Episode 30: A Rosemon by Any Other Name

Ivymon sat on her elaborate throne of purple and gold roses. An elegant vision, Ivymon had the form of a woman, with light green skin and long, flowing orange-red hair. She wore an outfit of dark green adorned with leaf accents. On her head was a crown of dark green leaves that came halfway down her face. She had glittering pale green wings that sparkled when she flapped them.

At seeing the two tamers and their Digimon Ivymon stood and smiled, “Welcome.” Her voice was gentle and calming.

“I…Ivymon?” Viola stuttered in awe.

The fairy Digimon nodded slightly and smiled.


“Should we just sit here and wait for them to return or what?”  Max asked.

“No one knows how long they could be there for” Duke replied.

“Well. They’re alright for sure.” Phoebe said. “I mean they are on route to finding one of the Origins.”

“I wonder which one it could be.” Maya said.

“Maybe it’s Vedamon’s Origin.” Trask contemplated, “I bet he’s gonna be this huge, awesome fire-breathing…thing…with four arms and tons of gold chains around his neck or something.”

Alex and Duke smirked at the thought.

“What if it’s Heraldimon’s Origin?” Selena asked.

“She could be a beautiful-” Yasmin began.

“Giant, purple, man-eating plant!” Trask interrupted, giggling.

“How funny.” Phoebe said.

“If it is Heraldimon’s Origin, that means Duke wins the bet.” Alex informed Trask, who paused and sighed, “Damn”.

“Uh, guys. You feel that?” Rockymon turned to the other rookies.

“Not good.” Vulpemon’s fur began to stand on end.

“What is it?” Maya noticed the alarm in the Digimon.

“They’re coming back.” Equimon smelled the air, “The Cherrymon.”


“Ivymon, the others. Are they all alright?” Viola asked with worry.

“Yes. They’re fine. You needn’t worry yourself.”

Viola sighed a sigh of relief.

“Now, let’s not waste any more time. With every moment that’s passed, the Shadow Lords grow stronger” Ivymon explained.

“Yes of course.” Viola said.

Ivymon flitted her wings a few times, then held out her arms to Heraldimon.

“Me?” Heraldimon was surprised.

“You mean…” Davis began, “You have Heraldimon’s Origin?”

The Mega nodded, “Surely you must have guessed by now. This is a forest of plant and fairy Digimon. Did you think I would have the Origin of Fire here?” Ivymon giggled softly, “Now, come.”

Davis pocketed his hands, “I guess not.”

Vedamon giggled.

Heraldimon took a few steps forward. Ivymon placed a hand on Heraldimon’s head. “Now, close your eyes, little one.” she said.

Heraldimon did as told and, a moment later, felt a warm sensation pulsing in her head where Ivymon’s hand lay. The warmth spread downwards and Heraldimon suddenly felt a sharp jolt in her chest. She winced, and felt that she couldn’t move. She was momentarily paralyzed under the fairy Digimon’s touch.

The pulsing quickened. Heraldimon felt the energy begin to fill within her, a heavenly and warm sensation that calmed her. In the darkness of her mind she felt the paralysis melt away, she held up her hand, but it was different. Instead of the thorn adorned appendage that was her hand, she had five fingers, each moving independently at her will. Her human-like hand was covered in a black, velvety material. She noticed a grey vine of thorns wrapped around her wrist. Then suddenly a flash of purple light. In that moment it all became clear. Heraldimon felt a peace she had never known before. She felt whole, complete. She felt anew, as if she had suddenly been born again. She then realized the pulsing sensation was her heartbeat. The Origin of her Mega form held it’s own heartbeat and when it was transferred into her, it merged with hers, synchronizing perfectly.

“Open your eyes, little one.” Ivymon’s soft voice brought Heraldimon out of her daze. She blinked a few times, then turned around towards her tamer. Heraldimon smiled. Viola returned a wide smile, something she doesn’t do often.

“Is that it?” Davis queried.

“You though it different?” Ivymon asked.

“Well I thought there’d be like this blinding light and a Mega Digimon would be standing in Heraldimon’s place.”

“I’m afraid it’s not that simple.”

“Nothing ever is around here.”

“Your Digimon have to tap into their Origins once its been passed on to them. They have to prove themselves worthy in order to reach their Mega forms.”

“Yea, we’ve heard something like that before.”

Ivymon flitted her wings. She suddenly stood alert, sensing something. “You must go. Now!”

“What? What’s going on?” Viola asked.

“Your companions. They’re in trouble.”

Viola and Davis exchanged looks.

“Make haste. Stand together.” Ivymon prompted. Heraldimon joined the others.

“Heraldimon, you know what you must do.”

The plant Digimon nodded.

“Ivymon, thank you.” Viola said.

Ivymon nodded and smiled before waving her hands, summoning a whirlwind of glittering leaves and orange petals that engulfed the little group.


In an instant Davis, Viola and their Digimon found themselves in the midst of a battle between the champions and the Cherrymon.

“De Ja vu,” Davis said.

“We’ve gotta help them!” Vedamon shouted.

“Right, buddy!”

“You too, Heraldimon?” Viola looked at her partner. the Plant Digimon nodded.


“Vedamon evolve to…”

In an orange silhouette Vedamon’s form grew longer, as did his hair. Two curved swords formed in two of his four arms.


“Heraldimon evolve to…”

Heraldimon morphed into a slightly taller form. Long pink hair formed on her head along with two bright purple roses. She wore a dark green leafy dress adorned with vines with thorns.


The two champions joined the fray. Manxmon was shot back by one of the Cherrymons roots. Kentauromon caught him in mid-air, then he too was blasted with a Cherry Bomb attack. Against another Cherrymon Enumamon took a hit for the smaller Mikemon and was sent crashing through a large tree. Niscimon retaliated by freezing the enemies roots to the ground, which didn’t last long.

“Viola! Davis!” Phoebe shouted once she spotted the fresh champions. “Where have you guys been?”

“Watch out!” Maya shouted, “These guys are stronger than before!”

“We gotta have them evolve again or those Cherry Bombs will finish us all!” Trask alerted.

“Hmm? Evolve? Again?” one of the Cherrymon let loose his vines, whacking the champions out of the way as they searched for the humans, snatching up the D-Ark devices with lightning fast speed. The other two Cherrymon took his queue and did the same. Soon all the D-Arks were in their possession.

“No! They’ve taken them all!” Kentaurmon said.

“We’ll never beat them without ’em!” Manxmon growled.

“I’ll get ’em back! Fire Slash!” Dharmamon’s swords ignited into raging red flames. He leapt at one of the Cherrymon and slashed at the vines that held the devices.

“Not so fast, hot stuff!” Cherrymon whacked at the champion, negating his attack before tossing him through the forest and into a tree.

“I think we’re just about ready here, what do you guys say?” Cherrymon turned to its comrades, who nodded.

The tamers could hear their devices beeping in alarm, Ophanimon’s voice echoing through the forest.

“This is about to get bad…” Trask said.

The three Cherrymon banded together as they became engulfed in light. The silhouettes began to sink, absorbing into the ground and vanished. The humans and their Digimon looked around frantically for any sign of the enemies, but there was nothing but silence.

All of a sudden the ground began to shake. Everyone grabbed on to a tree to balance themselves, then noticed the damaged trees began to repair themselves. Fallen trees disintegrated into data fragments that flowed back to their roots and sprouted anew. Plump fruits began to grow on the trees and the ground became lush grass.

“The Hell is happening?!” Davis shouted.

“Look!” Trask pointed upwards. To everyone’s shock, the clouds were getting closer.

“The sky is falling?!” Davis was in a panic.

“Not falling. We’re rising!” Yasmin noted.

A voice suddenly boomed through the forest, “I am Ceresmon!” It was feminine, gentle yet fierce. “I am Ceresmon! And I will destroy you all!”

“What the Hell is she?” Trask shouted.

“Fire Blades!” Dharmamon sent both of his flaming swords into the ground. It began to shake violently as Ceresmon’s yelp echoed through the forest.

“Now you’ve done it!” Davis told his Digimon.

“Everyone, look over there!” Youkomon shouted. Following her direction the group noticed an oddly symmetrical group of rocks in a clearing. “The voice is coming from there.”

Hanging on to their Digimon, the group slowly made their way to the direction of the voice. The forest abruptly ended, as did the ground to the surprise of the group.

“Are you guys seeing what I am?” Duke asked.

“It’s got wings?” Trask said.

“It’s a flying forest.” Alex continued.

“Maybe if we take out the wings we can get back down.” Maya thought.

“Good idea, let’s split up.”

“Fire Blades!”

“Arctic Blitz!”

Dharmamon forced his fiery swords into the ground as Niscimon stabbed with her frozen claws.

“Burning Wind!”

“Blazing Sphere!”

Both Leoarmon and Youkomon set the grass alight with their attacks.

“Panthera Punch!”

“Metal Fist!”

Manxmon and Graikosmon began their boxing assault on the ground itself.

“Blue Lightning Burst!”

“Dragon’s Breath!”

Kentauromon unleashed the force of his lightning onto the trees as Enumamon shot forth balls of molten rock, setting the forest alight.

“Neko Claw!”

“Needle Dance!”

With lightning speed Mikemon scratched and clawed at the trees of the floating island Digimon whilst Rosaemon let out flurries of needle sharp thorns that ripped through the fruit and flowers. Ceresmon let out an agonizing wail. The gigantic Digimon began to descend.

“I think we’re winning!” Trask said.

“Not Quite!” Ceresmon’s voice was now gentle no more. It was now menacing and eerie. Vines shot up from beneath the ground and trapped each of the Digimon and humans. As the gargantuan landed the Digimon tried frantically to break free, not even Rosaemon could get herself out of these vines. Max managed to reach into his jeans pocket and found his butterfly knife, but the blade proved useless against the vines, which eventually dulled the blade.

“Anyone have any ideas?” Max asked.

“Yeah.” Phoebe replied. “Pray. Mikemon, can’t you get yourself out of it?”

“Sorry, Phoebe,” the feline champion replied, “These vines are way too strong.”

“We’ve got to get our D-Arks back somehow.” Alex said.

Just then a figure appeared above the symmetrical rocks. The Digimon an humans paused and stared. It lowered itself onto the ground before them; a womanly figure with what seemed like tree trunks on her legs. She wore a sheer outfit of dark green and a magnificent golden crown with pink petals. There were bunches of purple roses on her shoulders and great, golden gauntlets on her arms. She had long, flowing pink hair as well as long vines coming out of her back.

“Well, well.” The familiar feminine voice was heard. “I was hoping to catch maybe on or two of you pesky insects. And lo! I catch twenty!” Her menacing cackle shook the tamers to their core. With a wave of her hand, Ceresmon summoned the ten D-Ark devices, which levitated above her hands, “I suppose you’d be wanting these back, yes?” She laughed once more.

“You working with the Shadow Lords?” Alex asked.

The laughing stopped suddenly, “Shadow Lords? Why, my dear, I want nothing to do with those old fools. Frankly I think they’re a little too ambitious for their own good!” Ceresmon giggled to herself before continuing, “However, you have to give them credit for their ambition. They want something, so they will do whatever it takes to get their hands on it. Mind you, it works out well for me if they succeed.”

“Yeah? Just what do you mean by that?”

“Well, if they succeed in ridding you lot of the Origins they can take over your world, leaving the Digital World to me, to be restored, reborn and thrive under my rule as…well, Queen of course.”

“You’re insane!”

“No, no. Not insane, just ambitious, determined, confident, whatever word you choose.”

“You’re none of that!”

The tamers and Digimon looked to the sound of the voice, it was Rosaemon that spoke.

“You’re nothing but a greedy bi-, well, a witch! That’s what you are! A self-centered, vain old…hag!”

Of all the Digimon of Origin, none of them expected those words to come out of the mouth of probably the most sensitive and quiet of the lot. The smile on Ceresmon’s face faded. “Oh? And who are you, little miss weakling?” Ceresmon snapped.

“Your doom.”

A comical sight, the others looked on Rosaemon in shock.

“Alright, Rosaemon!” Davis whispered.

“Brave little weed. I’ll have to punish you for that!” Ceresmon raised her hand and pointed her finger at each of the humans. “Which one’s yours? Come now, tell me.” Noticing the purple rose necklace around Viola’s neck, Ceresmon smirked. “This one, yes?”

At a wave of her hand Ceresmon released Viola from her binds. The others began to get nervous.

“Don’t you dare touch her!” Davis yelled out.

“Oh hush!” Ceresmon summoned a vine to gag Davis with.

“So, little weed. How exactly is this puny human useful to you? Humans, they’re so weak and pathetic. Why, it’s a surprise to me that those foolish Shadow Lords want their world anyways. So, this will just be one less human to worry about…” one of the vines on Ceresmon’s back uncoiled and straightened, forming a sharp blade. Viola suddenly screamed in agony as she felt a sharp pain pierce her heart. She grasped at her chest.

“No! Don’t!” Screams erupted from the humans and Digimon alike. Rosaemon felt her strength suddenly slip away. Her form reverted back into Heraldimon. The sounds of screams and terror faded into silence as her vision became nothing but black. ‘No!’ she thought, ‘Not now! I have to protect Viola! I…have…to…no…Viola…’ Her mind suddenly slipped away from the present.

She opened her eyes to an endless field of gorgeous purple roses. She raised her hand to touch one. Her hand was human, pale and light peach in color, her finger nails were painted bright red. As her finger touched the rose, it burst in pale green light. Soon all the roses burst into light that engulfed everything. Petals flew, forming a whirlwind around Heraldimon. She felt a warmth she hadn’t known before and yet, it was oddly familiar and comforting.

Time seemed to stand still once more as Ceresmon was about to pierce Viola in the heart with her vine. Viola made out Ophanimon’s voice over the protests of her friends…

“Origin evolution!”

“Heraldimon Origin evolve to…”

Upon her human body the petals formed an outfit of purple and black velvet material. A magnificent black cape appeared around her neck, tied by a glowing pink orb. Black vines wrapped around her body and arms, writhing at her slightest whim. Her crown was a magnificent purple rose that had yet to bloom and her brunette hair flowed gently in the breeze, tied at the end with two purple roses.


Viola turned around, not believing what she was seeing. The pain deep within her chest ceased and she felt Odoramon’s heartbeat at one with hers. Time was still for all save Viola and her Digimon, Odoramon stepped towards her tamer. Viola raised her hand touched the mega’s face. Tears welled up in her eyes and she sniffed.

“You’re not supposed to cry,” Odoramon whispered playfully.

Viola sniffed back her tears, “Right, well then. Now you can brag about being the first to reach mega level.”

Both tamer and Digimon smiled.

“Now, let me handle this old hag.” Odoramon said.

At once time sped up back to normal. Ceresmon, suddenly noticing an unfamiliar face in place of the human she was just about to kill, took a step back, almost stumbling over her tree trunk legs. Silence befell the others and their Digimon. They looked to where Rosaemon was held by the vines a split second ago. Now she was missing and this new being stood in the exact same place Viola had as she was about to be skewered by Ceresmon, whilst Viola stood a few paces away. It took everyone a moment or so to realize that Heraldimon reached Mega level and that this elegant and beautiful Digimon opposing Ceresmon was, in-fact, her.

“Now, what was that name you called me? ‘Little Weed'” Odoramon said as she whipped here vines in her hands. As she did, the vines that bound the others loosened and withdrew back into the ground. She snapped her fingers, and the D-Arks floated freely towards their grateful owners.

“Let’s end this, bitch!” Odoramon whipped her vine across Ceresmon’s face, just scratching her cheek. Ceresmon put a hand to the scratch. Then, using her other hand, slapped Odoramon full across the face. A gasp went up over the ‘audience’, who watched intently. Odoramon smiled as her cheek blushed red from the hit, “Thanks for doing that. Now I can end this!”

“Thorn Storm!”

Odoramon took a few steps back and began to whip the vine in her left hand in circular movements, sending deadly sharp thorns at Ceresmon, who raised her arms. The big gauntlets on her arms deflected most of the thorns, some of them, though, grazed her bare skin causing her to wince. Whiles avoiding the thorns, Ceresmon hadn’t notice Odoramon prepare another attack.

“Rose Hunter!”

Odoramon became engulfed in purple light. In a flash she disappeared, reappearing behind Ceresmon. A fine line began to form down the middle of the enemy Digimon. Fine bits of data flew off Ceresmon as she realized that Odoramon had just shot through her in the time it took her to blink.

Viola felt her device vibrate. She checked it, surprised that it gave the Limit option. Ceresmon was defeated, but Viola wanted to make absolutely sure. She gave the order.

“Limit Activated!”

“Petal Burst!”

The ground shook. A large purple rose sprouted forth from the ground beneath Ceresmon, engulfing her completely. The giant petals twisted this way and that for a moment and then, the rose began to fill with light before erupting in an explosion. Purple petals gently fell to the ground as there was nothing left of Ceresmon. The floating island was now a hilltop, blended in with the rest of the landscape, the foliage returned to normal.

Odoramon turned towards the others, who still looked on her in awe. The boys sighed and reached into their pockets, taking out whatever cash they had and handed it to Duke, who had won the bet.

She smiled at them before turning towards her tamer, who jumped up and hugged her tightly, “I always said you were beautiful…”

To be continued…



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