Episode 23: Close Encounters of the Sixth Kind

“SLADE! Lunch ended fifteen minutes ago! Get back to work or I’m deducting from your pay!” the foreman’s voice boomed through the warehouse, prompting the rest of the workers to hasten at what they were doing so as not to draw attention to themselves.

Davis was sitting on a steel girder outside of the plant, seemingly lost in thought as Vedamon dove behind a pile of steel pillars nearby when he heard the foreman shout.

It had been almost a week since he and Vedamon had found themselves wandering the unfamiliar vastness of the so-called Digital World. All that time spent there had, as they had learnt, only translated into a few hours in the real world. Now back in his hometown of Aurora, Davis had constantly found himself daydreaming about the Digital World, and meeting the others. Others like him; others with Digimon. He had only a few brief moments with them when they were all transported back to the real world. Then he, Selina and Yasmin were suddenly transported off to their respective homes elsewhere around the world.

SquareCity, where most of the tamers conveniently came from, was about a two day drive from Colorado, and Davis would think if he would ever see any of the others again. He could, he thought, just get into his truck and go if he wanted to. They were, after all, a team and their ten Digimon were responsible for bringing down the Shadow Lords before. Now they had to do it again.

Phoebe took the time to take down Davis’ contact details, as well as Yasmin’s and Selena’s, so all of them had managed to stay in contact about the current happenings involving invading Digimon. Vedamon expressed his excitement at meeting the other rookies, which made Davis even more anxious to see them all again.

“Hey man.” A man stood at the entrance of the small side door of the building and wiped the sweat from his brow with the back of his hand. “Better get in there before McNally comes back.”

After a short groan Davis gave an exaggerated sigh and got to his feet. After stretching his arms he casually made his way back into the plant to resume his job.


“Do you think things will slow down?” Duke addressed Phoebe. Duke was the only one available to meet with her during her lunch break at the deli, since Maya had an exam, Alex would be busy at the dojo till the evening, Viola was off overseeing one thing or another concerning her new fashion line and Max, well, Max wasn’t back from the bands gig in Allos City.

“Hmm?” Phoebe sipped at the cup of green tea she held between her hands.

“The Digimon attacks. It was almost like one after the other before we went to the…” Duke quickly realized his tone was a little too loud. He leaned in over the table and lowered his voice, “…to the Digital World.”

“It’s only been a week since we got back and already two attacks at different locations.” Phoebe pointed out. “I don’t think things are going to slow down at all. On the contrary, maybe these ’incidents’ will become more frequent.”

“Hmm.” Duke agreed with her after a moment. “I can’t help but wonder…What will happen once all our Digimon have reached Mega level?”

Phoebe sat her cup down onto the table, “I’ve been asking myself that same question since we found out about the Shadow Lords whole plan.” She sighed softly.

They sat in silence for a few moments, each of them thinking the same thing as the other. The same thing the rest of the tamers had at some point asked themselves on several occasions as well. What’s going to happen once all ten Digimon of Origin reach their Mega levels? What would happen if the Shadow Lords ever get their hands on the Origins? It all seemed like one big chance game; both the Digimon of Origin and the Shadow Lords need the Origins to defeat the other. Lilithmon had sent her minions to help the Digimon progress to higher levels. It was almost as if they were being unwillingly pushed into a corner they might not be able to escape from. If they do get their Origins and evolve into Mega Digimon, would they be powerful enough to defeat the Shadow Lords this time? What if they had failed? Would they have to once again sacrifice themselves and the Digital World?

History repeating itself was the top concern for all of the tamers now. Hardly any of them could concentrate in their daily lives.

And yet there was a small sliver of hope. Max had relayed to the others his encounter with the tiger Digimon Mihiramon, and that he had met another tamer, Joshua and his rhino Digimon, Ceromon. The question then was, if there are more tamers out there then surely they stand a chance at defeating the Shadow Lords if they all work together.

“I wonder why Ophanimon hasn’t made contact with us since we got back…” Phoebe said finally.

“Crescemon hasn’t been around either…” Duke added.

Maaumon and Elishamon were up on the roof of the building. They were both enjoying the warmth of the suns rays. Fall had brought a chill upon the city, a sign that winter was fast approaching.


“Panthera Pounder!”

Manxmon’s fist connected with the armored head of the enemy Digimon.

As soon as Rockymon’s fur stood on edge with the static air that formed by the coming storm he knew at once there was danger. It was odd at this time of year for thunderstorms in the city. The clouds had mysteriously begun to gather around noon. The sound of thunder was heard soon after, booming directly above the central administrative building of SquareCityUniversity, followed by a flash of lightning that struck the roof. Another roar of thunder and Rockymon immediately noticed movement from his hiding place up a tree. Raidramon was a blue reptilian Digimon clad in shining black chrome Digizoid. Students and teachers alike fled the buildings that comprised the campus.

All the static Raidramon had created denied Maya any use of her mobile phone or her D-Ark. She stood by the wall of the nearby building, covering her static hair with her hood. Some fallen leaves that were swept in her direction clung to her clothes. Now and then there’d be breaks in the static; something in the air negated the effects for a brief moment each time. Maya quickly noticed the pattern and was able to activate Rockymon’s evolution.

“Thunder Blast!”

From the lightning shaped blade on his head Raidramon launched forth a bolt of lightning. Manxmon leapt out of the way just in time. The bolt struck ground, causing every blade of grass to stand erect.

“Panthera Pounder!”

Manxmon rushed in, missing Raidramon as he leapt to one side, static charges developing in his mouth as he began to growl. The panther leapt in again, connecting with Raidramon’s mid section, sending him tumbling backwards.

“You’ve got this, Manxmon…” Maya whispered to herself. She stood deathly still, avoiding the small static shocks she got from her warm attire. Now and then she would check her device and phone for reception or a way to contact the others. The breaks in the static air had become infrequent once Raidramon began his attacks.


From where he lay, Raidramon released the blast that had built up in his maw. The blue lightning bolt bounced off the ground twice before striking Manxmon as he tried to flee. The impact lasted two seconds, paralyzing Manxmon. He fell over, his body twitching.

Insufficient energy build up for Limit Attack” Maya’s D-Ark denied the Limit Attack option. She swore softly to herself as the static began to interfere with her device once more. “Just one more, give me one more chance.” Maya shook the device. If she could find a pause in the static air once more she could have Manxmon evolve further.

Manxmon slowly pushed to his feet, Raidramon stood ready with another bolt forming in his mouth.


Manxmon’s body lit up once more and he groaned from the energy that was coursing through him. The enemy Digimon did not relent. He willed the blast to continue. What seemed like a lifetime of agony and pain was a mere five second spurt of electrical energy that coursed throughout Manxmon’s body, sapping his energy with every second.

Maya watched on in horror, her voice failed her. Raidramon finally ceased his attack. He panted heavily from his expulsion. Manxmon fell to the ground, his body smoking, stiff and slightly twitching from the attack.

Feeling a lump in her throat Maya swallowed hard. She suddenly felt paralyzed, not by the static in the air, but by fear. Every tamer’s worst nightmare had been losing their Digimon and, no matter how many times most of the Digimon had faced death, it wasn’t a feeling the humans could, nor would ever get used to.

She was frozen, clutching her D-Ark to her chest when she heard it beep. Looking at the screen, Maya’s fear was quickly replaced with relief. The two options she had been waiting for had finally appeared. “Screw the Limit attack!” Maya held up her D-Ark and shouted, “Activate Evolution!” The device was immediately engulfed in bright red light, catching Raidramon’s attention momentarily, before he noticed black fog had mysteriously formed around the area.

“Matrix Evolution!”

“Manxmon Matrix Evolve to…”

Red light enveloped the panther Digimon, raising him into the air. Manxmon’s form grew significantly. He shifted down on all fours, two large wings sprouting from his shoulder blades whilst thick fur formed a mane around his head and neck.

Descending to the ground before the thunder Digimon was a massive, winged, black lion.


Pantheromon roared, a sound that echoed throughout the campus, seemingly canceling out the effects of Raidramon’s static charges altogether.

“Thunder Blast!”

Raidramon leapt up at the giant felines head, launching a thunderbolt from the blade on his head. The bolt struck Pantheromon, causing him to flinch momentarily. The thunder Digimon dashed around the great lion and continued to strike him with his lightning bolts.

“Leopard’s Revenge!”

Pantheromon swung his long, invisible tail, whacking Raidramon into the nearby tree which served as Rockymon’s hiding place. Raidramon’s impact snapped the tree in two and he landed awkwardly on the top half that fell with him.

“I’ll finish this quickly!” Pantheromon roared.

“Roaring Nova!”

He opened his mouth; a large ball of black energy began to form. Raidramon was slowly picking himself up when he realized. But it was too late. Pantheromon released the sphere and it charged straight and true, hitting Raidramon full on. The energy engulfed him in an explosion of blackness before imploding back in on itself, leaving nothing behind but floating data. Pantheromon absorbed the fragments.

Maya sighed loudly and walked towards the large feline. Pantheromon twitched his ears suddenly, noticing a noise in the distance. The black fog dispersed. His head swung in the direction of the noises; they were whispers coming from the building across the grounds where he stood. “Thank goodness that’s all over. Thanks to him, today’s exam will have to be retaken, which is good news for me and…” Maya noticed Pantheromon’s alertness as he stared at the building behind them. “What is it?” she asked.

“Whispers. Coming from that building over there.” Pantheromon replied. The skies cleared, allowing the suns rays to once again warm up the chilly air. Pantheromon then spotted something glint in the sunlight from the first storey window of the building. His pupils diluted and his curiosity was automatically engaged. He bounded towards it, like a massive cat chasing the bright beam of a laser pointer. Maya felt the ground shake under his bulk as she tried to keep her balance. As soon as the huge feline reached the building Maya heard screams and yelling coming from within. She dashed towards her Digimon, seeing his invisible tail sway from one side to the other, leveling the plants that were in its way.

“Pantheromon!” Maya stopped just before the large tail swished passed her. Pantheromon peered through the window; his wings blocked out the sunlight and revealed the glint to be a cell phone, held by a student. There were two more students with him, cowering at the far end of the room as the giant lion approached.

“Pantheromon!” Maya yelled this time, stomping one foot on the ground for effect. The lion’s head lowered down to his tamer. “What the heck is going on?”

“Students. I think one of them was filming me on his phone.”

Before Maya could enquire any more the three male students dashed out of the room and out of Pantheromon’s sight.

“Wha…they’ve run away.” Pantheromon turned his attention back through the window.

Maya stood silent for a moment before flailing her arms in the air, “Great! Just great! That’s all we need…”

Pantheromon’s ears folded back over his head.


It was already five o’clock in Colorado, which was a full two hours ahead of SquareCity. The bell on the wall of the large warehouse signaled the end of another working day. Davis grabbed his belongings out of his locker and casually followed the rest of the workers out of the building.

Vedamon had already fallen asleep under the tarp at the back of Davis’ pick up truck. Davis made sure the others had all left before bringing Vedamon to the passenger seat and covering him with his jacket. The imp Digimon groaned slightly as he was being moved.

Once they had reached Davis’ apartment, Davis sat his Digimon down on the sofa as he continued to sleep. Grabbing an energy drink out of the little bar refrigerator Davis let himself fall back onto his sofa and turned on the television. The apartment was small, the sofa doubled as a fold-up bed, affording just enough space to move around the apartment once it had been opened. Davis didn’t have much furniture; the little dining table doubled as his PC control center, with joysticks, keyboards and multiple monitors sprawled across it. Another shorter table served as a stand for his television and multiple game consoles.

As much as Davis had tried to keep the place as neat as he could, he just couldn’t see the need to tidy up if the place was going to be just as messy the next day. Vedamon helped out a lot, even if Davis didn’t bother. He had put his foot down when it came to Davis leaving his leftovers lying anywhere he could find a place for the plate. Being a bit of a ‘germaphobe’, the imp Digimon was also adamant about disinfecting the place every now and then.

Half an hour after settling down Davis couldn’t keep his eyes open. He nodded off, the energy drink in his hand tilted and spilled onto the wooden floor.


Central Park was relatively empty around this time of year. The trees had shed their fiery orange and red leaves and the grass itself had turned a golden color. Autumn in SquareCity proved brutal compared to winter. The fall season had brought the first wave of ice cold winds that nipped at the nose, ears and cheeks. The winter winds, however, were mere breezes that directed the gentle snowfall. While the air was still cold, it was mostly still and quiet, whilst the autumn winds brought with them an eerie groaning whistle.

Elishamon, whilst slowly trudged along behind her tamer, wondered why on earth he had decided to cut through the park on the way back to the apartment. Duke, hugging his arms around himself, wondered the same thing. The Scottish winter months proved much colder than this, yet Duke couldn’t help but shiver as an ice cold wind blew by him, nipping at his ears and nose.

Elishamon halted as the wind carried a suspicious scent past her. “Duke.” She called for her tamer to stop. Duke turned around to face her, noticing the frills on the sides of her head twitch this way and that, funneling the noises towards her ears. She sniffed at the air for a few moments. “Well? What is it?” Duke shivered.

“Something…very suspi…DUKE LOOKOUT!!!” Elishamon leapt forwards, knocking Duke out of the way of an oncoming object.

The object crashed into the ground where Duke had stood moments ago. It seemed to be a meteorite of some sort. “What in the world…?” Duke and his dragon Digimon looked upon it in confusion. Just then a faint whistling sound was heard. Elishamon picked up on it instantly and not a moment later another meteorite headed towards them. The dragon Digimon hurled her tamer out of the way.

“Star Gazer!”

Her bright blue eyes changed to a dark pink and Elishamon shot forth two beams of pink energy towards the second meteor, which exploded on impact. Then another meteor. And another.

“Could this finally be the end of the world?” Duke said out loud. Then he spotted something different fall towards him; it was bigger than the meteorites, and rounder. It seemed as if a giant ball was hurling towards him before he realized; it was a planet!

“Evolution Activated!”

“Elishamon evolve to…”

Enveloped in the warm, dark pink light, Elishamon’s silhouette expanded. She sprouted a set of fairy like wings between her shoulder blades. She now stood on all fours, with her tail and neck both lengthened along with the horns on her head.


With moments to spare Enumamon whacked the sphere off course with her long tail, immediately turning towards yet another oncoming obstacle.

The D-Ark at Duke’s side began to beep. He raised it as it projected a Digimon on the screen, “Vademon, an Ultimate, Alien type Digimon…Well that makes much more sense now.” The Digimon was undoubtedly the oddest Duke had ever seen; Vademon was a large brain-like structure with a lower body of tentacles. He held some sort of gun in one, skinny hand. He had bulging yellow eyes and a stern expression.

“Duke! Find shelter! Dragon’s Breath!” Enumamon urged before releasing a ball of molten rock towards the oncoming planet.

“Don’t have to tell me twice!” Duke pushed to his feet and scurried towards the cover of the small lavatory in the center of the park.


The sound of screams echoed through the streets outside Davis’ apartment building. Davis was a heavy sleeper, as Vedamon knew. The imp Digimon slapped his tamer across the face, prompting a startled Davis to stand up, flinging Vedamon clear off of the sofa. Davis apologized and helped him up, only to be reprimanded by the Digimon, a fiery glow on his cheeks.

“Calm down, will ya?” Davis held his hands up.

“There’s something here! A Digimon!”

“What now?” Davis said, scratching his head.

Vedamon ran up to the window and pointed at the scurrying crowd of people, “That! That’s what! Now come on!” Vedamon handed Davis his D-Ark and headed towards the door.

Coming up the street they saw it; a large, draconic-like Digimon that hovered in the air with its four, red wings. It wore some kind of metallic armor that shone in the suns rays. Its head was covered by a sheet of purple glass-like material and it held some sort of lance type weapon in its claws.

“Cyborgmon, an Alien type Ultimate level Digimon. Man, that is awesome…” Davis checked his device.

“I can take him!” Vedamon began to run up the road towards the strange Digimon as Davis called out, “Activate Evolution!”


“Vedamon evolve to…”

Engulfed in orange light Vedamon’s silhouette was replaced by a taller, human-like form with four arms, two of which yielded swords.


The champion wasted no time and leapt up towards Cyborgmon. “Fire Slash!” Dharmamon’s swords burst into flames as he neared the enemy. Cyborgmon parried with his javelin weapon and whacked Dharmamon with his long, heavy tail.

Dharmamon regained his composure and landed on his feet. He leapt up again, this time spinning in mid-air. “Burning Blade Hurricane!” His form exploding into a full on raging twister of fire, Dharmamon slammed into Cyborgmon.

From where he stood Davis was sure he had seen the enemy flinch. “Yea! Come on, Dharmamon!” The champion landed back on the ground, a smile of triumph across his face. The smile soon disappeared as Cyborgmon was revealed through the dying flames, unharmed by the attack.

“Death Divider”

Cyborgmon’s voice sounded forced and mechanical, like a series of beeps and radio static arranged in such a way that it formed audible words. Cyborgmon held his lance in a vertical position in his claws and began to spin around it. He descended as he span, slamming his tail into Dharmamon, sending him careening across the street and into a clothing store window.

“Oh shit…” Davis was rooted to the spot as the cyborg then turned and took a step towards him.


The manic laughter drowned out the sounds of the moaning wind as Vademon presented himself at last, gun at the ready. Enumamon stood ready to attack, her eyes focused on the odd Digimon before her.

“My, my, my, isn’t this lovely?” Vademon took in his surroundings, seemingly ignoring Enumamon altogether. “So this is the human world…Hmph…More like a dump!” His hands rested on what would be his hips. “I mean just look at the color of these leaves, it’s an abomination!”

Enumamon, confused, looked back over her shoulder to her tamer, who merely shrugged. Vademon was genuinely intrigued by his surroundings, mumbling to himself about what he saw wrong with the human world. “And that naked bark…no, no, no this just won’t do at all…” He then wrapped his arms around himself, “And what is up with this chill? Is it always like this here?” That question was directed at the dragon Digimon, who was caught off guard by it.

When Enumamon did not reply, Vademon merely tweaked with a few things on the back on his gun, “Nevermind. Lilithmon’s just going to have to settle with this. Personally I’d rather die than move into a place like this! But whatever, it seems just as dry in personality and humor as she is!” Vademon giggled to himself. “Oh, not to mention the temperature matches that of her heart! If she has one!” the alien Digimon burst into laughter. After a few brief moments he composed himself, “Yes, well…Erhem…Who cares really…She’s so damn bossy…” Vademon gave a well exaggerated sigh before aiming his gun at Enumamon finally.

“Alien Ray!” A beam of green light shot towards Enumamon. “Dragon’s Breath!” Enumamon countered with a ball of molten rock. Vademon shot at her again, and she countered once more. “Oh come on! Stop doing that and let me destroy you!” Vademon complained.

“Not a chance! Frozen Nova!” Enumamon exhaled a blast of icy-cold air, freezing Vademon’s tentacles to the ground. He yelped, “Why you little…!” Vademon wriggled his tentacles in an attempt to free them from the ice that trapped them, but it was futile. He became frustrated, “Want to play, do you?” The alien tweaked with his ray gun once more, then aimed the gun at the ice and fired. The gun doubled as a blow torch, quickly thawing his tentacles out of the ice. He then aimed once more at Enumamon, who was already upon him. The dragon slammed him into the ground, her massive paws holding him down as he yelped and whinnied.

“Dragon’s Breath!”

“No! No, please! I beg you!” Vademon pleaded with the dragon, but it was only a distraction. As Enumamon was about to release her attack she was struck by a meteor that knocked her off of Vademon, sending her tumbling to the side. Vademon waved his arms up in a small victory dance of sorts. Duke looked on, confused and embarrassed for the alien Digimon. “Is this guy for real?” he said to himself.

Enumamon slowly pushed to her feet. Vademon spotted the tamer hiding against the brick wall of the lavatory building and gestured to blow a kiss at him. “Unidentified Flying Kiss!” Duke became frozen with confusion. Before he could compose himself, the rain of meteors and planets began once more.


“Hey ugly! Over here!” Dharmamon shouted. Cyborgmon had begun to advance upon Davis and the champion was yelling in vain to get his attention. Dharmamon pushed to his feet, desperation and fear slowly creeping into him as he felt his energy draining. “Burning Blade Hurricane!” the champion dashed forth ablaze once more. The cyborg turned swiftly to meet his flaming swords. The ultimate’s tail swung around his body, once again knocking Dharmamon across the street with force. He then continued on his path to Davis.

“Davis! Run!” Dharmamon picked himself up once more. “Is that all you got? Fire Slash!” it took a few tries for Dharmamon to ignite his swords. His energy was failing him with every blow from the cyborg, and yet he knew if he took enough hits, there was a chance he’d have the opportunity to use his Limit Attack. He mustered all his strength, willing himself to get up each time he was knocked down. Davis had waited for the same opportunity and clung to his D-Ark desperately.

Dharmamon stood ready for attack once more, the tips of his fingers beginning to twitch and glitch. The warning beep on Davis’ device was incessant. Cyborgmon swung his lance, cutting through Dharmamon’s attack, impaling into his two right shoulders. Dharmamon screamed in agony.

Finally it came: the warning beep on the device ceased, replaced by the sound Davis had waited for. But it wasn’t the Limit option, which Davis had expected. It was something infinitely better at that moment. Davis felt excitement fill him up as he gave the order, saving his Digimon from the worst. “Activate Evolution!”

“Matrix Evolution!”

“Dharmamon Matrix evolve to…”

Enveloped in orange light Dharmamon’s body grew taller and taller. His hair lengthened and darkened and he wore a bright golden helmet. His two swords morphed into scepters. His back arms also sprouted great, feathered wings as his legs became more beast-like.



Trees and much of the central portion of the park were destroyed by the rain of space matter. Enumamon was struck several times by both meteors and Vademon’s tiny planets, with the alien sneaking in a few cheap shots from his ray gun. Duke could only watch in terror as Vademon began his victory dance once more. But just then, a sound came from Duke’s D-Ark, the sound that he wasn’t used to from his own device, but knew very well. Any fear that he had vanished immediately, replaced by his own little triumphant grin.

“Limit Activated!”

Enumamon’s body glowed slightly, the light re-energizing her to her fullest. The smile on Vademon’s face faded swiftly.

“Draco Stella!” Seven bright white balls of energy formed before Enumamon in a cross-like formation. Releasing an eighth ball from her maw, the light merged and the energy cross impacted on the alien Digimon. Vademon whinnied and yelped. The grass of the park began to dry up into a desert-wasteland around them.

“Matrix Evolution!”

“Enumamon Matrix evolve to…”

Enumamon was engulfed in her bright pink light. Her body grew from two meters to two storeys tall. Her fairy like wings lengthened and feathers formed from her shoulders till halfway up the wings. Her horns elongated and the frills on the sides of her head shifted to a more vertical position, making it seem as if she were wearing a royal headdress. The golden bangle around her neck moved further down, almost to her chest, the rods morphing into pink sapphires. As the light faded the new ultimate stood proudly and spread her large wings.


Duke stood frozen in awe, unaware of the fact that he had strolled a few meters from the brick walls of the lavatory he had hid behind a few moments ago. Vademon too was rooted to the spot. He made no effort to defend himself as soon as the new ultimate unleashed her first and last attack on him. ‘Roaring Spirit!

Hesperimon released a ball of pure white energy from her mouth. It drifted along in the air at a steady pace. Once it made contact with Vademon, the light enveloped him. It flickered for a moment before instantly imploding in on itself, releasing a deafening roar that caused Duke to cover his ears and kneel over on the ground.

Hesperimon absorbed the remaining data and walked over to her kneeling tamer, who was still disorientated from the sound. ‘Please tell me it’s over. Please tell me it’s over.’ Duke thought to himself.

The dragon lowered her head down and gently nudged him with her snout. Duke opened his eyes and found himself staring into the familiar big, bright blue eyes of his Digimon. ‘Yes, it’s over.’ Hesperimon’s soft voice was heard.

“Hmm? Wait, you’re not moving your mouth. How are you-“ Duke sat upright.

‘I can read your thoughts, and you can read mine.’

“Neat.” Duke stood up. “But can’t you- Don’t you have a physical voice then?”

‘My physical voice would deafen you.’

‘That bad, huh?’ Duke thought.

Hesperimon raised her eyebrow.

Duke grinned, “Just kidding”


The light faded, revealing Asvimon holding the tip of Cyborgmon’s lance which had previously pierced through his shoulder. Using a free arm Asvimon punched the cyborg, sending him flying across the far side of the road for once.

“Woo! Go Asvimon!” Davis shouted in ecstasy from where he had been standing the entire time. Scepters at the ready, Asvimon advanced on Cyborgmon, who picked himself up. He swung his tail without warning as soon as Asvimon was close enough. Asvimon stopped the attack with his free hands. “Impossible” the cyborg said.

Asvimon gave a short sideways smile before landing another blow on Cyborgmon’s head.

“Glutton Fang”

Instantly, the armor comprising Cyborgmon’s ribs shot out, threatening to impale the new ultimate on them. Instead, Asvimon stepped back just in time. “Something you should know about me, E.T…” Asvimon said calmly, swinging his front, free arms in preparation. “I know what you’re going to do, before you do it.”


“Solar Scepters!”

Asvimon began to swing his scepters between his four arms. Picking up speed, the scepters began to ignite into a bright orange blaze. The tips of the scepters were curved blades, shaped to symbolize the rays of the sun. The golden tips turned a bright red from the intense heat Asvimon was generating.

Finally he lunged forwards, sending the tips of both scepters into the cyborg’s body, impaling him. Cyborgmon was still for the longest moment, uttering incoherent mechanical noises and sounds. All at once he spontaneously exploded into thousands of data fragments.

“Hell yeah!” Davis swung his arms up in triumph as his Digimon absorbed the left over data. He ran up to Asvimon, offering his hand in a high-five. Asvimon smiled.


“Welcome to Special Report. Tonight we give you an insider’s look into these mysterious monster attacks that are seemingly becoming more and more frequent in Square City…”

It didn’t take long for the three students to turn their cell phone footage in at the news station. Throughout the one hour program they were interviewed a number of times, divulging their exaggerated versions of the events that took place at SquareCityUniversity. The footage was hardly good quality, the static had blocked out a lot of the battle between the two ‘monsters’. What was clear was that one of the monsters changed in form into a much larger creature to defeat the other.

Needless to say Maya and Rockymon were relieved that there was no way of identifying either of them in the footage.

“Phoebe was right.” Duke said. He and Elishamon were back at his apartment, both drained of energy. Davis had informed the team of his and Vedamon’s encounter that occurred around the same time as Duke and Elishamon’s. “Three attacks in one day. The rate of the attacks are increasing.” Duke sighed.

“But we’re getting stronger with each one, Duke.” Elishamon pointed out. “When we all reach Ultimate level, we’ll only be a step away from ending it all.”

“I hope you’re right, Elishamon.”

To be continued…

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  1. Paula Puerto Navarro

    I’m just in love with the dynamic between Duke and Elishamon,they are funny in a very healthy way.Love my dragoness


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