Episode 3: Outfoxed

On Saturday nights the streets of Square City was usually busy with various nightlife activities. Clubs, restaurants, cafes, pool halls, pubs and the lot were filled with the youth of Square City. Tonight, however, it was quiet. Students were busy enough with the influx of mid-term assignments. Although some did take a break and venture downtown, the city was always quiet this time of year.

On the quiet outskirts of downtown was a popular martial arts academy. Alex McGarrett, 24, was the resident karate teacher at the dojo.
As he was locking the dojo up one night, there was a whisper from the overstuffed bag hanging from his shoulder.
“Alex, it’s nearby.”
“Shh, let’s just go.”
Alex locked up the dojo gates and made his way down the street. From the roof of the dojo a pair of glowing yellow eyes stared down at him. In the darkness of night the silhouette followed him until he turned the corner, gracefully hopping from the roof of one building to another.
As he carried on a little while, Alex peered into his bag. Two turquoise eyes looked at him.
“Is it still there, Uromon?” he asked.
“Not anymore.” the little creature replied in a soft, female voice.


Maya heard a scream coming from the other side of the apartment, Sasha’s room. As she peered out the doorway of her own room she saw a textbook fly across the living room floor. Rockymon slowly peered out of the doorway next to Maya.

“What’s wrong with her?” the feline Digimon asked.
“That’s called frustration. Many a human experience it when we do all this work.” Maya explained.

Rockymon looked across at the textbook on the floor, “Good thing it was just a book.”

Maya was snoozing for most of class on Monday. The late nights of doing assignments were beginning to catch up with her. On the way home she carried Rockymon in her arms. She would tell fellow students that he was a good luck plush toy.

As they passed the old martial arts dojo Rockymon sniffed the air and blinked. He thought he’d caught the scent of an unfamiliar new Digimon, but since Maya’s device wasn’t beeping, he dismissed it.


Alex was in the middle of a karate session with a full room of school kids when he looked out the window of the dojo and saw her. She had always jogged pass the dojo on her way to and from college, but today was different. She was taking a slow walk down the street, holding what looked like a black cat plush toy. Alex had never got the chance, or the nerve for that matter, to introduce himself. Even more so now, since he was busy with a class.

In the front room of the dojo, where all bags and shoes are left, Uromon heard a beeping coming from Alex’s bag. Uromon was a grey ball of a Digimon, with a pair of ears, four limbs and a thick, fox-like tail. She had yellow markings under her large, turquoise eyes. She hopped down onto a bench from the pigeon hole she was tucked into and nudged the bag open with her short snout. That strange device of Alex’s showed a grid with a blinking red dot moving from one side to the other. She sniffed in air and stilled herself to analyze the scents.
‘Digimon!’ she thought to herself. She knew she had to wait until class was over before bolting in and telling Alex, so she hopped onto the window pane and analyzed the street. All she saw was that girl that Alex would stare at everyday as she passed by the dojo. But today she wasn’t running as she always did, but walking, and with something in her arms. Uromon looked closely and saw it blink.
“Digimon!” she whispered out loud.
As she saw the girl turn the corner with a Digimon the device from Alex’s bag had stopped beeping.

Just then she heard the shuffling of feet on the wooden floor of the dojo. She scurried back up into her pigeon hole. A moment later a throng of school children came into the room and scampered for their shoes and belongings. Uromon waited until the very last child had left the dojo.
She peered into the main hall and saw that Alex was alone. She wasted no time in running up to him and telling him about the girl having a Digimon.

“What?” Alex was in disbelief. “Are you sure?”
“I know a Digimon when I smell one! If we hurry, we can still catch them!” Uromon turned around and headed for the door.
“Uromon, wait.”
She turned to look at Alex.
“We can’t just walk right up to her.” Alex said.
“Why not?”
“Well, um, er…We just can’t ok? It’s…it’s not polite, that’s why.”

Uromon examined Alex’s face. Alex noticed, “What?”
“Why are your cheeks turning red?”
Alex covered his cheeks with his palms, “Uh what? What do you mean?”


Later that day, while Maya was finishing up part of an assignment, her phone rang.

“Who is it?” Rockymon knew the ringing tone of her phone well by now. It was a song from one of Maya’s favorite bands.
“It’s Phoebe” Maya picked up the phone and answered.
“Hey Phoebe.”
“Hey Maya. Listen, one of the other girls ‘suddenly’ got sick so I’m doing inventory tonight. I’m sorry I can’t make it.”
“No worries, Phoebs. Rain check?”
“How about tomorrow?”
“Cool. See you then!”

“What did she say?” asked Rockymon inquisitively.
“She’s not coming over tonight. She’s gotta work.”
“Aww man, Maaumon and I were gonna play tag, again.”
Maya looked at him, “Oh I’m sorry, Rockymon. I know there’s hardly enough time nowadays to hang out with Phoebe and Maaumon, or even Trask and Equimon. But it’s just for a little while longer. Okay?”
The feline Digimon crossed his arms, “Okay.”


Alex had dreaded locking up every night since that mysterious Digimon began stalking him and Uromon. Sometimes he didn’t need Uromon to tell him that it was there, he could feel it watching him. But he dared not look up and face it. He knew it was a Digimon, but he didn’t know its intentions, if it had any. Uromon was the only Digimon he knew, and before she was Uromon she was Canimon, freshly hatched from the mysterious egg that appeared next to his computer one day.

As he made his way down the street with Uromon in his bag, Alex covered his head with his hoodie. He would slowly turn his head slightly to catch glimpses of the Digimon hopping from one building to another above him. As he reached the corner, he noticed the Digimon was nowhere to be seen. He stopped, lowered his hood, and looked up, examining the rooftops of the buildings for a mysterious shadow.

“Alex, keep moving!” the little Digimon in his bag urged him to carry on walking.
Just then, that strange device began to beep.
“It’s doing it again!” said Uromon.

Alex pulled out the device from his bag. On the grid that projected from the screen he saw a pink flashing dot moving towards the yellow dot in the center. It was getting closer and closer with every second.

“It’s another Digimon!” Uromon peered out of the bag and down the street they had come from.

Alex could hear the same beeping faintly down the street, getting louder and louder. Under the light of the streetlamps he could make out the silhouette of a girl. As she got closer Alex recognized her as the cashier from the local deli, “Phoebe?”

She looked up from the device she was holding, “Alex?”
“You’re the pink dot?” he asked.
“Uh, I guess.” Phoebe smiled.

Alex’s bag began to shuffle.
“Another Digimon, Alex!” Uromon shouted.

Phoebe noticed and was immediately reminiscent about the time when she could fit her own Digimon into a bag. Since Nyaromon had become Maaumon Phoebe couldn’t get a bag big enough, nor did she want to, but it was nice to know that her Digimon was right at her side. She had Maaumon hide in the back room in the deli, frequently checking up on her.
But on a late evening walk home like tonight Maaumon was free to walk along next to Phoebe, who hoped anyone seeing her would think she was a regular house cat following her master home.

Maaumon peered out from behind Phoebe’s leg and looked at the shuffling bag at Alex’s side.

“You have one too?” Phoebe pointed to the bag.
“Uh, one what?” Alex was tense and unsure about Phoebe having a Digimon or just pointing to a moving bag.
Phoebe’s expression was unimpressed, “A Digimon, silly. I know coz Maaumon, I mean Nyaromon used to hide in my oversized bags too.”
“Maaumon?” hearing this calmed Alex down a bit.

Maaumon stepped forward next to Phoebe. At first Alex did think she was just a regular cat, until he saw the golden symbol on the tip of her tail, not to mention the abnormally thick, golden collar around her neck.

“So, you gonna let me see yours?” Phoebe leaned forward as if to peep into Alex’s bag.
“Oh, right.” Alex opened his bag and let Uromon peer out over the edge. “This is Uromon.”
“Aww, she’s cute.” Phoebe smiled. “I didn’t know you had a Digimon, Alex.”
“Well, I didn’t know anyone else had one.”
“You’re the third person I know who has one.”
“You mean there are more?”
“Yea and more we haven’t met.”

As Alex, Phoebe and Maaumon began walking on down the street, Phoebe began to explain just about everything Alex had not known about Digimon, the same way Nyaromon and Felismon had explained it to her and Maya before.


Phoebe had arranged for the whole gang to meet up at Maya’s apartment the next night, as Phoebe had promised Maya the night before. Punctuality was always one of Trask’s strong suits, so naturally he was the first to arrive, along with Equimon of course.

As Trask and Maya were chatting away Rockymon and Equimon made themselves comfortable on the carpet. Equimon would obviously sit in a very horse-like manner, with his long fore legs tucked inwards under his body, whilst Rockymon, having being bipedal, sat like a child, with legs stretched out. They were in a discussion of their own when Rockymon jumped up and ran to the door.
“They’re here, Maya!”
Maya stood up from the couch and walked over to the door, “Okay, okay.” she told Rockymon.
Phoebe had given Maya the heads up about Alex the night before, so Maya would at least recognize him before letting him into the apartment.
Maya opened the door.
“Hi, you must be Alex.” she said.
Alex hadn’t expected to see her, right there. Was this Maya? All this time and he didn’t even know her name. “Uh, yea, hi.” he fumbled in his words a bit, and quickly stretched out his hand.
Maya shook it, obviously noticing the awkwardness Alex was feeling.
“Oh, and this is Uromon.”
“Well, come on in.” Maya gave a smile and invited them in.

Trask stood up and introduced himself with a very manly handshake. Alex was an inch or two taller than him. But what Alex saw next excited him, a small, horse with a bright orange mane and a black cat running around on two feet. ‘Could only be Digimon’ he thought.

Uromon jumped out of the bag. She looked around, examining her surroundings. Rockymon came over and introduced himself, followed by Equimon. At the next ring of the doorbell was Phoebe, who apologized profusely for being a bit late. A moment later the four Digimon were running around the apartment, avoiding Uromon who, because was still In-training level, was ‘it’.

Alex noticed Uromon’s usual unsociable manner had completely changed. She was laughing playfully with the other Digimon, even if she was a bit slow in her form to catch any of them. He smiled at her. Then he was reminded of the strange Digimon that’s been stalking them. For a moment he debated with himself whether or not to tell the others about it.

“Hey, Alex, are you still with us?” Maya tapped him on the shoulder.
“Uh, yea. Sorry.”
“Are you okay? It seemed like you were somewhere else.”

Uromon saw Alex lost in thought. She excused herself from the game with the other Digimon and hopped on Alex’s lap as he sat on the couch.
“Alex, we have to tell them. Maybe they can help us.” Uromon told him.
“Tell us what?” asked Phoebe.

Alex gave a sigh and said, “You’re right, Uromon.”
He turned to the others, “Well, for a couple of weeks now Uromon and I have been…stalked, by some mysterious Digimon.”
“Really? You sure it’s a Digimon?”
“I know it’s a Digimon, Uromon senses it every time it’s near. Besides, what else jumps from rooftop to rooftop?”
“That’s intense. It hasn’t attacked you?” Trask was deeply intrigued.
“Nope. Well, not yet at least. It just follows us down the street. As soon as we turn the corner it’s nowhere to be seen.”
“How strange.” said Maya.
“What do you think it wants?” asked Trask.
“Whatever it wants, I’m getting sick of it. It creeps me out knowing that something’s watching us.” said Alex.
“You should try using your D-Ark to find out what kind of Digimon it is.” Phoebe suggested.
“Would that work?”
“That’s what they’re for, silly.”
“I guess I could give it a try.”


The following afternoon Alex couldn’t concentrate much through his classes. He was anxious about discovering the identity of the Digimon.
After his last class he packed up all the gear and equipment. When he came into the front room there was Maya and Rockymon, chatting away with Uromon.
Maya stood up from the bench, “Hey.”
“Uh, hey. I wasn’t expecting to see you here.”
“You didn’t think I was gonna let you face that Digimon all by yourself, did you?” she smiled.
Alex gave an almost embarrassed chuckle.

Maya helped Alex lock up all the gates of the dojo. As they reached the entrance Rockymon growled, his fur stood on end. Uromon confirmed his suspicion, “It’s here.”

Alex put Uromon down and took out his D-Ark. Maya looked up at the dojo roof. She strained her eyes to try and make out something, but she saw nothing.
“How does this thing work?” Alex pushed all the buttons on his D-Ark, frustrated that he couldn’t quite figure it out yet.
“Wait. Give it a minute.” Maya pulled out hers.
“Is it still here, Rockymon?” she asked.
“Yea. And it’s getting closer.”

All of a sudden Rockymon shot through the air and landed in the middle of the street. Maya immediately ran towards him, “Rockymon!”
She knelt down to pick him up, “What happened?”
Alex ran over to help. As he reached them he heard Uromon scream. He turned around and saw that Uromon was floating in the air.
“Uromon!” he shouted.
“Wait!” said Rockymon.

Just then Uromon flew towards Alex. He readied himself and caught her.
“Amateur.” A voice came from the pavement. It sounded female.
Maya and Alex looked back at the pavement as a form appeared. She was a tall, fox-like Digimon with grey and white fur. She had a long tail and wore bright red gloves from her claws until below her shoulders. She had bright yellow eyes, staring straight at Alex.

Maya picked up her D-Ark. The Digimon’s image appeared on the screen, “Renamon, a beast type rookie Digimon.” Maya looked back up at Renamon, “That’s a rookie Digimon?”

Rockymon stood up and readied himself to attack. Renamon, still staring at Alex and Uromon, said, “Stay out of my way, small fry.”
Rockymon became angry. He lunged forward with his claws bared, darkness beginning to surround each sharp claw, “Dark Claw!”
Renamon stretch out her long arm and caught Rockymon by the head, pushing him back in the direction he came. He tumbled to the ground.

“That is the wrong Digimon for you, Alex McGarrett.” Renamon finally said, her eyes now fixed on the little Digimon in Alex’s arms.
“I am stronger. You can help me evolve and together we can destroy the Shadow Lords.”
“What the hell are you talking about?” Alex held Uromon a little tighter.

Rockymon gathered up his energy and attacked again, “Dark Claw!”
Renamon easily dodged the attack by jumping high into the air. “Enough of this!” she said. While in mid-air she crossed her arms in an ‘X’ shape.
“Diamond Storm!”
Uncrossing her arms, sharp leaves of bright white light began to rain down upon Rockymon. He took the blow in full and fell backwards. Maya ran to his side once again, “Rockymon!”

Landing gracefully in front of Alex, Renamon stretched out her paw towards him.
“Together we can rule this world!”
“You’re delusional! I wouldn’t trade Uromon for anything, got it!” Alex shouted.
Anger began to flare up in Renamon’s eyes.
“Then you will pay dearly.” she said in a calm manner that made Alex uneasy.

Blue flames begin to form around Renamon’s paws and feet. Maya picked Rockymon up and yelled out to Alex, “Alex, run!”
Not thinking twice, Alex turned and ran down the street, carrying Uromon.
Renamon jumped up into the air, in the direction of Alex and Uromon.

“Power Paw!”
As she descended towards them, flaming paws extended, Alex turned the corner. Renamon punched the corner of the building Alex had run behind, bricks flying passed. One brick struck him in the back. As he fell forward he turned to his side, so as not to land on Uromon. He hit the ground hard. “Alex!” shouted Uromon.
“Uromon….run….” he managed to say.

From the debris, Renamon came walking, slowly towards them. Uromon stood her ground and waited for Renamon. Just then Alex’s D-Ark began to beep. Uromon became engulfed in a yellow light.


“Uromon evolve to…”
Maya, holding a dazed Rockymon in her arms, watched as Uromon’s body grew longer and slender. Her short forelimbs extended and formed fingers with claws. Her tail and hind limbs also lengthened.

Renamon shielded her eyes from the light. As it began to fade Renamon looked upon Uromon’s new form, which was not too different from her own. A shorter fox-like Digimon with purple and white fur. She had white tufts of thick fur around her neck and on her paws, whilst the fur on her feet were a contrasting golden orange color. There was also a necklace like object of dark turquoise and white around her neck.

“I’ve had just about enough of you.” Vulpemon said calmly, confident in her new form.
“Oh really?” Renamon’s paws began to glow once more.
“You’re not the only one who can do that.” Vulpemon’s paws and feet began to glow in a similar way, but in a golden- orange color. It was a stand off. A moment later both Digimon’s paws were blazing in energetic flames.
Renamon finally made the first move, jumping high into the air, “Power Paw!”
Vulpemon anticipated the attack and countered, jumping upwards into the air, her smaller body moving slightly quicker than Renamon.
“Blazing Claws!” Vulpemon struck Renamon in the belly. The bigger Digimon flinched and fell backwards. Regaining her balance in mid-air, Renamon landed feet first on the ground. Vulpemon let herself fall straight towards her, claws still in flames. “Blazing Claws!” Vulpemon began to slash and claw at Renamon with such a speed that Renamon couldn’t counter. Eventually, to try and defend herself, she crossed her arms and let out another flurry of sharp leaves. “Diamond Storm!”
Vulpemon was pushed back by the rain of leaves.

Maya ran to Alex and helped him up off the ground. Rockymon noticed the screen of Alex’s D-Ark glowing. “Maya, look!”
Maya picked up the D-Ark and handed it to Alex, who was tuned into the fight between the two fox Digimon.
“Alex! Snap out of it!” Maya nudged him with her elbow.

Alex looked down at his D-Ark. The words “Activate Limit” appeared.
“Activate Limit? What does that mean?” he asked.
“Only one way to find out.” said Maya.
Alex pushed the button and a voice called out from the D-Ark, “Limit Activation!”

Vulpemon stood facing Renamon, “Now you’re going down!”
She became engulfed in flames.
“Golden Inferno!”
The flames began to spill from Vulpemon onto the ground, where they crawled towards Renamon. As soon is the first flame touched Renamon’s foot she became engulfed in flames.
“No! Impossible!” said Renamon as her data was slowly wiped out by the inferno.

Vulpemon took a deep breathe. When she turned to face the others, she saw that they were staring at her in awe.


Maya called a meeting with the others back at her apartment that night, as Sasha was out, as usual. Alex explained what had happened in front of the dojo and the Limit Attack feature on his D-Ark.
“Limit Activation?” asked Trask.
“Somehow, when Alex activated it, Vulpemon’s attack became stronger, I think.” Maya said.
“Maybe it enabled a special attack. An attack that couldn’t be activated unless it was serious.”
“When hasn’t it been serious, Phoebe?” said Trask.
“Hmm…Maybe it became an option because Renamon might have been stronger than Vulpemon.” Maya thought.
Alex crossed his arms, “I’m just glad Vulpemon was able to defeat her, and her rookie form is pretty awesome.”

While the humans were talking away, the Digimon were intrigued by Vulpemon. “What was it like?” Rockymon asked, “The attack you used to defeat Renamon?”
“I can’t really explain it,” Vulpemon replied, “It was like I had a sudden rush of energy and power.”
“It must’ve been awesome.” said Maaumon.
“Wish I could’ve seen that!” Equimon was excited to hear about it.
“You have your own Limit Attack, all of you do.” Vulpemon explained. This got the other Digimon even more excited.

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