Episode 29: A Vision Upon the Fairy Queen

Using the teleportation feature on their D-Arks, the humans and their Digimon found themselves once more in the seemingly endless Eternal Forest of the Digital World’s Eastern Plain.

The battle against Beelzemon, a Shadow Lord, still fresh in their minds. A traumatzing event, like the encounter with Lilithmon.


‘How can one Digimon be THAT powerful?’ Alex though to himself. He looked at his little purple fox as she walked a few paces ahead of him. ‘Will she become just as powerful? Will she be able to defeat any of the Shadow Lords?’


“Hey. You alright?” Maya walked up beside him.

“Hmm? Oh, yea I’m alright,” Alex gave a small smile.

“What’s on your mind?”

“Nothing.” Alex paused and sighed, “Everything.”

“It’s gonna be alright.” Maya held his hand.

“You think so?”

Maya smiled, “I know so.”


Heraldimon also thought on the battle against Beelzemon and his minions. Her mind began to race through memories. Memories of battles past, of the Digimon they’ve fought, the close encounters. So many close encounters. She remembered the peaceful days, the days when she was a tiny Knospmon who bounced about Viola’s store, hopping from one table to the other, watching Viola as she explained to customers how to care for the exotic plants they had purchased. Viola knew so much about it, she talked so passionately about plants and flowers and their beauty.


Heraldimon wondered what life would’ve been like without all the battles, without all the enemy Digimon…


“Hey, you.”

Heraldimon suddenly snapped out of her daydreaming, quickly noticing that she had stopped walking. Viola stood a few paces ahead of her. “You okay?”

“Yea.” Heraldimon smiled.




“They don’t call it the ‘Eternal Forest’ for nothing. It goes on forever!” Davis complained. It had been a good few hours of trekking through the forest. Both the tamers and Digimon were growing weary, and hungry.

“Hey Duke.” Trask walked up to the blonde man.”


“Who do you think will be the first to find their Origin?”

“Uh. I’m not sure.”

“Come on. Let’s make a friendly wager. My money’s on Rockymon.”

“A bet, huh?”

“Yea, the others are in on it too. Alex, Max and Davis are each betting on their own Digimon.”

“Well. Let’s see. Rockymon sounds like a good bet.” Duke though for a moment, then shook his head before saying, “You know what, I’m just gonna take a wild guess. Heraldimon.”

“You sure? Alright then.” The two shook hands casually.


Rockymon groaned as he pushed forwards, hugging his stomach. Equimon’s head hung low as his paced had slowed down. Occasionally he closed his eyes and bumped into the back of Trask’s leg. Each of the rookies whined and yawned as the light of the sky faded ever so slowly.


“We should all get some rest.” Viola said. “We’re all exhausted.”

Midomon’s stomach gave a loud growl, causing everyone to pause and look. “And hungry!” he said.

“If only we could find Kazemon and that place with the meat trees.” Maaumon said.


One by one the tamers and their Digimon lowered themselves onto the grassy forest floor.

“Shouldn’t we-” Trask was interrupted by a yawn, “take turns keeping watch or something?”

But there was no reply. The tamers and their Digimon had each nodded off. Vulpemon forced herself to stay awake. After a few minutes she too succumbed to exhaustion and flopped over onto Alex’s arm, fast asleep.




Davis stirred at a tickling sensation at his side. “Vedamon, quit it…” he murmured. The tickling continued. Davis rolled over onto the other side, eyes still shut. This time he felt a tickle on his neck. “Enough already…”.

Vedamon stirred at his tamers side and quickly fell asleep again.

The tickle continued yet again. This time Davis slapped the perpetrator. There was a brief pause before the tickling resumed once more.

“Would you knock it off?!” Davis sat up hastily, finally having enough. He rubbed his eyes and stretched his arms out, yawning while he did so. He noticed his Digimon fast asleep at his side. He suddenly felt the familiar tickling once again, this time on his back. He quickly turned around.


A scream echoed throughout the forest. The tamers and their Digimon awoke suddenly. They each gasped. Davis was suspended in the yellowy green vines of a round and yellow plant Digimon with multicolored leaves on its head. It smiled wickedly with sharp teeth.


“Vegiemon. Vegitation Digimon. Champion Level,” Yasmin checked her device. Just then, more Vegiemon hobbled  forth from the darkness, surrounding the tamers, followed by a few hulking tree trunk Digimon.

“Those are Woodmon, also Champion level.” Yasmin continued.


“Davis!” Vedamon shouted as he instinctively leapt towards the Vegiemon that held his tamer.

Vines from other Vegiemon whipped and whacked in his direction. Vedamon nimbly avoided one after the other.


“Let’s get em!” Trask yelled.


“Activate Evolution!”




In flashes of light that represented them, each of the nine rookies were replaced by their Champion forms.


A Vegiemon gulped. Suddenly the Woodmon each began to glow in white light.


“Woodmon evolve to…”

The Woodmon silhouettes grew larger and larger. The light faded and each of the Woodmon were now massive tree Digimon with thick foliage of leaves and large cherry-like fruit.



“Ch…Cherrymon now.” Yasmin said.


“Blizzard Pummel!”

Niscimon’s fins begin to form sharp, icy tips. She launched the icicles forth, sending them slicing through the binds that held Davis. The Vegiemon squealed as Davis fell to the floor.


“Your turn, Vedamon!” he shouted.




“Vedamon evolve to…Dharmamon!”


Enumamon swung her tail, knocking two nearby Vegiemon over.


“Cherry Blast!”

The large cherry fruit from the Cherrymon’s branched were launched towards the group. Graikosmon parried a few that flew in his direction. One cherry hit the ground and exploded, the force of which caused the tamers to stumble backwards.


“Frozen Nova!”


Enumamon breathed in sharply, quickly exhaling icy breathe that shattered some of the falling cherries.


“Flaming Dragons!”


The tips of Youkomon’s tails ignited and she launched them forwards, getting rid of the remaining fruit.


“Panthera Punch!”


Manxmon leapt forwards and began his assault on two Vegiemon at the same time. He swung with deadly speed and accuracy, his form a blur.


“Blue Lightning Burst!”


Kentauromon willed the blue sparks in his mangled, right arm to jump and zap at the Vegiemon closest to him, electrifying them.


“Burning Wind!”


Leoarmon ascended into the sky. The tips of his wings forming bright purple flames that he began launching at the large Cherrymon.


“Cherry Blast!”


The Cherrymon began their fruit assault upon the griffin Digimon above.

“Enumamon! Help Leoarmon!” Duke yelled.


“Dragon’s Breath!”


The Dragon Digimon shot molten fireballs at the Cherrymon, averting their attention. But the tennis-ball-sized cherries flew in all directions.


“We gotta get out of here! Those things will destroy this place. And us along with it!” Alex shouted over the ruccus.

“The Cherrymon are too big! They’re blocking us from all sides!” Maya noted.


“Rosaemon!” Viola shouted from where she stood. The petit plant Digimon was surrounded by the Vegiemon, assaulted and pummelled form all sides.


Davis turned his attention towards the lilac haired girl, suddenly noticing one of the cherry bombs right abov her. He rushed forwards on long legs.


“Davis!” Dharmamon yelled. He lunged towards his tamer.


“Matrix evolution!”


“Dharmamon evolve to…”

Enveloped in orange light Dharmamon’s body grew taller and taller. His hair lengthened and darkened and he wore a bright golden helmet. His two swords morphed into scepters. His back arms also sprouted great, feathered wings as his legs became more beast-like.


The cherries crashed uselessly against the large Ultimate as he crashed through two of the Cherrymon, knocking them over.

“Panthera Punch!”

Manxmon delt blows on the Vegiemon that assaulted Rosaemon. Asvimon regained his form and shot a fireball or two towards a Vegiemon, causing him to explode into data instantaneously. The Cherrymon gasped. They realized in that moment they were no match against an Ultimate level Fire Digimon.  They exchanged looks with each other, then finally tunred back towards the fray and raised their stumpy arms.

Suddenly, a torrent of cherry bombs were released.

The tamers gasped. Asvimon’s eyes widened, he leapt forwards. Davis held on to Viola. Rosaemon rushed towards her tamer. The other Digimon shielded their tamers.

Time seemed to stand still as Asvimon’s bulk leapt overhead of the group, shielding them.


A flash of white light, then in an instant everything went black.


Viola slowly opened her eyes. She found herself lying flat on her stomach, her face tickled by the grass. She sat herself upright, noticing Davis lying unconcious beside her. She looked around, quickly spotting Heraldimon laying a few feet away. She stirred. Viola felt relief at seeing her Digimon safe. She then spotted a small, orange ball of a Digimon laying next to the plant Digimon. The little Digimon had a golden cap of some sort on its head. ‘Asvimon must’ve reverted back to his lesser form’, she thought, never having seen Vedamon’s previous forms.

Suddenly she realized what she should have moments ago, the dark forest tey had been in was now a brightly colored scene of magnificent pink flowers. The grass was blue, as was the leaves in the trees and the stems of the flowers. Viola immediately recalled the story Shurimon had told them about. She looked up at the sky. It wasn’t the bright blue she was used to, but a soft, lime green. She knew at once where she was. This was it; the Forest of Fairies. She couldn’t believe they’d actually found it. She looked around for a sign of the others, but no one else could be found. She turned around and began to shake Davis awake.

“Wake up. Wake up!” she said.

Davis stirred as he pushed to a sitting position, “What happened?”.

“Don’t you remember?” Viola stood up and walked over to the unconcious Digimon.

“Remember what?” It took a moment, after which Davis jumped up, “Asvimon! The cherry bombs!” He looked around, quickly noticing the bizarrely colored forest they now found themselves in. “What the…Something’s not right here. Are we…Are we dead or something?”

“No. We’re just-” Viola gently picked up little Ramamon, after waking up her plant Digimon. “exactly where we’re supposed to be. I think.”

“Ramamon.” Davis’ expression softened as he saw his Digimon.

“He saved us all from those cherry bombs.” Viola handed the sleeping orange ball to Davis. He smiled at his Digimon, who was slowly awakened.

“Where are the others?” he looked around.

“I guess they must be around here somewhere too.”

“I hope they’re all okay.”


“Davis! Viola!” Phoebe yelled. The group had all regained conciousness after the blast that knocked them out. The Cherrymon and Vegiemon were nowhere to be found, but neither were Viola, Davis and their Digimon.

“What could’ve happened to them?” Yasmin said, worried.

“It’s just like what happened with Maya and Max before.” Phoebe recalled. “Where could they be?”


“This is the ‘Forest of Fairies’?” Davis asked. The two tamers and their Digimon had begun walking in hopes of finsing the others.

“I have no doubt. It’s exactly how Shurimon explained it would be.” Viola replied.

“Uh, if you say so.”

Viola stopped and turned back to Davis, “What’s that supposed to mean?”

Davis was taken aback, “Wha…Nothing! I wasn’t around when this ‘Shurimon’ told you guys all this stuff, that’s all.”

Viola sighed, “Fine then.” She turned around and continued walking.

After a while Davis asked, “Do you know where we’re going?”

“Why, you don’t trust my sense of direction?”

“It’s not that. It’s just, I’ve seen that exact same wierd shaped flower earlier.”

Viola slowed to a stop. She turned to the flower Davis had mentioned, and reluctantly agreed they had past that same oddly shaped flower before. “We’ve been walking in circles this whole time?” She sighed loudly.

Heraldimon suddenly became alert. She looked around, sensing movement nearby. The thorns adorning her body seemed to have sharpened. Ramamon jumped from Davis’ arms, becoming engulfed in orange light.

“Ramamon evolve to…Vedamon!”

The two rookies stood in attack stance, flames froming on Vedamon’s hands in preparation for an attack.

“What is it?” Viola asked, worried.

“Something” Heraldimon said, focused on the direction of movement.

Suddenly a head stuck out from the bushes nearby. The group noticed it and as they did, it quickly withdrew back into the foliage.

“Didn’t look like something dangerous.” Davis noted after catching a glimpse of the Digimon’s head. “It looked like a stuffed toy or something.”

The rookies remained on their guard.

Again a Digimon’s head appeared in a different bush, and then quickly disappeared.

“I can’t take this much longer.” Viola said, anxiously.

“Show yourselves!” Heraldimon ordered.

Slowly, the two mysterious Digimon revealed themselves; two white imp-like Digimon wearing gloves, boots, and a mask with what almost looked like rabbit ears that flopped over the sides of their heads. They were both exactly the same in appearance, save for the color of what they wore, whilst one wore red with a bright green orb embedded in it’s chest, the other wore green with a red orb. The two Digimon hung their heads, like children who had just been scolded for doing something bad.

“Bucchiemon, Fairy type Digimon.” Davis consulted his device.

“Are you following us?” Heraldimon demanded.

The twin Bucchiemon quickly shook their heads and began to point at one another accusingly.

Heraldimon softened her voice, “You’re not going to attack us?”

Again the Bucchiemon shook their heads innocently.

“Is this the Forest of Fairies?” Viola knelt down next to her Digimon, addressing the imp Digimon.

The twins nodded.

Viola turned her head to Davis, “Told you so”

“Do you know where Ivymon is?” Heraldimon asked, gently.

Again the two Digimon nodded.

“Can you take us to her?” Viola asked.

Smiles widened on the two Bucchiemon’s faces as they nodded in excitement. They quickly gestured for the tamers and their Digimon to follow them.


“Ophanimon, can you hear me?” Maya held up her device.

“Maya, yes I hear you.” Ophanimon’s voice sounded from Maya’s black and gold D-Ark.

“Viola and Davis, they’re missing. We were battling some Cherrymon and Vegiemon and the just disappeared.” Maya explained.

“They are fine.”

“Where are they?” Trask asked.

“I assumed they’ve found the Forest of Fairies.”


“We don’t know whose Origin Ivymon has. We should all be there.” Phoebe said.

“Unless.” Selina began. The others turned their attention to her. “It is the Origin of either Heraldimon or Vedamon.”

“Selina’s right.” Yasmin agreed.

“Yeah.” Selina said, thinking of the story Shurimon had told. “I don’t think just anyone can find the Forest. Only those who have a purpose there. Shurimon found it because he had to bring Ivymon’s message to us.”

“So the first Origin to be found must be either of Earth, or Fire.” Duke added.


The two tamers and their Digimon were led through a great opening in the forest; tall trees littered the blue, grassy ground. Tree houses, made from bright blue vines and leaves with multicolored flowers decorated the trees. Vine bridges joined one treehouse to another. Fine pollen dust shone as they caught sunlight, as if the air itself was made of glitter. The foliage of the trees created a canopy over the utopia, offering enough space for the sunlight to shine through.

Viola found herself speechless with awe. It was truly a beautiful sight to behold. Davis too, was awestruck.

A little pink Digimon flew up to the group; it had small fins and fluffy wings and a bright red heart symbol on its chest. It also wore a gold ring around it’s neck and had big, green eyes. “Hi!” it greeted.

“Hello, there.” Viola smiled.

“My name’s MarineAngemon. What’s yours?”

“I’m Viola. This is Heraldimon.”

“What about you?” the little Digimon address the other tamer.

“Oh, My name’s Davis and this is my buddy Vedamon.”

“Nice to meet you all! Welcome!” and with that the little Digimon flew off.

Davis checked his device, “Woah!”

“What is it?” Viola asked.

“That little guy?”

“Yeah? What about him?”

“Mega level.”

“You’re kidding!” Viola checked her own device. “I don’t believe it. He’s so…so small. So innocent.”

“Digimon come in all shapes and sizes.”

The two tamers turned around at the sound of a new voice. A Digimon stood behind them, she was about Viola’s height, with a human-like appearance. She had long, pink flowers as arms and legs, with a large flower on her back and another one on her head. She had a gentle smile that reminded Viola of Heraldimon.

“I am Lilamon. Welcome to the Forest of Fairies.”

“This place is so…so…” Viola began.

“Beautiful.” Heraldimon continued.

“Please, follow me. Ivymon is expecting you. For a long time now, actually.” Lilamon giggled to herself.

“Wait, aren’t there others like us here?” Viola asked. “Other humans, I mean.”

“Why no. You’re the only two humans that’s ever been here.” Lilamon explained.

“But…the others. Are they still…” Davis exchanged a look with Viola. “What about the Cherrymon and Vegiemon.

Lilamon, sensing the worry well up in the group, tried to reassure them, “I’m certain your friends are perfectly alright. We all need them to be, of course.” Lilamon smiled in an attempt to cheer them up. “Well I’m sure Ivymon will know for certain. Come on.”

From treehouse to treehouse Lilamon led the little group of four through to the very center of the utopia where a large tree trunk stood, atop which an enormous glass lily castle stood, the doors decorated with gold lining and pearl flowers. Two Lillymon served as guards to the crystal flower palace. The Lillymon, much like Lilamon, had a human-like appearance, with flower dresses and a large flower on their heads. They had vines of thorns as hair and long, green leaf-like wings. They opened the elaborately decorated doors as the group approached, each giving a friendly smile as the group passed them and entered.

Some Palmon passed them by as they were led further into the palace. There were Floramon too, along with other plant and fairy Digimon that were new to the tamers and their Digimon. As they approached a grand hall, a magnificent purple rose stood at the very center.

“It’s amazing.” Viola said.

“It’s Ivymon’s personal quarters.

Viola looked at Lilamon, “You mean, she lives inside it?”

Lilamon nodded before taking a step back, “Now I must leave. Ivymon will be with you shortly.” And with that Lilamon and the other plant Digimon left the grand hall, leaving the group of four standing before the enourmouse purple rose.

There was no movement or noise of any sort. Nothing but silence.

“If the others aren’t here, that can only mean one thing.” Davis whispered.

Viola looked at him, “That the first Origin belongs to one of our Digimon.”

Davis nodded.

Just then, there was a soft grumbling sound. The large rose began to move slightly. Then, ever so slowly the top of the rose opened, releasing a calming, pleasant smelling fragrance glittering into the air.

Heraldimon and Vedamon both felt their heartbeat quicken, as did Viola and Davis. The rose petals lowered towards the floor, revealing a lavish throne of purple and gold roses and , more importantly, it’s occupant; the fabled Ivymon.


To be continued…


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