Interlude: Christmas with the Digimon of Origin

“How long have we been here?” Trask asked, the thought randomly occurred to him.

“Uh…What, four, five days?” Alex looked at Maya for confirmation.

“Five days.” Maya nodded.

“I’m gonna have a lot of explaining to do to my boss when we get back.” Phoebe sighed.

“How much forest does this place have?” Max asked in frustration. The team had once again found themselves in yet another forest area of the Digital World. A faint mist shrouded their feet as they walked and a slight cool breeze passed by them every now and then.

“Starting to get a little chilly…” Duke rubbed his bare arms in an effort warm up his skin. “Hang on a second…” Maya stopped. “Look. There’s no way we’re gonna be able to see where we’re going in that.” she pointed to the thick, white mist that was a little ahead of them.

There was a murmur among the group for a few moments. “Well we can’t go back.” Phoebe said finally, “I mean, we’ve come so far through this forest. Then again, where were we going?”

“Phoebe’s right.” Alex said. “We’re just gonna have to muddle through it.”

“I can help.” Griffmon stepped forward.

“Tiny Tornado!”

Griffmon jumped up into the air and began to flap his wings. A gust of wind picked up and whirled in front of him. He leaned forward, launching the small tornado towards the mist. The tornado caused a bit of the thick mist to dissipate, but as soon as it subsided, the mist formed again.

“Never mind,” Griffmon sulked as he walked back to Yasmin, who gave him a reassuring pat on the head.

“Stick together. Walk slowly.” Alex started. Vulpemon followed him. “Keep your hands out in front of you so you don’t bump into any trees.”

“And talk, so we’ll know where everyone else is.” Maya added. She hoisted Rockymon up in one arm and followed Alex. Phoebe and Maaumon did the same and soon the rest of the tamers followed with their Digimon in tow.

The mist was thicker than they had expected as well as cold. “Everyone close?” Maya called out. She was relieved to hear the replies from all the tamers and their Digimon. Occasionally Davis had bumped into a tree, even while being guided by Vedamon, who pulled at his jeans to direct him.

After a few minutes of walking the mist became fainter. As the mist cleared there was a white forest before them; a light layer of snow covered the ground and all around them were snow-coated pine trees. The tiniest snowflakes made their way through the canopy of the trees and drifted ever so slowly down to earth.

Viola raised her hand up in the fashion of catching a snowflake. Her eyes drifted to her hand, which she realized was covered in fingerless gloves. She looked down, examining her clothing, which had mysteriously changed. She was now wearing a wide, deep green coat with grey jeans and black knee-high boots. “Guys…” She called out to the others. One by one the rest of the tamers looked at her, realizing her clothing had changed and, once looking upon themselves, noticed that they too were suddenly in winter wear.

“How did this happen?” Maya examined the red jacket that she was suddenly wearing, along with the black Ugg boots.

“This…” Phoebe twirled as she admired the white feminine bomber jacket she wore, “kinda looks like it’s from the Yukimi Collection…”

Viola looked at Phoebe’s attire, then examined all the other tamers before saying, “That’s because it is from the Yukimi Collection…”

Phoebe stopped, “No way…” Glancing at everyone’s outfits Phoebe confirmed, “You’re right!”

“Yuki-what?” Trask asked.

“Yukimi Collection. It’s the latest winter wear collection from Bella Tiida. None of it’s even out yet!” Phoebe twirled some more.

From a distance the sound of screaming was heard. All attention was immediately towards the direction it came from. Then there was a slight rumble in the ground and the sounds of something stomping towards them. A large Digimon bounded through the forest; an over-sized armadillo covered in golden-yellow armor. The tamers and their Digimon leapt, splitting in opposite directions as the Digimon bounded passed them and into the thick mist.

From the direction it came an arrow flew smoothly and deadly, hitting a tree. Alex and Max stood up slowly, glancing in the direction the Digimon and the arrow had come from. Duke and Trask examined the arrow; the long shaft had stuck itself well into the trunk, the end was tipped with a sculpture in the form of a snowflake.

“The hell was that?” Phoebe stood up and dusted her clothes off of the powder snow.

Rockymon stood up alert, his fur bristling as he inhaled the scent he caught in the air. Vulpemon did the same, as did Maaumon. Rockymon’s eyes narrowed. He glanced around the forest in suspicion, a soft growl building in his throat. Vulpemon caught sight of something moving in the trees, it leapt from one tree to another above the group. “Up there!” Vulpemon pointed.

The tamers moved close together as their Digimon stared into the branches above. They could make out the silhouette of a Digimon as it jumped between the trees. Finally it leapt down before the group. It was a man, a human man or so they thought. He wore a red vest with red gloves and black pants and boots. He also wore a red cape with a hood, both of which were lined with white, fluffy fabric. He had short, white hair and a red mask over his eyes which were a piercing blue but his irises were ice white. A quiver of arrows was strapped on his back, the same arrows as that of the one that struck the tree.

He notched an arrow to his bow, which seemed to be made of reindeer antlers, and aimed at the group of Digimon. “Who are you?” his husky voice seemed to echo through the silent forest. Trask quietly pulled his D-Ark out of his pocket, “Tarandamon, ultimate level Digimon. The keeper of WinterForest.” He looked up at the man, “That’s a Digimon?”

“What business is it of yours?!” Rockymon hissed.

“I want to know the names of those I destroy if they don’t leave my forest at once!”

Your forest?”

“Yes! My forest!” the Digimon now aimed his arrow solely at the little black feline.

“No!” Maya stepped forward. “Uh, we’re not here to harm anyone, I swear. We’re just…just…”

“Just trying to invade the Winter Forests so you can steal the secrets of YuletideVillage…”

“What? No that’s not-“ Maya wave her hands.

“You can’t fool me, whatever you are.”

“Dude, we’re humans.” Trask stepped up besides Maya. “We got lost in this forest and-“

“Humans? Hah! There are no humans in the Digital World.”

“Guess he didn’t get the memo.” Davis whispered to Duke.

“Really, have you looked in the mirror lately?” Trask slipped his hands into his pockets.

Just then there was a slight tremor beneath their feet, accompanied by a rumbling sound, which got louder with each passing second.

“I have a bad feeling about this…” Max said. The group and Tarandamon made out the silhouettes of large Digimon running through the mist, getting closer and closer.

“Not again.” Tarandamon leapt up into his vantage point in the trees. “Get out of here!”

“Ankylomon, champion level Digimon.” Duke checked his device. “What now?”

The rest of the tamers raised their D-Arks and gave the command simultaneously, “Activate Evolution!”


In bright, colorful flashes of light the ten rookies were replaced with their champion forms. The Ankylomon bounded towards them.

“Needle Dance!” Rosaemon shot forth sharp, needle-like thorns from her spinning body, but the Ankylomon’s thick armor simply deflected it. One Ankylomon head butted the small plant Digimon, sending her tumbling backwards. “Flaming Dragons!” Youkomon launched forth nine golden balls of fire from her tails. They also proved futile against the heavily armored Digimon.

“Blue Lightning Burst!”

The static charges in Kentauromon’s mangled right arm crackled and hissed violently. He launched it towards one of the larger Digimon, paralyzing it in mid charge, causing it to crash into one of its brethren.

“How many of them are there?” Maya asked. The tamers had scattered behind trees for protection.

“Quite a few,” Duke replied. “More than ours I think.”

An Ankylomon charged towards the small Mikemon, who nimbly jumped up onto the branch of a tree, allowing the larger Digimon to crash into the trunk. Another Ankylomon swung its spiked tail viciously at Manxmon, who stepped back, trying to dodge the large spiked ball. The root of a nearby tree tripped the panther, causing him to fall backwards. Seeing its opportunity Ankylomon flailed its tail at him once more, only for it to be caught by Graikosmon’s strong grip. Ankylomon struggled to pull his tail free, or at least launch the nuisance Digimon into the sky, but Graikosmon grounded himself, bracing for the pull of the larger Digimon. Ankylomon turned his head to his front, seeing Dharmamon standing before him, smiling, “Let’s see if you can stand this heat!”

“Burning Blade Hurricane!”

Dharmamon’s eyes began to glow in a bright orange light that flickered. He spun his body rapidly, flames building up and eventually igniting his being. He lunged forward, slamming into Ankylomon, causing him to cry out loud.

“Artic Blitz!”

Ice crystals formed around Niscimon’s claws and she leapt forwards, clawing and punching another Ankylomon. She punched furiously at the tough armor of the dinosaur Digimon.

“Dragon’s Breath!”

Enumamon released a large ball of molten, burning rock at another Ankylomon, who flinched as it struck his side.

The ten champions showed signs of slowing down and tiring, battling to impact on the heavily armored Ankylomon herd. Tarandamon watched from his vantage point up in the tree, an arrow notched in his great bow and ready to fire. He caught sight of one of the large Ankylomon whose armor had caught fire from Dharmamon’s attack. He bounded blindly towards the tree behind which Selena had been standing. “Come on, move!” Tarandamon thought, but Selena was distracted by the fray. She missed her chance to jump out of the way, Tarandamon returned the arrow swiftly to its quiver and leapt from tree to tree.

“SELENA! MOVE!” Viola cried out. Selena had been watching Niscimon and Enumamon take on one of the large Digimon, not noticing the flaming Ankylomon heading towards the tree she hid behind, it would surely demolish the tree under its bulk. And it had. Tarandamon had grabbed Selena and leapt out of the way with not a second to spare. Ankylomon mowed the tree down with a powerful head butt.

Sitting the blonde haired girl down, Tarandamon turned around, “The hell with this!” He leapt into the air, above the fray. His body began to glow in a soft white light.

“Limit Activated!” Ophanimon’s familiar voice sounded from Selena’s device.

“Arrow Blizzard!”

With lightning speed Tarandamon notched and fired arrow after glowing arrow, and with deadly accuracy. The rain of arrows struck home in all of its targets, striking the Ankylomon in their vulnerable spots; their bare legs, joints and the small openings in their armor. Their cries and screams echoed through the forest and, one by one, they turned tail and scampered back into the mist.

Landing gracefully, Tarandamon returned an arrow to his quiver and composed himself. The champions around him de-evolved in flashes of lights of different colors. He examined each of the rookies in turn, folding his arms, “Who are you, really?”

“The Digimon of Origin.” Vulpemon replied.

“Nah…That can’t be… That’s all just a myth…” Tarandamon looked down at the fox Digimon, and then glanced at the ten humans who walked towards them. “You’re really humans?”

Alex nodded. “We’re their partners.” He pointed to his fox Digimon. Tarandamon seemed to be arguing with himself as he once again glanced from tamer to Digimon. “All those stories he told us… they’re all true…”

“Who?” Maya asked curiously.


“Klaasmon?” Trask repeated.

“The village saint. Perhaps…” Tarandamon put his hand to his chin and thought for a moment before saying finally, “You should…maybe…come to my village.”

“Really, now we’re not after your mysterious village secrets?” Trask said sarcastically, folding his arms.

“It’s my job to protect the village, and these forests. By no means are any Digimon outside the village allowed here. Those Ankylomon have tried their luck before. I showed em back then too.”

“What ‘secrets’ are you hiding in your village anyway?” Phoebe asked.

“If I told you they wouldn’t be ‘secrets’ now would they?” Tarandamon folded his arms. “Now are you guys coming or what?”


Tarandamon led them through to the end of the forest. Before them was a vast, snowy field. In the distance the group could make out colorful lights flickering. “Is that your village?” Davis asked.

Tarandamon nodded. “You’re on your own from here on. I can’t leave the forest alone, always someone trying to come through. Carry on down the path, the village is surrounded by a frozen lake, so tread carefully. The Elfmon will try and hypnotize you, it’s a defense mechanism. Close your eyes and tell them I sent you and ask to see Klaasmon.”

“Uh, okay then.” Trask began trudging through the snow towards the village, Equimon followed and, one by one, the others did too.

Selena waited for the others to head off before turning to Tarandamon, “Thank you, for saving me.”

The archer nodded in acknowledgement and headed back into the forest. Selena and Tulamon made their way to the others.

Red brick houses clustered around the small playground in the center of the village. The buildings seemed to lean to one side or another, but the doors and windows were straight. Snow covered the roofs and window sills and colorful lights twinkled and flashed all around.

“Does Dr. Seuss live here or something?” Trask examined the nearby crooked building. “Not Suess. I think… the other guy…” Yasmin passed a row of short pine trees, each covered in white snow and draped with ropes of lights.

As they rounded on the playground a small creature stood before them; he looked like an elf, dressed in classic red and green elf attire, curvy pointed shoes and all. He stood with hands on his hips and tapping one foot on the ground. Trask and Davis tried to hold back laughter at seeing him.

“Elfmon, rookie level elf Digimon.” Phoebe checked her device. Davis and Trask snickered among themselves even more. “Uh, hi there.” Alex stepped forward and knelt down to the Elfmon’s level. “We’re looking-“ before he could finish his sentence the Elfmon slapped him across the face. Alex fell back and grabbed his cheek, “What was that for?!”

Trask and Davis couldn’t hold it in any longer, both of them burst out into hysterical laughter. Before they knew it Elfmon ran up to them and kicked each of them in the shins. “What the-?!” Trask held his leg before chasing after the little Digimon.

The elf Digimon ran behind the large reindeer statue. “Gotcha now you little-” Trask ran up to the statue and reached around, coming face to face with the reindeer’s head before he realized; it wasn’t a statue at all. Trask froze in place, the tall reindeer Digimon grunted, its piercing blue eyes staring Trask down. It had three glowing white orbs on each of its long antlers. The orbs seemed to give of a faint snow. From behind the deer Digimon Elfmon stuck his tongue out at Trask, who backed up slowly.

“Rangimon, champion level.” Duke used his device to analyze the reindeer. Rangimon grunted again before speaking, “Who are you?” His voice was deep and commanding. “We’re here to see Klaasmon.” Maya stepped forward, Rockymon at her side.

“How did you pass the forest?”

“Um, Tarandamon sent us.”

“We’re the Digimon of Origin!” Rockymon said proudly.

Rangimon’s eyes narrowed in suspicion as he examined each of the rookies. “Liars!” he said finally.

“We’re not lying!” Phoebe shouted.

The door of one of the crooked houses swung open. Small, white ball Digimon bounced and leapt towards the central playground, accompanied by another Rangimon. One of the little Digimon spotted the group. It squealed to the others who then noticed the group and proceeded in bounding towards them, squealing and squeaking with excitement. Midomon was the first victim; he was tackled to the ground by the cute little Digimon. Others bounced all over Max, then Viola and the others one by one. The small Digimon bounced playfully around the tamers and their Digimon and, after finally noticing Rangimon, bounced around his long legs. “YukimiBotamon, baby Digimon.” Phoebe checked her device once more.

“The baby Digimon can sense even the smallest scent of evil. Clearly you all are not here for wrongdoing.” Rangimon said finally.

“We tried to tell you…” Duke said.

“The story of the Digimon of Origin is just a myth.”

“Its not.” Maya stepped forward again. “We’re here to save both our worlds from the Shadow Lords.

“The Shadow Lords.” Rangimon looked away. “Klaasmon had cast a spell over this village, isolating it from the rest of the Digital World to protect us. But lately, somehow other Digimon have been able to find it. Tarandamon was put in charge of the surrounding Winter Forests, taking care of trespassers.”

“Like the Shadow Lords, we’re real too.” Maaumon said. Rangimon sighed, “Come with me.”

Behind the row of houses was a taller building, next to a large, warehouse of sorts which, Rangimon had explained, was Klaasmon’s workshop where sweet treats are made. “Every once in a while Klaasmon distributes the sweet treats all around the Digital World.”

“Sound familiar?” Trask nudged Phoebe.

The house next to the factory belonged to Klaasmon himself. That’s where they headed.

Klaasmon’s home was inviting; all the furniture as well as the wallpaper was textured in various Christmas patterns, a lavishly decorated Christmas tree stood next to the fireplace. All sorts of trinkets lined the mantle of the fireplace; nutcracker figurines and snow globes from all over the real world.

“Well now, what do we have here?” Klaasmon stood up from behind his desk in the corner of the room. He was dressed in long, dark red robes that were lined with golden threads. His head and chin was covered in thick, fluffy white hair.

“Well, would you look who it is?” Klaasmon walked over to the group and petted Equimon between his ears. “And here I thought we’d never get the chance to meet you all.” Klaasmon smiled behind his thick white moustache.

“The little boy in me never thought he’d get the chance to meet you.” Davis shoved his way through the tamers and shook Klaasmon’s hand. Viola rolled her eyes.

“Klaasmon, the stories you told us about the Digimon of Origin, they weren’t all just myths?” Rangimon asked.

“Clearly not, my friend.” Klaasmon replied. He turned to the tamers, “Please have a seat.” The tamers and their Digimon made themselves comfortable on the couches in front of the fireplace.

“You see,” Klaasmon cleared his throat and began, “To protect the village from threat we’ve been isolated from the rest of the Digital World. Over time the residents here began to believe that the legends of the Digimon of Origin weren’t true.”

“That’s understandable.” Trask said, “But what was the threat?”

“You passed a workshop on your way here I trust?”

“Yea we did.” Phoebe confirmed.

“My workshop produces candies and all sorts of sweet treats. But not any ordinary kind; the confectionery produced at the workshop is created using a certain ‘special’ ingredient.”

The tamers and their Digimon were on the edge of their seats, listening intently.

“You see, when you eat one of the candies you will instantly be filled with joy and merriness.”

“Digimon try to invade the village to get their hands on the secret ingredient.” Rangimon continued. “Lately, more and more invaders try to pass through the forests to get here.”

“Yes. I’m afraid my magical mist is wearing off. If it weren’t for Tarandamon, the village would’ve been under attack a long time ag-“

Just then the front door swung open. The YukimiBotamon bounced hastily through the threshold and hid behind the couches the tamers sat on. Another Rangimon entered. “Klaasmon! We’re under attack!” he managed to say.

The tamers and their Digimon stood up. “What is it?” Klaasmon asked.

“SkullGreymon. He’s making his way towards the village!”

“Where’s Tarandamon?”

“I…I don’t know…”

“We’ll take care of it!” Rockymon raised his fist and bolted passed Rangimon and out of the front door, followed by the other rookies and their tamers.

“What can we do, Klaasmon?” Rangimon asked.

“Get the Elfmon and the others to safety. Bring everyone to the workshop!”

The Rangimon nodded and headed outside.

SkullGreymon was a behemoth of a Digimon made up of nothing but skeleton. He seemed to be some sort of dragon or dinosaur Digimon with a rocket-like structure on his back. Inside the darkness of his ribcage a red orb glowed brightly.

“SkullGreymon, and undead Digimon, Ultimate level. SkullGreymon exist only for combat and destruction.” Trask checked his device. SkullGreymon made his way ever so slowly down the snowy fields before the village. “When he reaches the frozen lake he’ll fall through the ice for sure.”

“Still, let’s be ready for him.” Alex held up his D-Ark and all the tamers called out their orders, “Activate Evolution!”


In flashes of different colored lights each of the rookies were replaced by their champion forms. They stood firm before their tamers. “How do we do this?” Manxmon growled.

“If he doesn’t fall through the ice, then we’ll get him.” Alex said.

“Do you think Tarandamon’s okay?” Selena asked.

“Leoarmon?” Yasmin looked at her purple griffin Digimon. Leoarmon nodded and leapt into the air. He raised himself high in the air and soared towards the forest. SkullGreymon paid him no attention.

Youkomon growled as the corpse Digimon stepped closer towards them, “We can’t let him reach the village!” The nine champions bounded towards SkullGreymon. Graikosmon and Manxmon leapt with their fists ready SkullGreymon stopped in his tracks at seeing the nine smaller Digimon running towards him. Graikosmon and Manxmon slammed their fists into both of his arms. SkullGreymon didn’t wince or flinch. His red eyes looked down upon the two Digimon as they landed on the ground. He opened his gaping mouth, releasing a screeching, tortured roar that echoed throughout the silent snowy field.

SkullGreymon stretched his long skeletal arm and swiped at the two Digimon, sending them flying into the other champions.

“Blue Lightning Burst!” Kentauromon released the blue electrical charges from his mangled right arm, zapping at SkullGreymon, who barely flinched.

“He doesn’t feel pain…” Duke pointed out.

“Flaming Dragons!”

Youkomon launched nine golden fireballs from her tails, which merely died as they impacted SkullGreymon’s legs. Suddenly, the missile on his back ignited.

“Dark Shot!”

The missile rocketed off from his back, flying high into the sky before bursting into smaller missiles that began to fall back down towards the champions. They each jumped and leapt out of the way, avoiding the small missiles. The blast of each of the missiles impact on the ground caused them to tumble backwards.

“We need a plan, and fast…” Davis said.

“Burning Blade Hurricane!”

Dharmamon sjumped in and slashed at SkullGreymon’s face with his flaming swords. The skeleton Digimon swung his head, knocking the champion off.

“Wait, what’s that in his ribcage?” Maya pointed.

“I don’t know. Some kind of orb.” Phoebe said.

Viola raised her D-Ark and frantically began scanning the full stats of SkullGreymon. “The Digimon’s sole instinct was fighting and destruction. As a result of this obsession it clung on to life despite its body rotting away, leaving nothing but bone which exposes its precious Digicore…Digicore?” Viola looked up at the orb, then back at her device, “Ophanimon, we need your help! What’s a Digicore?”

“The Digicore contains a Digimon’s most important data. Without it a Digimon cannot exist.” Ophanimon explained.

“That’s all we needed to know. Thanks Ophanimon.” Viola lowered her device and called out to the champions, “Destroy the Digicore!”

“Needle Dance!”

Rosaemon released a flurry of sharp thorns towards the exposed orb of SkullGreymon. He merely raised his large hand in front of his chest, deflecting the needles.

“Neko Claw!”

Mikemon leapt up towards his ribcage, clinging onto one of his ribs for a moment before being swatted off like a mosquito.

“He’s too strong. They can’t get anywhere near it.” Trask said.

“Dark Shot!”

Another missile formed on SkullGreymon’s spinal chord, which he launched and again a barrage of smaller missiles bombarded the champions. The blast sent Youkomon, Dharmamon and Niscimon into the air. They each landed harshly and in a crumpled heap in the snow.

As soon as yet another missile formed SkullGreymon launched it as well. Before the missile burst into smaller projectiles the sharp cry of an eagle was heard from the distance.

“Burning Wind!”

Leoarmon soared towards the team, his wings igniting in blazing purple fire. Nearing the beast he flapped his wings, launching the flames at the missiles and destroying them. From his back  leapt the familiar human-like figure of Tarandamon.

“Frozen Aces!”

Tarandamon launched multiple arrows towards SkullGreymon, hoping one would reach his Digicore. The beast roared and turned sideways, his ribs offered more protection for his precious Digicore. He was now fully aware of the team’s intentions and offered them no chance in attacking after this. He jumped forwards, swatting at the champions and Tarandamon, swinging his arms recklessly. Tarandamon jumped and dodged, frustration building up in him.

“Damn! If Tarandamon can just get a second to fire from close range, he can shoot the core.” Trask clenched his fists.

“Frozen Hreinn!”

Just then two ice-white Rangimon leapt passed the tamers, then the champions and slammed full on against SkullGreymon’s ribs, shattering as they did. The beast stumbled backwards a bit.

“Were those…” Selena looked on in horror, as the icy reindeers shattered before her eyes. The tamers all gasped at the sight. “Are they…” Phoebe covered her mouth in shock. Two Rangimon ran up along side them. “Don’t worry, they’re just doubles.” Relief spread across the group of tamers as the Rangimon beside them launched another set of icy substitutes towards SkullGreymon.

“Blizzard Pummel!”

Seeing her chance Niscimon launched an icy pillar alongside the frozen reindeer.

The icy attacks caused the beast to stumble backwards once more. Tarandamon quickly leapt forwards while notching an arrow to his great bow. He jumped up, coming level with the glowing Digicore before him. He released the arrow, sending it flying straight and true, shattering the glassy shell of the orb instantly. It all happened in a second. SkullGreymon let out an agonizing roar. The bones forming his body glowed brighter and brighter in a blinding white light before bursting into data fragments.

The fragments fell slowly to the ground like gentle snow, taking on the shape of tiny snowflakes.


Back at Klaasmon’s house the YukimiBotamon bounced and squealed at the return of the tamers and their Digimon.

“Thank you for helping us back there.” Tarandamon stuck out his hand to Rockymon, who shook it with dignity.

“If it weren’t for the Rangimon you wouldn’t have had your shot. You should be thanking them, really.” Yasmin petted one of the reindeer Digimon who stood beside her.

Throughout the night the tamers and the Digimon, the Rangimon, Elfmon and even Tarandamon, told each other stories, laughed and cheered and enjoyed a few of Klaasmon’s famous sweet treats. Using SkullGreymon’s data Klaasmon was able to restore the mist around the Winter Forests.

“Hey guys, look!” Phoebe stood up and walked towards the window. It had begun to snow. The tamers and all the Digimon ran out into the snow. The YukimiBotamon and Elfmon bounded towards the small carousel in the center of the village, they played and laughed madly.

Alex and Vulpemon laughed at seeing the baby Digimon bounce and squeak with excitement. Just then Alex felt a blast of cold snow hit the back of his head. He blinked, still for a second before turning his head to see Maya holding a snowball in her hand. She was laughing hysterically. Alex smiled, gathered up some snow and began to mould it into a sphere shape. Maya ran from him as he chased her with the snowball.

“Ugh, how childish…” Vulpemon crossed her arms and thought. A moment later a snowball hit her at the back of her head, causing her to fall face first into the snow. She pushed to her feet and, shaking off the powder snow from her face and body, heard the hysterical laughter of the other Digimon. She narrowed her eyes and turned to face the other rookies. “Who did that?!”

Midomon concealed a snowball behind his back with one hand and pointed to Rockymon with the other. Vulpemon lunged towards him. Midomon turned on his heels and ran. Soon the tamers and all the Digimon were in a full on snowball fight. They laughed crazily as they threw and dodged snowballs.

The sound of laughter and merriment filled the air,

And for this one night, no one would have a care,

Snow fell throughout the village, gentle and white,

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night…


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