now, the memories of Agunimon and the humans were refreshed. The blue smoke resonating from his body thickened as he began to growl. He bounded towards the village in a rage.


“I can’t figure it out. Something doesn’t want the furnace to stop.” Davis lifted a hand to his chin.

“Or maybe something’s powering it altogether.” Trask crossed his arms, examining the furnace.

“What could it be?” Agunimon asked. He was frustrated and angry. “These things are polluting the air! If it wasn’t SkullMeramon that kept the furnaces going, then what is?” Agunimon proceeded to kick the furnace out of frustration.

“Relax, Agunimon. We’ll get to the bottom of this.” Davis put a hand on the fire Digimon’s shoulder.

“What are these furnaces used for anyway?” Alex crossed his arms, looking at each of the furnaces in the city.

“For one; heat.” Meramon replied. “Us fire Digimon need heat to survive. It also gives us strength.” The flame Digimon raised his head, looking at the smoke pumping out of the large furnace, “These furnaces have always been here. They’ve always been running. Even before any of us hatched from our DigiEggs.”

“Some say that the mighty Digimon elder of Fire created Fire City.” Coronamon, a small, orange, lion-like Digimon, said.

“Some say that the Fire elder’s home is under the city.” A candle Digimon, Candlemon joined them.

“What do you think about Davis?” Phoebe asked Maya bluntly. Along with Viola, Yasmin, Selena and their Digimon, they were led to a kitchen hall by some Candlemon. The locals had invited them all for a meal, and the tamers insisted that they help out. The female tamers took to the kitchen to help the Candlemon cook.

“I don’t really know, we’ve only met him less than twenty-four hours ago.” Maya began chopping some Digital World vegetables, which seemed similar to regular veggies, but were abnormally large and, as they had found out, had a completely different taste.

“I think he’s kinda cute.” Phoebe smiled as she collected the serving plates out of a large pantry cupboard.

“You do, huh?” Maya giggled. Viola walked into the kitchen just then, she raised an eyebrow at Phoebe before carrying on to the large sink with an armful of the large vegetables, Rosaemon followed with her load.

“Oh come on, you can’t tell me he’s not a looker.” Phoebe sat the plates down on the counter and turned to Yasmin, who stood rinsing the vegetables Viola had brought over a large sink. “What do you think?”

“Huh?” Yasmin pretended not to have heard the conversation. Her cheeks blushed slightly. “Um, I don’t know…”

“I think he has potential.” Selena chipped in from where she stood, stirring a large pot of soup that boiled over a stove.

“Thank you!” Phoebe lifted the plates up once more and proceeded out of the kitchen to the hall where Duke, Enumamon, Manxmon, Leoarmon, Mikemon and Niscimon were helping to set up the tables. All the locals of the city were to dine with the tamers and their Digimon in the large hall. Phoebe sat the plates down onto on of the tables, with Rosaemon following with another load.

“That’s Phoebe for you.” Maya said.

“Come on, Maya.” Selena walked across the kitchen with a large bowl and collected the chopped vegetables from Maya. “You have to admit, he is cute.”

Maya blushed slightly, “I suppose.”

“Actually, Max is pretty cute too.” Selena leaned her back against the counter. “Trask’s got a bit of a bad boy thing happening…” She looked at Maya expectantly, as if waiting for a reaction. Maya kept chopping casually. “Then there’s Alex-“

“I think Candlemon’s waiting for you.” Maya stopped chopping and faced her. After a long moment Selena smirked slightly and casually walked back to the stove with her load of chopped vegetables. Viola and Yasmin continued as if they hadn’t heard anything as Phoebe and Rosaemon returned for another load of plates and bowls.

Phoebe immediately noticed the silence and mild tension. “What’s with all the silence?” she smiled. Maya chopped away undistracted, Selena was busy tossing the chopped vegetables into the pot as Candlemon stirred the soup. Viola and Yasmin paused, glancing from the brown haired girl to the blonde. Phoebe understood, “Did I miss something?” She placed her hands on her hips. Yasmin shook her head slightly, gesturing to Phoebe not to press the subject further. Phoebe glanced from Maya to Selena before casually making her way towards the cupboard once more.

The locals, tamers and their Digimon all talked amongst themselves as they ate gratefully that evening. Agunimon still conversed with Davis, Alex and Trask about the furnace and their theories on the matter. Selena and Tulamon ate silently across the long table from Maya, Phoebe made sure she sat next to her, still eager to know about what happened between the two. “So…?” Phoebe leaned towards her.

“So, what?” Maya paused and turned to her.

“What happened in the kitchen earlier?” Phoebe whispered.

“What do you mean?” Maya brushed it off casually.

“With Selena.”

“Oh, that. She was just talking way too much for my liking, that’s all.”

“I see,” Phoebe sat up right, examining Maya’s expression for a moment before continuing with her meal.


An explosion; the sound boomed all across the small village as the center hut blew up instantaneously. Embers dropped onto the grassy roofs of neighboring huts and soon they too were ablaze. The plant Digimon inhabitants, Palmon and Tanemon, scattered in all directions once their homes were invaded by SkullMeramon. He gave no reason for his attack. He walked into their little village and, without warning, began to incinerate everything.

As one hut was destroyed he moved on to another. He was on a mission, and the inhabitants dared not question or stand up to him. They knew him as the tyrant leader of the neighboring FireCity. But why had he come here was the question on their minds as they ran for their lives.


The Coronamon and DemiMeramon chanted as they danced around a central fire outside of the kitchen hall. Maya, Phoebe, Duke and Davis joined in, along with their Digimon. The rest of the onlookers; Trask, Alex, Yasmin, Agunimon and the Meramon all clapped. Some DemiMeramon chased Vedamon around the fire. He laughed hysterically when they had caught him, and playfully began to chase them in turn.

Agunimon was still distracted by the fire from the central furnace. It had remained on his mind the entire day and for the life of him he couldn’t understand what powered it. He felt frustrated and confused. He laid his hands on his knees and gave a sigh. As he inhaled again he caught a scent. He sniffed hastily a few times, his eyes fixed in a daydream like fashion into the central fire in front of him, analyzing the smell.

Alex turned towards him and noticed his distraction. “What’s up?”

“Something’s…burning…” Agunimon said without turning his head. After a moment he stood, taking in the scent in the air once more, “Something’s not right.”

Alex, Trask and Max stood as the fire Digimon began, “Smoke. Not from coals, from…” he inhaled once more, “Grass…” Agunimon thought hard, his nose crinkled and his eyes darted from one direction to another. Maya caught sight of him and the other tamers standing as she came around the fire. She slowed down, Phoebe slowed behind her. Soon all the Digimon and tamers that had been dancing had stopped, and so had the cheerful clapping. The scene was silent as all eyes fell on Agunimon.

His eyes narrowed as he came to a realization, “SkullMeramon…” He dashed off towards the entrance of the city, the tamers and their Digimon in tow. He stopped after the main gate and inhaled deeply. Faint smoke blew passed him, carrying tiny burning embers along it. He turned his head immediately into the direction it came from. “No…” Agunimon said under his breath. “The Village!”

Maya and the others finally caught up. “What is it? What’s wrong?” Trask asked, panting.

Agunimon turned to them, “Will you stay and protect the city?”

“We can help you.” Duke said.

“We’ll split,” Alex began. “Half of us stay here and guard the city.”

“Which of us?” Phoebe asked anxiously.

Alex looked around to each of his fellow tamers in turn before saying finally, “Girls stay here. We’ll help Agunimon.”

“What?! That’s not fair!” Maya said quickly.

Agunimon, Alex and the others dashed off, each of their Digimon engulfed in their respective colors of light as they evolved in mid-stride. Alex jumped on Youkomon’s back as she leapt, Trask and Davis jumped on Kentauromon’s back as Dharmamon ran, Max was carried by Graikosmon and Duke by Enumamon as she soared.

“Wait!” Maya called out in frustration. She turned to face the others, “What the hell was that?! ‘Girls stay here’. Really?!” her arms flailed in the air.

“Relax, Maya.” Yasmin said.

“If it’s SkullMeramon that they ran off to, then we have to protect the city if he decides to return.” Phoebe explained.


Agunimon stopped a distance from the source of smoke. His suspicions were confirmed; the small Palmon village was completely ablaze. He breathed heavily as the others caught up to him. A small, plant-like Digimon ran up to him in terror, “Agunimon!”

Agunimon grabbed her, “Palmon, did everyone make it out?”

“I don’t know…it happened so fast, I…”

Agunimon stood up, his face contorting with rage. “You guys, help get the Palmon out. SkullMeramon’s mine.” His voice cracked into a growl. He bounded towards the flaming village, the champions followed.

“Metal Fist!”

Graikosmon brought his fists down hard into the ground, forcing sand to scatter into the flames of a burning hut. The screams of Digimon were heard from within. Dharmamon leapt into the hut. A moment later he reappeared holding two small plant Digimon.

“Frozen Nova!”

Enumamon inhaled deeply. After a moment she exhaled, a blast of freezing cold air left her jaws, killing the flames of another two huts as Kentauromon cleared the debris and freed two more Tanemon.

Youkomon dug into the ground frantically with her paws, throwing more sand into the flames, killing them slowly but effectively.

Agunimon walked through the flames unharmed, searching for a sign of his opponent. From ahead the silhouette of SkullMeramon danced from the heat of the flames. Agunimon stopped and waited, the holes in the gauntlets on his arms and legs releasing smoke.  SkullMeramon walked towards him, growling in determination and rage. He held his chains in both hands, which ignited at his will.

“Get out of here!” Alex yelled out to the rescued Tanemon as Palmon led them away. Dharmamon used his abilities over the element of fire to lesson the intensity of the flames, allowing them to be extinguished from the efforts of the other champions. The burning remains of the hut in the center remained, where Agunimon and SkullMeramon faced off. The others watched intently.


Maya stood with her arms crossed, leaning against the wall of the gate, her eyes on the smoke rising in the distance. Rockymon mimicked her stance next to her.

“The smoke’s dying down.” Phoebe raised her arm and pointed.

Yasmin wiped the sweat off of her brow. As she did she just realized, “Hey, is it getting warmer here, or is it just me?”

Viola just realized that she had been fanning herself with her hand. They were all aware of it now; the temperature had risen significantly in the city. Maya looked back, the amount of smoke arising from the central furnace was thick and black, in those few minutes they had stood there, the amount of smoke doubled, and the silver steel walls of the furnace were now a reddish color.

“We should probably…move away…a bit, guys.” Maya said.

“What’s going on there?” Viola asked as Meramon ran up to them.

“The furnace is getting hotter somehow…There’s no way of controlling it. You better moved to safety, all of you!”

“But what about-“ Yasmin began.

“Us fire Digimon can handle it. But you’ll all be incinerated if you stay here much longer.”

“What if SkullMeramon returns?” Maya asked as she picked Rockymon up.

“We will stand up against him. Thanks to you, we are no longer afraid.” Meramon laid a fiery hand on Maya’s shoulder, but the flames didn’t harm her.

“Now go!”

The girls ran with their Digimon some distance from the city, keeping in close vicinity should the tyrant return. The amount of heat resonating from the furnace was apparent even from the small hill upon which they stood. “It’s getting hotter…” Phoebe noted. By now the steel walls of the furnace were a bright red.


“Heat Chains!”

SkullMeramon lashed out his flaming chains. They wrapped around Agunimon, squeezing his arms against his body. Agunimon struggled as SkullMeramon drew the chains, willing them to tighten around Agunimon’s body. Agunimon screamed as the chains tighten even further.

“We’ve gotta do something!” Alex said.

“Agunimon said that-“ Trask began.

“We can’t let him die!” Alex yelled. “Youkomon!”

Youkomon ran forth, leaping into the air as she cart wheeled forwards, her body igniting in a beautiful golden flame.

“Blazing Sphere!”

The large flame whirled into the shape of a fox as it blasted against SkullMeramon. He yelped, releasing his grip on his chains. Agunimon fell to his knees, breathing heavily. SkullMeramon turned on Youkomon as her body reformed a few meters from him.

“Metal Fireball!”

From his steel jaws, SkullMeramon released a ball of molten metal towards the fox Digimon. Graikosmon leapt in front of her and punched the fireball off course. It hit the remains of the burnt hut, as it did small flames formed and died, the red-hot metal slowly cooled.

Agunimon stood up. “Pyro Tornado!” His gauntlets released raging flames as he spun rapidly on the spot, forming a fiery twister that slammed into the enemy. SkullMeramon fell back after a roundhouse kick that finished off Agunimon’s attack. SkullMeramon stood up and charged towards the champion. Agunimon braced himself and a moment later was thrown clear from the village ruins. He tumbled several times before coming to a stop. The tamers champions surrounded SkullMeramon, waiting, ready to attack if necessary.

Agunimon pushed himself to his feet, he could feel his body was tiring, but he was determined to end this, once and for all. Fire wouldn’t hurt the ultimate Digimon, that was obvious, so he couldn’t use any of his attacks. In his mind he quickly decided, and charged at SkullMeramon with his arms outstretched. He hit him dead on in the torso with his shoulder, tackling him to the ground before raining punches into SkullMeramon’s metal mask, denting it with every blow.

SkullMeramon swung his huge fist, knocking Agunimon off. He stood and grabbed him by his ankles. He flung the champion into the air effortlessly. Agunimon fell to the ground hard. The tyrant turned to face the other champions, “You call this fair?” He held his arms out in a gesture.

“Since when did you ever play fair?!” Max yelled. The ultimate turned to him quickly, “Oh, yes. You’re right.” He whipped up his chains, igniting them once more.

“Heat Chains!” He swung them towards Max. Graikosmon intervened and was caught by the flaming chains. He screaming wildly as the hot chains tightened around him.

“Graikosmon!” Max began to rush towards his partner, but was quickly held back by Duke and Trask.

“Dharmamon!” Davis ordered his champion in. Dharmamon grabbed the chains with his two free arms and, using his abilities, forced the fire to dissipate and be absorbed into his palms. Graikosmon felt relief as the chains cooled slowly.

“Frozen Nova!”

Enumamon inhaled again, releasing a sharp blast of icy breath at SkullMeramon. He quivered at the cold sensation as his boots froze to the ground. He whipped his chains back, sending Graikosmon tumbling backwards. He flung them skywards, barely missing Enumamon’s wing. He retracted and flung again, catching her wings this time and pulled her down, throwing her into Graikosmon. In flashes of navy blue and magenta lights Elishamon and Midomon appeared in a crumpled heap on the ground.

Agunimon once again forced himself up, he was at the last of his energy, but his determination kept him going. “Hey! Pick on someone your own size!” Agunimon held onto his left arm, which was dislocated on account of landing on it. “Oh I would. Would you kindly point me in the direction of someone ‘my own size’? SkullMeramon mocked.

Youkomon growled fiercely. The blue charges on Kentauromon’s mangled arm jumped wildly. “Metal Fireball!” Without warning the ultimate launched a molten ball at Kentauromon. He dodged it, but barely. Just as he regained his composure the chains wrapped around his hooves and he was pulled forwards, his body slammed against the ground as he fell. SkullMeramon pulled on the chains, realizing that the centaur was heavier than he thought.

“Blazing Sphere!”

Youkomon launched herself once more, becoming a fiery golden fox that slammed into the ultimate. SkullMeramon braced himself for the hit and kept his composure, merely flinching at the pain. In a fury he sent flames down the chains and tightened their grip around Kentauromon’s hooves. The centaur yelled out. “Blue Lightning Burst!” Blue sparks were sent up the chain and riddled SkullMeramon’s body, which contorted in unnatural positions, forcing him to release his grip on the centaur.

SkullMeramon charged him, wrapping his chains around Kentauromon’s body as he wrapped his arms around the front of the centaurs head. He began to increase his body temperature. Kentauromon yelped from feeling the burning body of SkullMeramon against him. The pipes on Kentauromon’s back gave off smoke as he screamed in agony.

“Fire –“ Dharmamon swung his twin blades.

“Dharmamon, no!” Davis stopped his champion. “You’ll give him even more power!”

In the spur of the moment the fire champion had forgotten that his attack might actually fuel SkullMeramon. All he could do was watch in horror as Kentauromon’s energy was being depleted with every second.

“Blazing Dragons!”

Youkomon attempted her flaming fox attack yet again, but this time it had no effect on SkullMeramon. The ultimate finally released his grip and, in a flash of turquoise light he stood over Equimon. He turned towards Youkomon, who stood her ground and snarled at him. “Alex, take the others and get out of her!” she said.

SkullMeramon’s chains flew forwards once more, searching for their target. Dharmamon stepped in and caught one, but Youkomon couldn’t dodge the other. Dharmamon tried to free himself, but the chains grip was too strong. Youkomon tried to pull SkullMeramon with her, but his bulk was much too heavy for her.

“Flaming Dragons!”

In a desperate attempt the fox Digimon released nine flaming golden balls from the tips of her tails. The trailed in the air before making contact with the ultimate. Nothing happened. The small flames dissipated as they hit him. SkullMeramon laughed hysterically before will the chains to tighten around the two champions.

“Le..Let them go!” Agunimon was limping, but determined.


The air was stifling. Rockymon and Maaumon panted as the female tamers fanned themselves with their hands, Tulamon offered them a cool breeze every now and then. The surroundings had become hazy with the heat and they were anxious to see that the central furnace of the city was almost white. The walls of the furnace had expanded so much by now that the furnace was almost spherical.

“We shouldn’t be here when that thing explodes.” Phoebe said finally.

Just then a rumbling sound was heard. The ground shook beneath them. The tamers lost their footing and tumbled over. The top of the furnace blew open, sending a cloud of pure white smoke mushrooming high into the air. The walls of steel curved backwards as fire blazed from within. Everyone stared at the furnace. For a good few minutes the fire blazed and roared. The fire died down slowly as something shot out, high into the sky.

“What the hell…” Maya tried to follow the small, black object as it soared into the dark blue night sky.


Vedamon and Vulpemon lay unconscious as SkullMeramon released his grip on them.

“I’ll deal with you in a minute.” He insinuated towards Agunimon as he strode casually towards the five tamers. They each took a step back out of fear. The chains of the ultimate glowed and ignited fiercely. Another step. Agunimon tried to muster all his strength and ran towards them. Another step. SkullMeramon released his chains. Alex and the others braced themselves for the impact, each closing their eyes. This is it.

It never came. Alex opened his eyes slowly. Agunimon stood in front of them, his body covered in the fiery chains. “If you’re that impatient, then I will deal with you now.” SkullMeramon tightened his chains hard. Agunimon couldn’t hold out any more; he screamed the loudest he’s ever screamed. His body began to glow a bright red light.

Trask noticed a shiny object above them, falling down; it glowed with the same light as it fell. Oddly, it slowed down as it neared the top of Agunimon’s head. From it there was a blinding flash of white light. The tamers shielded their eyes. SkullMeramon was also blinded. A moment later the tamers view of SkullMeramon was blocked buy a large, red, metal structure. It was a Digimon; enormous and reptilian-like. The tamers eyes lifted, examining the large creature that stood before them facing SkullMeramon. Agunimon was now a gigantic, reptilian Digimon with red and gold armor, a long red tail and wide, orange, flaming wings. The ground shook as he roared, “BurningGreymon!”

“Holy sh-“ Alex said. SkullMeramon’s chain was still wrapped around BurningGreymon’s foot. He had but to yank it slightly, pulling SkullMeramon with it. He slammed into the new Digimon’s heavily armored foot. BurningGreymon knelt down and picked him up with his clawed hand. The chains around his foot broke. He lifted his foe up to meet him at eye level. “You will no longer harm another Digisoul ever again.” His voice was deep and beast-like. He slammed the smaller Digimon into the ground.

All the frustration built up inside him as Agunimon was coming out now, and he couldn’t stop it even if he wanted to. He clawed at SkullMeramon’s small body as he lay in the ground. He was relentless, treating SkullMeramon like a rag doll, and he was the rabid dog. SkullMeramon was tossed and thrown. As soon as he tried to pick himself up and escape BurningGreymon was on him again. He screamed in agony, the chained ripped off of his body.

The five tamers stood aghast, each with their Digimon in their arms. They dared not speak, should the new Digimon turn on them in his raging fury. But as much as SkullMeramon probably deserved it, Alex couldn’t stand the torture any longer. He tried to look away, and even turned around completely, but the cries of SkullMeramon gave him a wrenching sensation in his gut. He tried to tolerate it, but finally, he couldn’t any more.

“BurningGreymon!” Alex screamed.

The large reptile turned on his foot immediately, causing Trask and the others to stumble backwards. Alex stood his ground, with Vulpemon in his arms. BurningGreymon’s eyes were glowing red and flickering.

Alex spoke calmly, hiding any sign of intimidation, “Enough. Please.” The large Digimon looked at him expectantly. “Don’t be like him.”

BurningGreymon stood still for a moment and shook his head slightly, as if arguing with himself internally. Until, finally, his tense muscles relaxed. The fiery glow on his eyes died down, revealing bright, blue pupils. He nodded at the tamer, “Thank you.”

SkullMeramon’s battered body gave in and burst into blue data fragments. They flowed easily into the air before being absorbed by BurningGreymon.


The air had cooled considerably, much to the girls’ relief. The white smoke and the fire from the furnace had dissipated, leaving nothing but the warped steel walls that, from this distance, looked like a rather large flower.

“Guys, look!” Yasmin pointed towards a large silhouette making its way towards them. Smaller silhouettes walked alongside it. They realized it was the rest of the team, without Agunimon, but with this large, dinosaur-looking Digimon.

The guys were completely ignored as the rest looked upon BurningGreymon as he reached them. “Don’t worry. It’s still me” he said.

“Agunimon evolved. It was intense!” Trask said.

“Don’t know how it happened exactly.”

“Some object fell from the sky or something just before you evolved. I couldn’t make it out, but it glowed just like you did.”

“An object?” Maya turned her attention to Trask. “I saw something fly, no- blast out of the furnace and into the sky.”

“Think it’s the same one?” Alex thought.

“The furnace was on the verge of exploding. We could feel the heat from here. After it blew, nothing. The temperature was normal again.” Phoebe explained.

“Do you know what it was, BurningGreymon?” Duke looked up at the larger Digimon.

He shrugged his armored shoulders casually.

“One of the Candlemon told me that it’s said that the fire elder of the Digital World has its home under the city.” Alex stated.

“You the fire elder of the Digital World?” Max asked the Digimon sarcastically. BurningGreymon shook his head quickly.

“Whatever it was, that’s what was powering the furnace the whole time. And made you evolve.” Alex continued.


The horizon lit up ever so slowly in a pearly hue of pink and orange. Small furnaces were burning throughout FireCity, but only for necessity. The locals were thrilled more so at the fact that BurningGreymon had stepped up as their leader than the news of SkullMeramon being gone for good. They awed at the large Digimon.

BurningGreymon had managed to seal the wreckage of the central furnace which, as he had found out, was built over an underground stream of lava. The guys’ Digimon had all regained their energy and were fully awake and conversing with the Candlemon and Meramon.

The tamers and their Digimon enjoyed a hearty breakfast, which they had helped prepare, before bidding the locals goodbye. “Will we meet again?” Vedamon looked up at the giant BurningGreymon. He thought hard for a moment before replying, “I have a strong feeling that our paths will cross again. Farewell.”

The group was seen off by the throng of Meramon, Candlemon, Coronamon and DemiMeramon as they left.

They walked on for a while through the expanse of meadowland they had once again come across. During much of the trek they had all been in discussion about one thing or another.

“Ain’t it time for us to go home?” Max asked. “We are all here. I mean, all ten of us, that is.”

“I don’t think it’s that simple, Max.” Duke said. “Not all of us are from SquareCity. If we get sent back, would the others come with us, or be sent back to their home countries?”

“You’ve got a point there, Duke.” Trask said.

Maya had said nothing to anyone but Rockymon the entire time. She strode along ahead of the group and listened to the incessant chit-chat of her fellow tamers and their Digimon. Alex finally strode up alongside her, “Hey, something wrong?”

Maya huffed, “Nothing.” Alex looked at her expectantly.

“I know when something’s bothering you. What is it?” No reply. Alex thought for a moment, realizing the possible problem. “You angry about the decision I made yesterday? About leaving you girls behind?”

Maya sighed in irritation.

“Look, Maya, I was just trying to keep you gir-“

“Who put you in charge in the first place, huh?” Maya was slightly stomping the ground with every step. She looked at him with a sense of anger. “You all came back carrying your unconscious partners. Don’t you think our Digimon would’ve been able to help out too?”

“Maya, I-“

Maya gave a sigh. “I’m glad you’re alright. But don’t ever underestimate any of us girls, or our Digimon, ever.” And with that she strode on at a slightly quicker pace passed him.

Trask giggled as he caught up to Alex. He threw an arm around his shoulder, “Women, what’re you gonna do, hey?”




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