Episode 2: Dawn of the Digimon

The events of Blackout Sunday didn’t quite affect Maya, as she was out on a full days hike in the mountains.Though she was disconcerted when the needle on her compass was just spinning out of control and she had to memorize the route carefully on the way up.

Maya was a 23 year old college student, majoring in World Mythology. She also enjoyed doing all kinds of athletic activities, and would always look for an excuse to get her body moving. One of which was deliberately missing the bus in order to jog all the way to college. It was a great anti-depressant, and she might as well have been an addict of sorts.

The next day at college, she was a little disappointed to have missed all the hype during the blackout. Just about everybody was going on about it.
When she had returned back to her apartment later that day, by jogging of course, she set her bag down and patted her face and neck off with a towel before heading to the bathroom for a shower. Once out she strolled across the open planned living room kitchen whilst rubbing her wet hair through a towel. Just before reaching her room she heard a beep. She turned around and saw that she had left her laptop on the couch. Walking over, Maya noticed the small light on the lid blinking.
“Hmm” Maya opened the laptop and suddenly there was a bright flash of white light that covered the entire living space. Maya jumped back and shielded her eyes with her hands.
‘What the hell?!’ she thought to herself.

The white light began to turn into a bright red and faded slightly. It began to pulsate. Maya lowered her arms from her face and stared at the red lit screen. A beam of red light shone onto the wooden floor below and a rather large egg began to form.
‘What is this?’
The beam and light disappeared, the screen went black, and the egg remained where it had formed.

Maya’s eyes widened to see an oversized egg just appear from out of nowhere. Well not really out of nowhere, just out of the computer screen, this was even stranger.

Maya stared at it, taking it all in for a few moments.
‘Uh, should I? Shouldn’t I?’ she debated with herself whether to go over and touch it or just leave it where it is.

“Ah screw it!” she said out loud and walked slowly towards the egg. It was golden in color, with a strange red and black symbol on it. Maya knelt down next to it, extended an arm out and touched it lightly. She moved a little forward and put her palm to it.
“It’s warm.”
After nothing had happened she picked it up slowly and took it into her room. She placed it on her desk, and it stood upright, never rolling onto its side.

Maya was befuddled by it. As she had no proper or believable explanation for it, she would tell her roommate that it was a gift from her parents.

“Oh, this? It’s some weird souvenir my folks picked up in, uh…Peru, yea. They got it from a merchant in Lima. Peculiar little man, they told me. Selling nothing but brightly colored ceramic eggs and little wooden carved llama key chains.”
Sasha, Maya’s roommate easily believed her, as she was never known to lie.

As days went by, Maya would gaze at the egg in a distraction from her college work. Eventually it became just like all the other furniture.

One day, though, was different. In the morning Maya woke up without the help of an alarm clock. For some strange reason she was feeling really energized and awake, which rarely happens without the second coffee of the morning. She got out of bed, gave a quick stretch and put her hand on the egg at the desk. It was a bit warmer than it usually was. But Maya thought nothing of it. She took a quick shower, put on her clothes and practically bolted out of the front door. Sasha, standing in the doorway of her room, rubbing her eyes, just managed to catch Maya blur out of the doorway.

College was a breeze. With all the energy Maya had she had written down practically the entire lectures on Life in Ancient Egypt as well as the Vedic Age of India.

“Hey what’s up with you today?” a classmate asked her.
“I don’t know. I woke up with this charge of energy. I don’t know where it came from, but I feel fantastic! Like I could run a marathon, right now!” Maya replied.
“Well, whatever you’re on, I want some of it.”

Something was happening to her, she knew it. Not only was she strangely full of energy, but somehow, her perception of the world changed a little. She sat under a tree on the campus grounds and just let her mind wander. After a while a picture had formed in her mind about a tall man wearing a rather elaborate costume. He had wings, his torso was painted black and he was wearing a golden mask of what looked like a lion. Maya smiled as she was reminded of a character from a popular Broadway musical she had seen on her trip to New York. ‘The mind is truly an amazing thing’ she thought.

She was not going to waste all her new found energy sitting at home, so she decided to take on some activities after college. She did some laps at the campus swimming pool, along with some laps around the track. But even after a run to the grocers Maya wasn’t the least bit tired. This, she thought, was a bit strange.

She returned to the apartment just before sunset, packed the groceries and proceeded to the bathroom for a shower. After, when she walked into her bedroom, she felt that it was quite stifling. ‘Whew!’ she opened all the windows and turned on the air conditioning. As she neared her desk, Maya noticed that the heat was resonating from the egg. The golden color was almost a bright red, in the way that metal would turn when it’s super heated. Maya reached out and touched the egg with her finger when a bright red light beam shone from the top of the egg to the ceiling.

“What the?!” Maya jumped back and stumbled on her bed. “Why does this always happen when my hairs wet?”

A black ball appeared in the beam. On it, two pointy ears and a tail formed. Then two bright golden colored eyes appeared. It looked straight at Maya, blinked, smiled and then jumped at her. She leapt off of the bed and slid on the wooden floor towards the doorway. She quickly grabbed hold of the door to steady herself before looking back at the strange creature, which was bouncing playfully on her bed.

Maya was speechless and just stared at the little fur ball. After a few minutes it bounced off the bed and sat at Maya’s feet, looking her in the eyes. She had her eyes on it the whole time. Then the thought occurred to her, ‘This is what’s different. You’re the reason everything feels so…so…weird.’
She slowly knelt down and reached out and petted the little creature on the head.
It made a faint purring sound as she did.

“Ah, so you’re some kind of cat?” Maya said.
The creature acknowledged her with a “Nya!”

Maya’s face softened and she smiled at it. From the corner of her eye she caught a glimpse of something shining on the desk. She stood up and saw that the egg was gone, but there was something in its place. Maya picked it up and examined it; it was some sort of gadget, electronic. It almost reminded her of those old digital pet gadgets the Japanese invented decades ago.

She picked up the gadget, it was metallic pearlescent black in color with a golden ring around the small screen and gold colored buttons. She pushed the button marked with the universal ‘power on’ symbol. A small beam of light shone from the little screen that projected a little digital menu a few inches from it.

“Woah, this is new.” She said.
The creature bounced up onto the desk, in front of the device she was holding. A womanly voice sounded from the device as an image of the creature was displayed in the projection, “Nyamon, the baby ball Digimon. Nyamon are able to produce small black bubbles when defending themselves.”
Maya stared at the projection.

“Oh, so this came with you then? What did she say you’re name was again?”
“Nyamon? And you’re a…uh…Digimon?”
“My name is Maya” she said slowly.
“Nya! Nya!” Nyamon bounced up and down happily on the desk.

Maya laughed, “Well you are cute. I’ll give you that.”
Suddenly there was a grumbling sound and Nyamon stopped bouncing. It looked at Maya with a sad expression as another grumble sounded, from its stomach.
“Oh, uh, you’re hungry?” Maya picked Nyamon up and headed for the fridge. She sat Nyamon on the counter and opened the fridge door, examining its contents.
“Well we do have some leftovers.” Maya pulled out a Tupperware which the little Digimon proceeded in devouring straight from her hand. Maya pulled her hand back at such a speed that she almost fell into the fridge.
“You must be real hungry!” she said, in a bit of a shock.
Nyamon bounced up and down on the counter, “Nya! Nya!”

After feeding Nyamon a little more, Maya sighed, “How do explain this to Sasha?”
She returned to her room and Nyamon bounced along behind her. It jumped up onto the bed and curled itself up and fell asleep. Maya smiled at it.


She had no clue what this ‘Digimon’ was or why it was here, but she quickly became fond of Nyamon. She would keep Nyamon in her bag and took it along to college, of course she couldn’t leave it alone at the apartment, what if Sasha came home early and saw it? Being as superstitious as Sasha is, seeing a small black cat like thing bouncing around the apartment would’ve given her a coronary.

At first Nyamon would be uncooperative and bounce out of the bag. But with persistence, and a bribe of food, Nyamon eventually got used to it. Maya would take the strange device with her as well, if only to examine it a little bit more everyday. It had only been a little over a week since Nyamon hatched.

That Friday Maya decided to get some delicacies from the local deli. There were very few customers. She knew one of the girls behind the counter well. Phoebe also studied at Square City University, but was a year behind Maya.
“Hey Phoebe”
“Hey Maya. Haven’t seen you here at the deli in a while.” Phoebe knew that Maya was a total health freak, the type of person Mimi’s Deli did not cater for.

As soon as Maya got to the counter the strange device began to beep incessantly. Maya reached into her bag, pulled out the device and started pressing the buttons to try and stop the beeping. She gave an embarrassed smile as she did. At first Phoebe didn’t quite notice it, assuming it was her mobile phone. But when she actually looked at the device in Maya’s hand her eyes widened.

“Hey, you have one of those too?” she asked, looking around to see if anyone was watching.
“What do you mean, too?” Maya looked at Phoebe curiously.
Phoebe pulled her apron aside to reveal the exact same device attached to her belt. Instead of black and gold, Phoebe’s was pink and silver. Just then it too started to beep.
Maya looked excited, “That means….you have one of these too!” Maya opened up the bag at her side. Phoebe leaned over the counter and saw a dark ball with big, bright golden eyes looking at her.
Phoebe quickly pulled her bag from a shelf behind the counter and opened it to reveal a small ball of brown fuzz with small green eyes and a small black nose.
“This is Domemon” Phoebe said.
“Wow. Mine’s Nyamon.”

Maya looked back at the device, which projected a sort of radar grid. It had a red dot in the center, with a pink dot blinking next to it.
Phoebe pulled hers off of her belt and held it up. It projected exactly the same thing as Maya’s but in the center of the grid was a steady pink dot, with a red one flashing next to it.

“Ah I get it. This detects others like it.” Phoebe said.
“You think so?” asked Maya “So far you’re the only other person that has one . And a Digimon”


The next day Maya invited Phoebe to the apartment. She knew that Sasha was out of town visiting her boyfriend for the weekend, so they could let the little Digimon wander around.

“It was really weird” Phoebe began to explain how she got Domemon as Maya sat down two cups of tea on the coffee table in the living room.
“After my afternoon lecture I came home and there the egg was, sitting upright on top of my IPad. I thought my roommate was playing some kind of silly trick on me, but it looked like she wasn’t at home all day.”
She went on to explain what happened when it hatched and so on. Maya pointed out that since her egg came out of her laptop, then Phoebe’s came out of her IPad.

As the girls went on, Domemon and Nyamon were bouncing around the couch in a game of tag. Since Nyamon had a tail to help him balance, Domemon was always ‘it’. Until she, as Phoebe assumed Domemon was female, stopped behind the couch and waited for Nyamon to come around again. As it did, Domemon pounced on Nyamon and bounced off. Nyamon hopped on after her.

After a while their device began to beep. Both Maya and Phoebe picked them up from the coffee table.
Domemon and Nyamon stopped in front of the table, both of them suddenly became engulfed in light, Nyamon in red and Domemon in pink.
Maya and Phoebe jumped up. Their devices began to beep even louder. They held them up and a voice sounded, the same womanly voice as when Nyamon had hatched.


Nyamon’s silhouette began to grow in size. Its ball body had elongated and formed legs. Its tail elongated as well. The red light faded to reveal an even more cat like form, black with a red under belly and a thick red collar around its neck. It shouted out proudly, “Felismon!”

Domemon’s ball body enlarged, a tail began to form and her ears became pointier. The light faded and Phoebe stared at the new form of Domemon, a green ball with ears, a tail and bright red eyes.

Nyaromon bounced happily around the newly formed Felismon, who sat calmly in a very feline manner. Nyaromon was eager to show off her new tail, “Haha, now I got a tail! Yea!”
“So what?” Felismon looked away.

Maya and Phoebe’s jaws dropped. They stood absolutely still, staring at their Digimon in their new forms. They were flabbergasted that they could now talk.

“Er…Felismon? You’ve gotten…bigger!” Maya managed to say finally.
Felismon jumped up onto the coffee table and sat, his tail hanging over the edge.
“Yep. I’m an In-training level Digimon now.”
“WE are In-training level Digimon now.” Nyaromon corrected and bounced up on to the table as well.

“Every time we evolve, we get bigger and more powerful.” Felismon began to explain all the natural levels of evolution in a Digimon. Since they had the ability to now speak, the two Digimon explained all there is to know about Digimon, that there are good Digimon, evil Digimon and that only a handful of humans were chosen to have a Digimon as their partners, although they couldn’t quite remember why. Digimon also appear gender specific, most of the time. Nyaromon was in fact female whilst Felismon was male. Maya and Phoebe sat on the couch and listened intently.

Nyaromon pointed out that their devices collects information on all the Digimon they come across, and also, as they had already discovered, detects other devices within its range.
“I can’t quite remember why, but I think it’s called a D-Ark.” she said.

Maya held hers up, “D-Ark, huh?”

Felismon also added that each time their Digimon evolves to a new level for the first time, the process is recorded into the D-Ark. So that they are able to remotely activate evolution at any time, provided the Digimon has enough energy to sustain a higher level for a period.

“So you can’t remember why we were chosen to have Digimon?” Phoebe asked.
“Unfortunately not.”Felismon dipped his head.

The two girls were astounded at the intelligence of these two little creatures.


When Monday came around, Maya found it a bit problematic since Felismon was too big to fit into her bag now. She had passed him off as a cat she found in the street and adopted. Sasha was furious more so at the fact that Felismon was a black cat, and so she had made every effort to stay as far away from him as she could. Maya thought it silly to be THAT superstitious over a black cat, but didn’t think to question Sasha, who had Jamaican roots.
In any case Felismon tagged along with Maya to college, but had to hide out and wait in the bushes or up a tree while Maya attended her classes.
Every so often Felismon would catch the scent of something familiar, but didn’t know what.

Whenever Maya and Phoebe’s classes ran concurrently, they’d often sit together by the campus food court, with their Digimon nearby of course. One day, Felismon’s head popped out of the bushes. Maya and Phoebe were sitting at the nearest table, chatting.
“Maya” Felismon whispered as loud as he could to get her attention. Maya looked at him.
“I smell something.”
“What is it Felismon?”
Nyaromon’s head popped out too.
“You smell it too, Nyaromon?” Phoebe asked her.
The green Digimon nodded.

Felismon sniffed the air, “Its getting away!”
He jumped out of the bushes and ran out of the food court.
“Felismon!” Maya got up and chased after him.
Phoebe opened her large bag. Nyaromon hopped into it and they set off behind Maya.
Felismon ran across the grassy campus grounds. Other students giggled as they saw Maya chasing a black cat, with Phoebe carrying an oversized bag after her.
After a distance Felismon stopped. Running up behind him, Maya and Phoebe’s D-Arks started beeping once more. Maya stopped just behind Felismon and pulled out her D-Ark. There was a blinking turquoise dot heading for the yellow center.
Phoebe caught up to them, “What is it?”
“There’s someone coming this way, and they have a D-Ark.” said Maya.
“Seriously?” Phoebe pulled her device out.

Maya looked up and saw no one but Trask Owens, a fellow student a year older than her. As he was walking straight towards them he was looking at something in his hand. He stopped and looked up at the group.
“Maya?” he said.
Maya and Phoebe walked towards him, Felismon followed.
“Trask, er, do you…” Maya’s eyes lowered to the D-Ark in his hand.
“You have one too” said Phoebe.
Trask noticed both of the girls were holding a D-Ark.
“Heh, so I’m not the only one, then” he said in a mixed British accent.
“Guess not. Oh, Trask this is Phoebe. Phoebe, Trask Owens.”
Trask and Phoebe shook hands.
“So, where’s your Digimon, then?” he asked.
“Oh here he is.” Maya picked up her Digimon “This is Felismon.”
“And this is Nyaromon” said Phoebe opening her bag and allowing Nyaromon to peep over the side.
“Where’s your Digimon?” Felismon asked eagerly.
“He’s waiting over there.” Trask pointed out to the small row of bushes at the edge of the grounds.
“Come on, I’ll introduce you.”

No sooner had they neared the bushes the little Digimon shot out towards Maya. Trask was anticipating him and he caught the Digimon in mid-air.
“I’m afraid Cabamon is rather protective over me.”
Cabamon might as well have been a white ball with blue eyes, wearing a kind of ancient Greek style helmet. He noticed Felismon and Nyaromon and calmed a bit.
“Oh, more Digimon!” he said, smiling.
“You!” Felismon stared at Cabamon “Its you that I’ve been smelling around here.”


Two months had passed since Blackout Sunday. All the students of SCU were gearing up for the overhaul of assignments that were coming their way. Maya always loved a good challenge.
Meanwhile Felismon inquired about almost everything in the human world. He was especially curious about all the other humans besides Maya, since he had grown so accustomed to her and her behavior. He was even accustomed to Sasha to an extent. She in turn eventually got used to having him around. Felismon found it strenuous to try and act like a normal house cat, his biggest challenge was not talking when Sasha was around.

The last Friday before the assignment ‘flood’ as they called it, Maya and Trask met up at Mimi’s Deli, where Phoebe had just finished her shift. They all had their Digimon curled up in their oversized bags. Maya had bought an even bigger bag to cater to Felismon. They sat at the table at the very end of the deli, where they thought no one would notice their Digimon if they’d let them out. After all the days spent indoors, they couldn’t deny their Digimon a little fresh air. It was a cool Friday evening and Phoebe relished a gentle breeze that swept through the deli. As the human trio chatted away, their Digimon began a discussion of their own under the table.

“Aren’t humans a little….strange?” Cabamon started.
“Not strange so much as complicated.” said Felismon.
“I don’t know what the two of you mean.” Nyaromon began to look around.
“Oh please, Nyaromon. You can’t tell me you aren’t the least bit curious.” Felismon said.

As seven o’clock came around, the lights in the deli began to flicker. As if choreographed, everyone inside looked up simultaneously. Trask got up to look out the deli window, the traffic lights and street lights were all flickering on and off as well.
“Don’t tell me it’s another power out.” said Maya.

Just then they heard screaming from down the street. Maya and Phoebe stood up. Everyone else in the deli crowded up the window where Trask stood. Felismon jumped up onto the table, the fur on his back raised and his tail swished from side to side.
“Maya, something’s coming!” he said softly.
Nyaromon jumped up into Phoebe’s arms, “It’s coming closer, Phoebe!” she said.

Trask pushed his way out of the crowd, back to the table and picked up Cabamon.
“What is it?” asked Phoebe.

Just then members of the crowd dove away from the windows as something flew clean through the store window. People covered their heads instinctively to protect them from the glass shards that were flying everywhere. It seemed like a cannonball, but as soon as it stopped rolling on the floor it began to move. It stood up on two clawed legs and spread its bat-like wings to reveal a mask over its ball face.
Everyone began to scream and stampeded out of the deli, leaving the trio and their Digimon.

“Digimon!” shouted Felismon.

Maya reached for her D-Ark. An image of the Digimon before them appeared on the projected screen, “DemiDevimon, the demon beast Digimon….”
Two more DemiDevimon flew into the deli.

Felismon growled. The first DemiDevimon jumped towards Trask. Cabamon lunged towards him met him dead on with his helmeted head, “Caba Head butt!”
“Dark Sphere!” from Felismon’s head formed a ball of dark energy. He sent it flying at the second DemiDevimon, who easily dodged it. It began to snicker at the feeble attempt, but failed to see Felismon pounce on him from behind. They both fell to the ground and Felismon began to claw at DemiDevimon’s face.

“Phoebe, throw me at the last one!” Nyaromon shouted.
“Uh, what?” Phoebe asked.

Phoebe chucked Nyaromon towards the remaining hovering DemiDevimon, who was about to dive for Felismon. Before he knew it, Nyaromon was attached to his cheek with her sharp teeth. The flying cannonball screamed and flapped his wings incessantly. He began to spin himself. Nyaromon lost her grip and was launched straight at the wall.
“Nyaromon!” Phoebe shouted.

“Black Ball!” DemiDevimon shot a cannonball sized attack at Felismon, who was knocked off his companion. The two DemiDevimon now turned towards Cabamon. They launched a double Black Ball attack and Cabamon went flying out the broken window.

“Oh no!” said Maya.

The last DemiDevimon got up and launched itself towards Maya. Thinking quickly Trask picked up the nearest chair and swung it, hitting him directly at the other two. One ducked out of the way as he hit the other and both of them crashed to the ground. The hovering DemiDevimon scowled and began to form another Black Ball attack at Trask.
Everything was in slow motion. Maya watched as the Black Ball attack headed straight for Trask. Just then the D-Ark at his side began to glow and that voice sounded. Cabamon launched himself back through the window and he himself began to glow in a turquoise light…

Cabamon’s voice was heard from within the light.

“Cabamon evolve to….”
Cabamon’s silhouette changed. His body lengthened. Four long, slender limbs formed, with a tuft of hair sprouting from one end. The light faded to reveal Cabamon’s new form; a small, grey horse-like Digimon with a neon orange mane and tail, a metal collar and a chain wrapped around one forelimb. He had striking blue eyes.

No sooner had Equimon landed on the ground he became engulfed in red flames.
“Fire Dash!” The fiery form bolted and hit DemiDevimon, igniting him as well.
As Felismon struggled to get up he saw the two other DemiDevimon were getting up. He gave a short growl and pulled himself up. The DemiDevimon turned around and saw Felismon was ready for another attack. They started moving towards him, shielding themselves from Felismon’s Dark Ball attacks with their wings. Nyaromon got up and moved to where Felismon stood, ready for a last stand.

Then Maya and Phoebe’s devices began to glow and soon Felismon and Nyaromon began to evolve.


“Nyaromon evolve to…”
From the pink light Nyaromon gained a prominent feline form, with four limbs and a long tail. The light faded and the newly evolved Digimon was a striped cat with a golden ring around her neck and a golden ankh symbol on the end of her tail.

“Felismon evolve to…”
Felismon’s red silhouette grew in size slightly. His head became rounded and he appeared to stand on two legs.
During evolution Maya’s D-Ark beeped and the word “Error” appeared. Felismon’s tail turned into data and half of it disintegrated. The light faded and Felismon was now a bipedal black cat, wearing a red collar with two mysterious jewels on it. His short tail had quickly formed a bandage around the end. He also wore a large golden ring on his left paw.

The two felines stood side by side, sizing up the DemiDevimon. Rockymon’s paws became engulfed in a black energy and he leapt for one of the pestilent Digimon.

“Dark Claw!”

DemiDevimon took the blow straight in the face and he crashed to the ground.
The ankh on Maaumon’s tail began to glow in a bright light. She poised her tail like a scorpion. “Light of Ankh!”
A white beam shot at the last standing DemiDevimon. He fell back.

The three Digimon launched another attack together at the DemiDevimon. They squirmed as they became data fragments and disintegrated.

Maya, Phoebe and Trask stood still for a moment, taking in their Digimon’s new forms yet again. Trask was awed by Equimon’s new look, whilst Maya and Phoebe each grabbed their feline Digimon and hugged them.
After a moment they heard sirens.
“Uh, we should get out of here.” said Trask.

“You might be a little hard to explain to Sasha this time” Maya looked at Rockymon.
He smiled.

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