Episode 6: Blaze in the Dark Pt. 1

A light drizzle showered Square City on Saturday morning. Flowers of all kinds were in full bloom all over the city. Spring was well on its way. At Viola’s Bouquet, the flowers somehow appeared more beautiful than before. Their sweet scents drifted all the way down the street. Their colors were vivid and blindingly attractive. Viola figured it was due to the combination of both Heraldimon’s presence and the coming of spring. Around noon Viola was ready to close up shop and head to Maya’s.


Maya did enjoy the previous weekend’s visit to her parents, and was sad when she had to leave. Rockymon had told her how much like her parents she was on the bus ride home.

Phoebe, for one, was happy to have her back in the city. They had become best friends since meeting each other. Phoebe would’ve loved to converse with Viola, but she had been far too busy with her florist business and an upcoming show she was planning on behalf of her parents company. Phoebe also felt that Viola had come across as intimidating.

As much as Maya enjoyed college, she was counting down the days until Spring break. She was looking forward to some time away from the city. That day, she sat and listened to Phoebe and Trask go on about their recent episode with the Teddymon and their Digimon’s evolution to Champion level. Alex, Vulpemon, Viola and Heraldimon were at there as well, listening intently.

“Where the heck are these other Digimon coming from?” Alex wondered.

“From the Digital World, Alex.” Vulpemon said.

“The what?”

“The Digital World, silly,” Maaumon began, “The Digiworld is where all Digimon come from.”

“But, uh, you guys all hatched from eggs. Did your eggs come from the Digital World too?” Alex was confused.

“Uh, no. We were born here, to our chosen humans. Although I still can’t remember why.” said Rockymon.

“We’ve never been to the Digiworld.” Maaumon looked at Rockymon.

Suddenly all the Digimon had realized that although they knew so much about the Digital World, they have never been there. They all exchanged looks.

“Where exactly IS the Digital World?” Trask turned to Equimon.

“Hmmm, I don’t really know” Equimon replied.

“Do you think all the Digimon we’ve been fighting hatched from eggs here too?” Phoebe asked the little group of Digimon.

“No, they didn’t.” Vulpemon began, “When I first saw Rockymon I could sense him as another Digimon, but it was a familiar scent, a scent from this world. It was the same when I met all of you,” she turned to the other Digimon, then back at the tamers, “And when I fought Renamon and those VirusBeemon their scents were unfamiliar, and almost unrecognizable. Like they weren’t from this world at all. The only explanation would be that they all came from the Digital World. How, I don’t know.”


Matt was taking a stroll down Main Street, enjoying the noise of the light rain on the surface of his umbrella. It had been a few months since the ‘Remaking’ as they called it; when he and his team had rewritten the Digital World and the Digimon. And yet there was nothing after Blackout Sunday.

Nothing whatsoever.
Not even the slightest computer glitch. There was this one incident at Mimi’s Deli a couple of months ago, but naturally the mayor dismissed that as a couple of costumed teenage hooligans, who also took credit for the SCU pavilion being reduced to ashes yesterday.

But Matt had his doubts. There were some weird things that only started happening around Square City after Blackout Sunday. ‘Maybe, just maybe there is something going on…’ he thought to himself. Just then his he heard his mobile phone ring. He lifted it up out of his pocket and to his ear, “Taki, how you doing?”

“Matto-san, have you heard? We’re back on top again!” Takeshi was talking about Eternity One reaching first place on the International Gaming Charts again this year.

“Yea, yea it’s all over the news, again.”

“You’re not glad?”

“Oh I am, I am. It’s just, this weather. It’s got me all down today.”

“You feel depressed because of the weather? How strange, it’s not even really raining…”

“Yea, well, it’s still pretty depressing.”

“In Tokyo when it rains it really ra….shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh….zzzzzzzzzzz…shhhhhhhhhhh…zzzzz…”

“Taki, you there?” there was nothing but static.
Matt held his phone in front of him, the screen read, ‘Signal Lost’

“That’s weird.”

Just then there was a loud explosion. Matt jumped up and instinctively turned towards the sound of the blast. People walking down the street turned. From behind the building at the end of the street smoke started to rise. A woman ran back up the street from the direction of the explosion, screaming. A man ahead of Matt caught her arm, “What happened?”

“An insect! A giant insect!” the woman continued to run and scream.

‘A giant insect?’ Matt thought to himself, ‘I gotta see this!’

He started running, heading for the location of the explosion. As he turned the corner he saw it.
It was an unimaginably massive red beetle like creature. It stood on two legs, with two sets of arms clinging onto the mobile network tower. It had large wings and enormous mandibles gripping the tower. It seemed like it wanted whatever was inside the tower. The small building next to it was in flames.

“Holy sh…!” Matt got his phone out and started video recording the large insect. A school kid stood next to Matt and did the same. Soon there was a group of people recording with their mobile phones. The insect turned its head in Matt’s direction. Matt froze, he could see no eyes on the insect, but felt it stare at him. It opened it’s large, green gaping mouth, revealing rows of sharp teeth. It let out a loud shriek before beating its wings, causing a force of wind that caused the people standing behind it to tumble backwards.

Matt watched the group of people stumble over each other, but when he looked back the insect was standing right in front of him. Matt’s eyes widened. He couldn’t move, his body was frozen, his arm still holding his mobile phone, still recording. The insect stretched out one of its four long arms and grabbed him, while another arm reached out and grabbed the school boy who tried to run. Witnesses screamed and ran off in all directions.

Matt screamed as he was being lifted off the ground. The insect turned back at the tower and began to climb it with its free arms. Panicking, Matt began to frantically punch in numbers on his phone. His fingers became wet from the rain and the phone slipped from his hands, breaking as it hit the ground. He called out to the child in the insects other arm, “Kid, you alright?”

“Yea, I’m okay.”

“You got a phone?”


“Call the cops!”

“There’s no reception!”

Matt realized that it was the giant insect that was responsible for the loss of signal. They could do nothing but scream for help.


Back at Maya’s the gang could hear the faint sound of an explosion. Rockymon immediately jumped up onto the ledge of the window. Vulpemon followed him. Scanning the city they saw smoke rising in the distance. Vulpemon stuck her nose out the window and sniffed the air.

“What is it, Vulpemon?” Alex and the others walked over to the window and examined the smoke.

“Digimon!” she said.

Rockymon noticed a news van race down the street. He jumped off the window ledge and ran to the television. He turned it on and began to skip through channels. Finally reaching a news channel he turned and called the others, “Guys, look!”

The team looked upon the giant beetle that seemed to be climbing up the mobile network tower.

“This is an amateur video taken by an eye witness. The creature seemed to be climbing the tower, then jumped down, grabbed two people and climbed back up again and…” the news reporter paused and pressed her earpiece in to hear clearly, “This just in; this strange creature seems to be feeding on the inside of the tower…”

“It’s not feeding on the tower…” Trask said, lifting up his mobile phone, “It’s feeding on the signal, the data…”

“We’ve got to save those people.” Phoebe said.

A moment later the gang and their Digimon raced down the street. They didn’t care about their Digimon being seen or not.
When they reached the tower Phoebe could make out one of the insects captives, “Matt?”

Matt looked down at the pink haired girl, “Phoebe?” ‘Why on earth did she bring her cat along?’ In his predicament Matt examined the group of kids and their strange pets, and then he saw a strange moving plant with eyes. He rubbed his eyes with his fists, thinking he was seeing things.

Phoebe held her D-Ark up, “Kuwagamon, an insectoid champion level Digimon…”

Maya and Trask held their D-Arks up too. Rockymon, Maaumon and Equimon readied themselves for evolution as soon as the trio’s devices gave the option;

“Activate Evolution”

The three tamers pushed the buttons and together yelled out, “Evolution Activate!”

“Rockymon evolve to…”

“Maaumon evolve too…”

“Equimon evolve too…”

The insect Digimon turned his head and saw a small purple fox Digimon standing next to a little plant. Then it saw three bigger Digimon.

A muscular black feline Digimon with bright red boxing gloves;

A large centaur Digimon with glowing turquoise orbs decorating its body’

A smaller cat-like Digimon with gloves;

“D…Di…Digimon!?” Matt was amazed. He pointed to the giant insect that held him, ‘That’s a Digimon too?’

Maya took a step towards the champions, “Guys, your first priority is to rescue those people, got it?”

The three champions nodded. Manxmon shifted his eyes down to Mikemon. The smaller champion understood and nodded. Silently they agreed that Mikemon would distract Kuwagamon whilst her comrades save his captives.

“Hey you!” Mikemon stepped forward to try to get Kuwagamon’s attention. He turned his head back to the tower and carried on feeding. He used his giant mandibles to absorb all the information within the network through the data cables.

Frustrated at being ignored Mikemon grabbed a piece of metal debris on the ground close to her and flung it upwards towards the insect. The small piece of metal barely nicked the back of Kuwagamon’s head when he turned to her. He growled and released his grip from the tower, turning his body in the air. The weight of his bulk caused the ground to shake momentarily as he landed.

The rain had stopped. He faced Mikemon, who stood her ground without flinching. Kuwagamon reached out one of his free arms to grab her, but she swiftly jumped out of the way. As she landed he tried to grab her with his other free arm. Again she eluded him. Vulpemon and Heraldimon decided to jump in and help, despite their tamers trying to hold them back.

As Mikemon jumped out of another grabbing attempt Heraldimon and Vulpemon jumped forward.

“Dart Thorn!”

Heraldimon took a deep breath then shot sharp thorns from all over her body, aiming at Kuwagamon’s fleshy jaw, which was the only part of his body not protected by armor. As soon as the thorns were released Vulpemon jumped in;

“Blazing Claws!”

Extending a paw of golden flames in front of Heraldimon, the thorns caught fire as they raced towards Kuwagamon’s unprotected jaw.

The combined attempts of the two rookies hit home right under Kuwagamon’s chin. He gave a loud yowl. Manxmon swiftly came in from behind, leapt up to one of Kuwagamon’s wrists, grabbing it in mid-air and twisting upwards. It was the claw that held Matt, and as soon as his wrist was twisted he released his grip. Manxmon grabbed Matt and landed softly on his large padded feline feet.

Kentauromon took the other arm that held the schoolboy. He leapt up with his powerful equine legs and jabbed the insects arm with sharp metal spikes from his right arm. Kuwagamon released his grip and the boy fell onto Kentauromon’s equine like back.

Kuwagamon became furious. He turned around so that his back faced the team, and began to beat his wings rapidly. The wind produced blew the rookies back into he arms of their tamers, along with the smaller champion Mikemon. The other humans held on to the two larger champions.

Unbeknownst to the team, facing the tower Kuwagamon continued to absorb energy. Shielding here eyes from the debris being blown by the wind Maya could make out Kuwagamon’s bulk slightly growing. After a moment his wings slowed down and stopped beating. He turned to face the team once again and prepared for an attack.

“Scissor Claw!”

Kuwagamon snapped his mandibles together, testing them, then aimed for the little group of humans. He lowered his head and lunged forward. Kentauromon lowered the boy he’d saved and jumped willingly into Kuwagamon’s mandibles, saving the rest of the team. He gave a sharp cry as the mandibles snapped in on him, tightening with every exhale.

“Kentauromon!” Trask yelled out, just as Manxmon jumped in to help.

“Panthera Punch!”

Manxmon leapt at Kuwagamon’s vulnerable jaw, connecting with a vicious right uppercut that caused Kuwagamon to involuntarily open his scissor-like mandibles. Kentauromon was free, but the damage was already done. The bright turquoise orbs that decorated his body lost its constant glow as his body was drained of energy. As soon as he was freed he stumbled and collapsed onto his horse-like legs, his human-like torso slumped forward. He was breathing deeply. Trask ran up to him, feebly attempting to help the larger Digimon up. Vulpemon and Heraldimon stood next to him, incase the large insect decided to strike again. Manxmon and Mikemon exchanged swipes at Kuwagamon’s head, luring him away from the injured Kentauromon. Stepping back Kuwagamon reared his head.

“Power Guillotine!”

Snapping his mandibles shut Kuwagamon shot his head forward, then swung it from side to side, trying to hit one or both of the felines with the sides of his mandibles. Catching Mikemon as he swung his large head, she flew back and tumbled to the ground.

“Mikemon!” Phoebe yelled out.

Kuwagamon then focused on Manxmon. He opened his mandibles and snapped at him. Manxmon jumped out of the way each time, only barely escaping the insect’s large, sharp mandibles.

Vulpemon was getting frustrated at not trying to help Manxmon. Eventually she ran forward, paws blazing and claws extended.

“Vulpemon, no!” Alex tried to run after her, but felt his arm being pulled back.

“Blazing Claws!”

Vulpemon leapt up and struck Kuwagamon’s swinging mandible, barely scratching it. The insect Digimon hardly flinched. Instead he swung back the other way and struck Vulpemon full on, sending her flying through the air. Manxmon seized the opportunity to counterstrike.

“Panthera Pounder!”

Large boxing gloves shapes of dark energy formed above Manxmon, in line with his own arms. The shapes moved with him, mimicking every punch, like a puppet controlled by its strings, and Manxmon was its puppeteer. Punching the air Manxmon send his dark boxing gloves at Kuwagamon’s head, whacking him from side to side.

“Well that gives new meaning to the term Shadow Boxing,” said Matt.

Having lost most of his energy Kentauromon was unable to maintain his champion form. He reverted back into Equimon, and Trask easily picked him up and carried him away. Viola and Heraldimon stood firm, as did Phoebe and a recovered Mikemon.

“Neko Claw!”

Mikemon leapt up once more and clawed at Kuwagamon’s armor covered head, making small scratches on the surface and leaping away quickly as to avoid one of his arms swinging at her. Heraldimon unleashed another ‘Dart Thorn’ attack that Kuwagamon blocked with one of his large hands.

“There’s just no stopping this guy!” Alex said, carrying a recovering Vulpemon.

Just then his D-Ark began to beep with the words “Activate Limit” on the screen. Setting Vulpemon down Alex hastily pushed the button.

“Limit Activated!”

Vulpemon’s strength restored. She stood facing Kuwagamon.

“Golden Inferno!”

Her body ignited into golden flames. Blazing fiercely the flames began to run down her body and onto the floor, where they crept along towards the towering insect Digimon. As the first flames touched Kuwagamon’s foot, his form exploded into a raging inferno. He screamed and yelled and beat his wings, which only made the flames burn more fiercely. He then jumped up and flew high into the sky, higher and higher and higher until the flames couldn’t be maintained.

“He’s not gonna be happy when he comes down from there” the schoolboy said.

“You’re right,” said Maya, she turned towards Viola, “Viola, you and Heraldimon take them away from here.”

Viola nodded as she and Heraldimon escorted Matt and the little boy around the corner and out of danger. Although Vulpemon’s body was free from the flames of her attack her body continued to smoke. She lifted one paw up, examining the smoke her body was releasing. Alex could feel his D-Ark become slightly warm. Suddenly it began to beep and flash. Vulpemon closed her eyes as a bright yellow light engulfed her.


“Vulpemon evolve to…”
Vulpemon’s glowing silhouette grew and grew. She stood on all fours. Her collar extended to form a large bow around the mane of fur around her neck. Her single tail split into six long, fox-like tails, the tips ignited into permanent golden flames as soon as the yellow light faded to reveal her new form. Her fur was a darker purple than her rookie form. Her four paws were also covered in flaming golden fur. Her snout was longer and she had the yin-yang symbol on her forehead and legs.

Her form slightly smoking, she stood, waiting for the flaming insect to fly or fall back down to earth, so she could take care of him once and for all…

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