Episode 7: Blaze in the Dark Pt. 2

Youkomon stood waiting as Kuwagamon flew back down to the ground in front of her. The high altitude had killed the flames from her previous form’s attack. As soon as the insect had landed she wasted no time in attacking.

“Flaming Dragons!”

The flaming tips of Youkomon’s nine tails begin to flicker wildly. Like a catapult, Youkomon launched the flames at Kuwagamon. They singed his armor, causing him to yelp from the tiny burns. Alex gave a smile.
‘With Youkomon we can easily defeat him!’ he thought.

At that moment Alex’s D-Ark began to beep loudly, as did Maya’s and the others’. The tamers lifted up their devices. Every one of them continued to beep incessantly as the words appeared on the projected screen;


The tamers became worried. Maya ran up beside Alex, “I think we’re in trouble…”
Alex looked up at the giant red insect, which suddenly began to grow in size.

“What the…”his eyes widened.

“He’s not doing what I think he’s doing…”Trask said, carrying an unconscious Equimon. He stood next to Matt, the schoolboy, Viola and Heraldimon, who were all a distance away from the others and out of danger, or at least they thought.

Kuwagamon’s growing body became covered in a bright yellow light. He grew double his size. When the light faded the tamers and their Digimon gasped. Kuwagamon was now an even bigger insect; grey in color, this time with four legs and a pair of sharp pincers on each of his two arms. His mandibles were longer and razor sharp. He had four clear, torn wings, which had blown a nearby car over another as he beat them once. He gave a shuddering cry.

Standing shoulder to shoulder with Alex, Maya was speechless. Alex read out the stats of the giant Digimon in front of him.

“Okuwamon. An Insect type Digimon…”

“Alex, that’s not a Champion, is it?” Maya asked, still staring Kuwagamon’s new form, Okuwamon.

“No…” Alex looked up, “It’s an Ultimate level Digimon.”

“Maya! Get back!” Manxmon yelled out to the two tamers, worried for their safety.

Still the two tamers stood, frozen with fear. After a moment Maya felt a tug on her arm, as did Alex. Mikemon had rushed forth and grabbed them, pulling them away from the creatures reach. Manxmon stood next to Youkomon, ready to fight.

Okuwamon rushed in, reaching out his pincers for Manxmon and Youkomon. Youkomon leapt gracefully out of the way, as Manxmon jumped onto the pincer, running up his arm and leapt at Okuwamon’s head.

“Panthera Punch!”

Manxmon punched Okuwamon’s head with a deadly shot of his right fist, but Okuwamon’s armor was even thicker than before. The attack was futile.

“Blazing Sphere!”

Youkomon ran straight towards the creature. Breaking into a leap she turned her head down as her body rolled forward, tumbling rapidly. She ignited into a large flame that took the shape of a fox. It hurled towards Okuwamon, jumping at the last second and hitting him dead on in the face. He stumbled back a few steps, but regained his balance. Giving a loud roar he let out his own attack;

“Scissor Pincers!”

Okuwamon’s long, sharp pincers began to glow in a red light. As he stepped forward the light formed silhouettes of his pincers that shot forwards towards the two champions. Manxmon tried to counter. He timed the flying beam and met it with his clenched left fist. His punch took most of the blow out of Okuwamon’s attack, but the forced caused him to fall backwards. Youkomon anticipated the other pincer beam. She readied her flaming tails and shot them forward as the beam was about to reach her. The beam cut straight through the flames and hit her dead on. She tumbled backwards.

The others looked on, Mikemon was eager to jump in and help, but if Youkomon and Manxmon were defeated, she’d be the only champion left, the tamers only defense against the enormous insect Digimon.

“What will we do?” Viola was shaking slightly, out of fear. Heraldimon quickly took notice of this. She could physically feel what Viola could feel. Heraldimon had an ability to sense the feelings of those around her. If she could evolve, she would be able to get closer and help the others. She had begun to worry too though, but tried to shake the feeling off. She wanted to be strong for her tamer.

Mikemon clenched her gloved fists, “We’re not strong enough…”

“We’ll figure something out, Mikemon,” said Phoebe.

Youkomon pulled herself up, her nine thick tails flared out to balance her. Okuwamon was enjoying himself. He was toying with all these little Digimon who could do nothing to him. They were the pests now. Just then there was a sharp cry coming from high above.

“Heh?” Okuwamon lifted the bulk of his head upwards. From a clearing in the clouds a bunch of small objects fell down towards him. They darted at such a speed that no one could make out what they were, until they struck Okuwamon’s head. He cried out loud. Manxmon, standing in attack stance, saw the dart-like objects cut deep into Okuwamon’s thick armor on his head and fall lightly down to the ground.

“They’re…feathers?” he said.

“Look!” Youkomon pointed her head up to the origin of the darting feathers; whatever it was, it had wings and had tucked them under it’s body like a great falcon, soaring down to earth just as fast as the feathers it had sent. Okuwamon, not taking any chances, readied himself.

“Scissor Pincers!”

He shot two beams from his mandibles up at the diving creature, who with such grace, easily maneuvered out of the way. As it neared, it released more dart-like feathers down at Okuwamon, whose bulk made it difficult to move out of the way fast enough. They struck his head again, piercing through its thick, grey armor. From the cuts oozed small streams of green liquid.

“It’s kicking Okuwamon’s ass!” said Trask, “Whatever it is, I hope it’s on our side.”

“It’s a Digimon!” said Mikemon.

The mysterious Digimon bolted down upon Okuwamon, darting passed one of his clawed arms, cutting clean through the armor with sharp talons at its weakest, the elbow. The insect yelled out in agony as his green blood spewed out from his arm. The Digimon landed a distance from Okuwamon, in line with Phoebe, Trask and the others. Mikemon stood ready, unsure of whether it was friend or foe. It stood with its back facing the insect. Then it turned around, to reveal the unexpected;
It had the upper body of a woman, covered in red fur and feathers. On her long arms were great red wings, lined at each feather tip with longer white feathers. She wore a decorated white helmet over half her head, with a single feather sprouting from the crown. She had long blonde hair along with big, bird like talons as feet. She also had a flowing fiery tail that flickered and twitched as if it was alive itself.

She turned her head slightly, to face Mikemon. The little champion stared, examining every inch of this Digimon. She suddenly felt a jolt go down her body, and her face softened. This Digimon was familiar to her, but somehow also a completely foreign presence. It wasn’t until Mikemon looked up at the Digimon’s bright blue eyes that she was convinced. Her own eyes widened and the Digimon took it as a sign of recognition and acceptance and flew off for another assault on Okuwamon.

“Mikemon?” Phoebe asked, confused, “What just happened? She looked straight at you.”

“Don’t worry. She’s on our side.” Mikemon replied.

Trask held up his D-Ark, “Strophademon, the Harpy Digimon. Ultimate level hybrid” Trask checked its status again, “Hybrid?”

“I definitely think we have a chance against Okuwamon.” Mikemon gave a smirk.

Strophademon flew up aside Manxmon and Youkomon. Mikemon still stayed back with the others.

“Guess she’s on our side.” Manxmon turned to Youkomon whilst swinging his arms to stretch his muscles.
Okuwamon became disconcerted, green blood still oozing from his wounds.

“Sniper Claws!”

Okuwamon lunged forward in a desperate attempt to defeat Strophademon, but she easily leapt out of his reach.

“Phoenix Fire!”

The harpy’s tail left an airborne trail of fire as she flew in circles around Okuwamon. The fire blazed and grew into a raging tornado-like inferno, trapping Okuwamon within. The two champions wasted no time and quickly took advantage of the trapped Ultimate.

“Shadow Punch!”

Manxmon disappeared in a poof of dark smoke as invisible punches began to rain all over Okuwamon.

“Blazing Sphere!”

Youkomon became a ball of golden flames once more as she ran towards the giant insect from underneath the flaming tornado. Once she had struck him, the flames on her body joined that of the inferno that instantly imploded upon Okuwamon. The flaming Youkomon was immune to the flames and sped out of the inferno as soon as it began to explode.

The bright blast caused everyone to shield their eyes. A great cry was heard within. Moments later the flames died down there was nothing to be seen but small, floating fragments of data. Strophademon swooped down and absorbed what was left.


“It was all over the news…Good thing no one saw him evolve, there’d be chaos in the city!” Trask commented on the repeated news report that night. Everyone had decided to discuss things at Viola’s lavish uptown apartment, which had a large balcony that allowed Strophademon to join in. Equimon had slowly recovered from his injuries and was walking around, upset at how quickly his energy was drained as Kentauromon. Matt was there too, though the tamers were reluctant to invite him along.

“Fascinating,” said Matt. His eyes jumped from one of the rookies to another, examining each and every one of them. When it came to Strophademon, however, he was dumbstruck.

“Listen, Matt. Uh…we invited you here, but you can’t really tell anyone about us, about who we are, I mean.” Trask explained.

“I understand completely, in fact there are a few things you guys need to know about me too…” Matt said.

“Oh, like?” said Viola setting down a tray of drinks on the coffee table. The open planned living room had a wide doorway leading to the balcony, not that Stophademon couldn’t fit inside, she was the height of a supermodel but she just didn’t feel comfortable in places where she wouldn’t be able to stretch her wings. Besides, her sharp talons might have wrecked the marble flooring.

“Well…you guys must be very special in some way to have gotten the Digimon of Origin as your partners…”

“The what now?” Phoebe asked.

“You don’t know about the Digimon of Origin?”

The tamers exchanged looks with each other and shook their heads.

“Oh man,” Matt gave a short chuckle, “You guys, these little Digimon are five of the ten Digimon of Origins that saved the world.”

Maya looked at Rockymon, who was equally puzzled by what Matt was saying.

“Five years ago, there was a team of programmers, working on a new digital online computer game. They called it ‘The Digital World’. They created creatures called ‘Digital Monsters’. They would act as a sort of virtual pet for kids who would be able to interact with others all over the world…”

The tamers and all the Digimon listened intently.

“…Somehow, a virus wormed its way into the ‘Digital World’ and corrupted some of the ‘Digital Monsters’. The virus caused them to grow and become really powerful. The programmers, who were known as the Creators, had entrusted the very first Digital Monster, Patamon, with the task of defeating the corrupted Digimon. Patamon evolved into Seraphimon and, along with four other chosen Digital Monsters, or Digimon, they were to eradicate the threat, the five mega level Digimon who called themselves the Shadow Lords. Seraphimon and the others were unable to defeat them on their own, so they sacrificed the power and data to hatch ten chosen eggs into mega level Digimon…”

Rockymon gazed at the holy ring on his left arm, his face stiffened as he tried to remember…What he needed to remember he didn’t know, but somehow what Matt was saying had struck a cord somewhere deep within him.

“…The ten Digimon defeated the Shadow Lords, but in order to save the real world from the virus, the Digital World had to be erased completely. The Creators had saved the source codes of the ten Digimon, within whom lay the codes of the five Angels, Seraphimon, Ophanimon, Dominamon, and the twins Spirimon and Virtuemon. But it also held the remnants of the Shadow Lords along with all Digital Monsters that were in existence at the time.
And then, the Digital World was erased, completely…”

There were a few moments of silence. The rookies thought long and hard, not saying anything. The tamers were also lost deep in thought.

“How could you know all of this?” Alex asked finally.

“I…I’m a Creator…” Matt replied.

“What?!” said Phoebe.

“I’m not one of the original Creators, I’m the one who accidentally…sort of brought the Shadow Lords back…”

Matt went on to explain how he and his flat mate, Takeshi, along with the other ‘new’ Creators, Keslar, Aimy and Rion, had worked on the saved codes of the Digimon of Origin and the Digital World.

“When did this ‘Remaking’ happen?” Maya asked.

“The day before Blackout Sunday. Keslar had said that it was the Shadow Lords who caused the blackout in the first place. After all the electronics were working again, we worked till dawn on the coding.”

“The day after Blackout Sunday…that Monday I found Rockymon’s egg!” said Maya.

“Same with Maaumon.” said Phoebe.

All the others confirmed that they too had found their Digimon eggs that Monday.

“The question is…How could a game become living, breathing creatures?” asked Trask.

“That, my friend, is something I don’t think anyone could know.” Matt replied, “But oh man the others are gonna be amazed to see these little guys.”

“So, there are five other tamers like us somewhere…” said Alex.

“And the Shadow Lords are the masterminds behind these incidents with corrupt Digimon…” Viola continued.

“And the only way to defeat them is the same way it was done before…” said Phoebe.

“The Digimon of Origin must reach Mega level.” said Maya.

Matt nodded. The rookies were unsure about all this. They were almost defeated by Okuwamon were it not for Strophademon. Alex turned to the harpy Digimon.

“Strophademon, how did you get here? From the Digital World, I mean.”

“I don’t really know. I was in the Digital World, flying high up. It was a bright, sunny day. I flew through a cloud and the next thing I knew, I was here. The sky was dark and it rained. When I looked down I didn’t see the grassy meadows of my home, I saw strange buildings, moving objects between them. And then I heard a great cry and saw Kuwagamon fall from the sky…”

“He became Okuwamon, and you came and helped us defeat him.” said Maya.

Strophademon nodded. She didn’t quite understand how or why she just transitioned into the ‘real’ world, but she knew instantly that Okuwamon was an enemy Digimon. And, somehow, she knew the tamers Digimon were allies.

“Strophademon is classified as an Ultimate level hybrid Digimon. What the heck is a hybrid Digimon?” Trask folded his arms. Just then he felt his jeans pocket vibrate. He pulled out his D-Ark, which started to beep a couple of times. It projected its little holographic screen with Strophademon’s image next to the images of a small white cat Digimon and a large red bird Digimon. The womanly voice from the device began, “Hybrid; when two Digimon of the same level combine to form one higher level Digimon. The process of DNA evolution occurs rarely within the Digital World and the produced Digimon will often have traits of both Digimon it is evolved from…”
Strophademon; Ultimate level hybrid Digimon. Strophademon is the result of the DNA evolution of Gatomon and Birdramon. Attacks; Phoenix Fire and Feather Blades.”

“Great, its voice activated too!” said Phoebe.

“Two Digimon combine to form a stronger one? That’s…new…” said Alex.

“Some kind of interference opened a portal to the Digital World. It must’ve been that giant insect. In feeding from the communications tower somehow he disrupted the server and opened the portal.” Matt stood and paced the living room floor, “Incredible, the Digital World…is…real!”

“Where are the others? The Creators I mean.” asked Viola.

“They’re busy with their everyday lives. They have no idea about all this, well at least, I don’t think they do.”


As everyone left Viola turned to Heraldimon, “What’s the matter?”

Heraldimon was caught off guard, “What do you mean?”

“Oh come now, I think I know you well enough to see that something’s bugging you…er, no pun intended.” Viola smiled.

“Was that a joke?” Heraldimon blinked, her face stiff.

“Uh, I guess it wasn’t.”

Heraldimon walked out onto the balcony. A table of flower pots stood at the end, all of them full with seasonal blossoms that were in full bloom. Heraldimon admired them, they were indeed beautiful. ‘But not as beautiful as the rose on your head, she says.’ She thought of all the times Viola had marveled at her beauty, even through her body was decorated with thorns.

Viola stood in the doorway, folded her arms and leaned against the doorframe, “Is this about you being the last one to in the group to evolve?”

Heraldimon said nothing, she continued to gaze at the blossoms in the pot.

“You know you’ll get the chance to evolve very soon and I-“
Viola’s phone began to ring. She looked at Heraldimon, sighed and went back into the apartment to answer the call.

“Hello mother,” caller ID let her know who it was.
“Viola, my dear. Why is it you never call to say hello?”
“That’s because I’m always busy, you know that.” Viola stood with her hand on her hip.
“Well if you’ve been so busy I trust that the latest line is completed then?”
“Of course mother. The shows two weeks from now. I had sent a messenger over with the posters.”
“Really, maybe he got lost somewhere or… Oh never mind. Would you send Jacque an e-mail of the mock ups so he can start setting things up?”
“Will do, mother dear.”
“Thank you, dear. Take care now.”

Heraldimon peered through the doorway to see Viola clench her phone hard and raised her arm as if to smash the phone on the hard floor. Instead she calmly set it down onto the kitchen counter and made her way upstairs without saying a word. Heraldimon had witnessed the tension between Viola and her mother over the phone many times. She couldn’t stand to be around her.
‘Why oh why couldn’t they have another child to inherit everything and annoy.’ Viola would say. She didn’t understand why Viola resented her mother so, she didn’t seem like a bad woman, though Heraldimon had never met her, just saw her occasionally in television interviews on the fashion channel.
Seeing Viola upset, Heraldimon decided to forget about being upset herself over not evolving, it would happen when she’s ready, like it happened to the others.

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