Interlude: The Long Halloween

Ghosts, ghouls, grim reapers, the dead rising from their graves; these were just a few of the more popular costume themes for Halloween. From as early as late September store windows were dressed in a spooky themed fashion. Witches hats, black cat marquees, and faux spider webs accompanying the large plastic spiders were the usual props.

At Mimi’s Deli though, the staff were dressed as forest fairies, each with a crown of wild flowers, stale pink wings and an assortment of colors on their dresses. As employee of the month Phoebe nabbed the brightest dress with the more unique set of pale blue fairy wings.
The deli itself was dressed in an enchanted forest theme; shades of gold and orange glitter were sprinkled all over the floors and countertops, fake autumn vines were twisted around the legs of all the tables with real wild flowers in vases on the tabletops. One of the fairy employees stood in front of the store next to a life size prop of a pure white unicorn with a glittering silver horn and hooves. The fairy handed out coupons that could be redeemed for a free cappuccino or chocolate milkshake. Before noon, however, all the coupons had been given away.

On a few street corners a Grim Reaper or two were handing out pamphlets for the annual Halloween bash at the Community Centre, an event almost everyone in the city attended. The more elite members of society, however, were cordially invited to one of the young socialites Halloween events or another. This year, it was Viola’s turn. And because October 31st was also Viola’s birthday, she knew she’d go all out in ensuring the best Halloween bash ever. And naturally, all of the tamers were invited. Max’s band, Random Koi, was hired as part of the entertainment.

While Matt and Takeshi had divided their time between work and the tamers, Takeshi had made sure that his and Matt’s costumes were ready weeks beforehand, just after Viola’s extravagant invitations were delivered.


“I don’t get it. Humans dress up like they’re dead, just to get candy?” Rockymon enquired curiously after Maya had explained to him the concept of trick-or-treat.

“Pretty much. But not always as the dead. People dress up as, well anything they want to really. Zombies, vampires, ghosts and witches are amongst the more popular choices, albeit total clichés. Actually it’s more of a kids thing to dress up and go trick-or-treat, but since there are so many parties happening, even adults get dressed up.”

“Hmmm…” Rockymon thought as he watched Maya turn in front of the mirror examining her own costume for the evening. “That’s definitely different from all the other costumes.”

“Right?” Maya smiled, checking her outfit for any stains or flaws.

“And Alex is supposed to wear something that matches that?” Rockymon asked.

“That’s the purpose of going together.” She turned to Rockymon, “And the best part? You can walk around freely. People will think you’re a kid all dressed up.”

“I was kinda hoping to dress up too.” He raised an eyebrow.

“Really? Well we can arrange something.”

“How did you and Alex agree to go together, again?”

“Well, a couple of weeks ago. We talked about the party and I mentioned that I didn’t have a clue as to what I would dress up as. So we just threw the idea out of going together so that our costumes matched, sort of.”

“Uh huh.” Rockymon crossed his arms and gave a sly smile.


“Now hold real still. I’m almost done.” Trask told his pony Digimon as he had almost finished painting his long face in a bright green color.

“I still don’t get why I have to be that weird little guy. I look nothing like him.” Equimon protested at wearing a brown cloak

“Come on, it’ll be great.”

“But your outfit is awesome, just like the guy from those movies. This isn’t working for me.”

“Equimon, you’re gonna look great. Trust me.”

“Let me go as Kentauromon, that’ll be more believable. And much better than this…


“Well Vulpemon, how do I look?” Alex asked his fox-like Digimon as he turned in his costume. Alex had two options in the outfit, one offered little cover for his chest, the other covered it completely.

Vulpemon examined him, “Uh, aren’t you supposed to have hair on your chest?”

Half blushing and surprised at Vulpemon’s comment Alex covered himself in his costumes cape. “I’m a man, not some kind of hairy beast. No offence.”

“None taken,” Vulpemon gave a naughty smile. “You really think Maya will go for it?”

“Heh. Anything not Max Keslar is good enough.”

“I bet he’s got hair on his chest.” Vulpemon said sarcastically.

“Yea, along with an obsession with koi fish.” Alex said, stepping back into his bathroom, closing the door behind him. He decided to go with the other costume option.


“With you there my costume is gonna be so amazing!” Duke said.

Elishamon looked through the sketches Duke had made of his costume; a long purple-ish cloak with a matching pointy hat and a scepter prop. “I don’t get it, but hey, if it works…”

“It’s so classic it’s gonna be awesome!” Duke continued to mutter to himself at how glad he was with the way his costumed had turned out. “Three months I spent on this thing. And look at it. Beautiful! And the best part? The scepter glows!”


Once Viola’s stylists had left the room after helping with her costume, she gestured for Heraldimon who was hiding behind the bed. The event was to take place at the Swanson family mansion, so Viola and Heraldimon were there the day before to oversee the planning.

“What do you think?” Viola asked her.

“You look beautiful, Viola.” Heraldimon smiled widely. “Oh, wait here. I have something for you.” Heraldimon dashed off into the lavish en-suits bathroom. A minute later she appeared with a small pot plant.

“Happy Birthday, Viola.” Heraldimon handed her the plant, a single stemmed blossom. It was exquisite, something Viola in all her knowledge about flora had never seen before. It was a bright purple, looking like the most beautiful lily Viola had ever seen. The midsection of its purple petals faded into a soft yellow, then pale orange before ending with a bright, almost neon orange color. It took her breath away.

“Heraldimon, it’s extraordinary. I…I’ve never seen anything like it. It’s like a sunset. An exquisite sunset.” Viola slowly set the plant down onto her dresser and turned to hug Heraldimon tightly. “The best gift yet.” A small tear ran down her cheek.


Towards the end of the day Phoebe saw to the packing and cleaning up of the deli before bolting off to get ready for the ball. The other deli workers couldn’t figure out why she had been invited to the Swanson’s Ball.

“I’m still kinda unsure about this costume. What do you think?” Phoebe asked Maaumon back at the apartment.

Maaumon looked at the costume Phoebe put on, not knowing quite what to say. “Agh I’m going to be a total freak!” Phoebe threw herself onto her bed.

“Come on, Phoebe. It’s not that bad. Actually I think it’s a great costume.” Maaumon said, sitting on the bed next to her.

“You think so?” Phoebe looked at her.


“I just don’t wanne look too obvious, too old fashioned, too cliché. This is the biggest Halloween bash in the city. I’ve got to make an impression.”

“Well what’s Maya wearing?”

“She won’t tell me. No one will tell me what they’re wearing. It’s all secrets. What I do know is that she’s going with Alex.”

“Really? Where’d you hear that?”

“She told me, last night over the phone. She was all excited about it.”

“She likes Alex, doesn’t she?” Maaumon lay on her front paws, interested.

“I guess. He’s definitely crazy about her though. It’s so damn obvious and she doesn’t see it. Maybe that little tiff over at the deli the other day between Alex and Max showed her. Maybe it woke her up a bit. I tell ya, if someone like Alex was interested in me, and he was filthy rich, I wouldn’t waste a second.”

Maaumon chortled.

“What’s so funny about that?” Phoebe asked, giggling a little herself.


Not a moment after Maya had slipped on her Grecian style sandals the doorbell rang. Guessing it to be Alex she turned to Rockymon once more for his approval.
“Well? Do I look okay?”

Rockymon took a moment to examine her attire up and down and finally nodded. “Well come on!” Maya hastily made her way to the door, paused to compose herself then answered. Alex stood patiently in the hallway. As the door opened his eyes met Maya’s and, for the longest moment, he couldn’t remember any words whatsoever.
“Hey” Maya broke the silence, smiling.
“Hey. You…look great.” A big grin formed on Alex’s face as he looked at her costume. “Its perfect!”


Viola looked out onto the mansion grounds from the lavish balcony. The caterers and dressers were setting up the grounds for the event, most of which would actually take place in the mansions huge dining hall.

The theme wasn’t the obvious ghastly Halloween that the occasion called for, but a rather subtle mixture of Halloween and Viola’s personal style. The tables in the dining hall were dressed in a subtle green color, with Heraldimon secretly providing lavender and lilac colored roses as centerpieces. Every alternate chair was dressed in a contrasting bright orange cover, the rest white, both with black accents. Viola’s lavish Victorian style gown would match the color theme.

The entire staff were in costume for the evening as well. Guests began pouring in at around sunset, a large assortment of delicacies and candies awaited the guests’ children in the foyer.

Max and his zombie band arrived and began to set up their equipment on the small portable stage in the dining hall, were guests had not been showed into as yet. The guests were, however conversing with each other in the main foyer, indulging in champagne. Trask and Duke arrived simultaneously, with their Digimon in toe. They eyed each other, examining each others costumes.

Trask wore black pants with a white shirt and black waist coat, the iconic outfit of Trask’s most favorite movie character.
“Wow, Han Solo. Awesome.” Duke complimented. When he lowered his eyes to Equimon he had a large grin before bursting into a chuckle. Equimon face was painted bright green and he wore a brown cloak. “Why Master Yoda, why the long face?” Duke said, trying to contain his laughter.
He, on the other hand, was wearing a long, dark purple robe with a long, pointy hat on his head. He also carried a wooden wand prop.
“And you’re a …wizard? Decent enough, especially with your ‘real’ dragon in toe.” Trask told him. Elishamon had not dressed up, nor did she want to. She had, however, agreed to be Duke’s dragon sidekick.

Phoebe arrived shortly after, carrying Maaumon who in turn carried a small present. She couldn’t find any of the other tamers in the costumed crowd as she looked around the foyer. Then she spotted Elishamon and walked straight over. She wore a long, cream colored sleeveless dress, with a wide, beaded collar necklace and a black wig with gold decorations. It was clear she had used an awful lot of bronzer to get her skin looking tanned while her eyes were outlined with thick eyeliner.

“Egyptian Princess? Classic.” Trask told her.

“Nice one, Phoebs.” Duke added his comment

“Thanks. Where’s Alex and Maya?” Phoebe asked.

“Don’t think they’re here yet.” Trask replied.

“They’re coming together, you know.”

“What? Really?”

Phoebe nodded.

“Guess it’s about time then, ey?” Duke commented.

A few moments later two figures walked through the main door. The guy was dressed as a Greek warrior, the girl a Grecian Princess holding a present. Behind them two smaller forms strolled in. Both looked like little children in costume, one a pirate black cat, the other was a purple fox in a little kimono.

“There they are.” Phoebe pointed.

As soon as Maya spotted the others, she tugged her date, Alex along. The two tamers and their Digimon made their way slowly through the throng of costumed guests.

“You guys look awesome.” Phoebe told them as they arrived. “Even Rockymon and Vulpemon.” Phoebe sat Maaumon down to chat to the other rookies.

“We saw Max’s band’s tour bus outside. Where’s Midomon?” Alex asked.

“He’s gotta be around here somewhere.” Phoebe said.

“Can we go look for him?” Rockymon looked up at Maya.

Maya nodded and the five Digimon set off. Maya had nothing against Midomon personally. What happened between her and Max was a long time ago, long before the Digimon came into their lives. If anything Rockymon and Midomon were very similar personality-wise, they even referred to themselves as brothers. Maya was always glad to see Rockymon happy, even if it meant being in the same room as Max which, she knew, she would one day have to confront and try to overcome the awkwardness for the sake of the team.

“Where is the Birthday girl?” Maya asked.

“It’s almost time before we can enter the main hall, I think.” Duke pushed back his sleeve to check his watch. Phoebe and Maya headed over to the gift able and sat down Viola’s gifts.


On the outskirts of Square City there was a random flash of lightning that bolted down onto the middle of the street. Costumed street walkers paused, shocked by the sudden crash of thunder. Some looked up to the sky instinctively, but the sky was a clear navy blue littered with small twinkling stars.

The bolt caused the road to smoke slightly, and then there was a small explosion from which a tall form appeared. It had abnormally long, arms with large red spikes on its elbows. On its lanky, bear, pale white torso red orbs ran down the side if its left shoulder down to its waist. It wore pants with large, spiked boots. It also wore a golden mask with long horns on the side and had two long, red, almost bat-like wings.
The people cheered loudly, thinking it was some kind of Halloween stunt. The creature walked on down the streets of Square City, people stopped to shout and cheer as it walked passed them. It carried on towards the edge of the city, towards the gates of the security complex where the most elite of the city’s population lived.


The young and old in costume danced and cheered to the beat of Random Koi’s latest single, ‘Till Eternity’ an upbeat rock anthem reminiscent of the rock and roll generation of the 80’s. The younger people in the crowd jumped up and swung their heads back and forth with the rhythm.

After the song, Richard Swanson had made his way on stage to introduce his daughter. The crowd cheered as Viola was carried into the room in a lavishly decorated sedan chair by four porters. She was dressed in a full Victorian princess costume. Some members of the crowd were curious to see a child dressed as a plant walk up behind her. After a few speeches from members of Viola’s family concluded by a few words from Viola herself, the band took the cue as the drummer began the steady rhythm. A moment later the bass and lead guitarist joined in, forming their own rendition of Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’.
The crowd went wild as Max began to sing, “It’s close to midnight, and something evil’s lurking in the dark. Under the moonlight, you see a sight that almost stops your heart…”

Just before the chorus a line of zombies stormed the room, the crowd cleared the way in front of the stage as the zombies began the iconic dance from the music video.
Those in the crowd who knew the dance joined in and, when cued, Viola herself stepped forward to lead the small army of the undead as glitter was released from the ceiling. As fully costumed as she was in her extravagant purple and orange gown and long, brunette wig Viola moved elegantly, keeping up with the pace of the other dancers perfectly.

While jumping up and down Phoebe spotted Matt and Takeshi, two pirates swinging their hands up in rhythm to the music.

While most of the adults danced on, the children were playfully running around between the dining hall and the foyer. A few of the kids caught the seven rookies trying to sneak off back into the dining hall and beckoned them to come over and play. After a while the Digimon were running around screaming in laughter as the children chased after them. Some were especially fond of Elishamon’s costume and tugged at her tail every now and then to see if it would come off.


The mysterious Digimon reached the gate of the complex. An officer walked over to him casually, “You got an invitation?”

The golden mask lowered to face the man. “Well?” The officer tapped his foot on the ground, one hand on the baton at his side. The creature raised his oversized hand and swung it, throwing the officer a couple of feet backwards. The man tumbled to the ground before stopping as he hit the tire of the security vehicle. Walking on the Digimon’s knees effortlessly bent and destroyed the steel boom, knocking its post clear off its cemented foundation.

He stopped a few meters away to smell the air. Once he got wind of his target he gave a low chuckle before carrying on.


Vulpemon didn’t know what came over her. It must’ve been all that candy she was dared to devour, she thought. She was running around laughing and screaming and enjoying herself. She didn’t understand why she was so hysterical. The other rookies even thought it odd and laughed at her, at which point she burst out into laughter with them. As she wiped her face with her paw she noticed her eyes tearing. Rockymon, Equimon and Midomon were rolling on the floor in stitches and holding onto their stomachs, their eyes tearing as well. Heraldimon, Maaumon and Elishamon chuckled at them.

Vulpemon suddenly caught an unfamiliar scent mid-laugh and immediately stopped. She immediately composed herself. Unsure of the nature of the scent she walked towards the front door, undisturbed by the security guards who thought she was just one of the costumed children. Vulpemon stood on the marbled porch, sniffing the air furiously, trying to gather more information from the faint scent.

From within the main hall the tamers devices beeped frantically, but none of them could hear it over the music. The rest of the rookies noticed Vulpemon’s disappearance once they had stopped laughing and joined her on the front porch of the mansion. “You guys smell that?” She asked them. Each of them breathed in the scent.

“Doesn’t smell right.” Rockymon said.

“You thinking what I’m thinking?” Equimon looked at Maaumon, who nodded slowly.

Heraldimon walked down the few steps of the porch and bent forward to put her palm on the ground. Analyzing the tiniest vibrations in the sand she stood up and hastily returned to the others. “Footsteps! Getting bigger! We have to get Viola and the others, quick!” and with that she bolted back into the mansion towards the dining hall where the audience was. Rockymon exchanged looks with Vulpemon and ran on after the plant Digimon.

As soon as they reached the entrance to the main hall they found Heraldimon standing there worriedly, her hand on her chin. There were simply too many people in the hall, it would take some time to find all their tamers.

“What now?” Equimon asked, waiting for one of the others to come up with something.

“The stage.” Midomon said. “Max is on stage. If we can get there the others will see us.”

“Right.” Rockymon said. “We should stick together in case we get separated in the crowd.” He reached out for Vulpemon’s paw. She took it and held out her other paw for Midomon. All seven Digimon formed a link as Rockymon lead them against the walls of the hall, trying to avoid the crowd and slowly making their way to the stage.
Once there they climbed up on the small stage, almost distracting the band members. During a break in singing Max turned and found the seven rookies behind him.

“Something’s coming this way!” Midomon yelled over the music. Max understood and looked back up at the crowd, trying to pick out his fellow tamers. He caught sight of Viola mingling her way through the middle of the crowd. Missing his cue for the chorus his band members became confused but played on.
There was no way of letting the others know without starting a panic in the room, Max thought. He raised his hands to the rest of the band, who fell out of sync as they stopped playing their instruments one by one. The crowd grew silent and watched him curiously. Max turned to Midomon, “Follow my lead, ok?” and turned back to the audience. By this time Viola was looking towards the stage and noticed all the Digimon standing behind Max. She immediately knew something was wrong. The other tamers, scattered through the crowd thought the same thing.

“Something must be wrong.” Maya told Alex. He raised his D-Ark and found it pulsating in a red light with the word ‘Danger!’ written on the projected screen. He showed it to Maya. They exchanged worried looks before returning their gaze to their Digimon on stage.

“Uh. We have just a little something special for you guys. A little Halloween treat…or trick rather.” Max spoke over the microphone.

“What’re you doing, man?” his bass guitarist whispered to him out loud.

“Just go with it.” Max said to him softy.

“Uh…This little guy right here…” Max beckoned Midomon over next to him. Reluctantly Midomon stepped forward as Max continued, “…is gonna perform a little magic trick. In a flash of blue light, he’s not gonna be little anymore.”

The crowd spoke quietly amongst themselves, intrigued and staring at Midomon. The imp Digimon now understood Max’s plan.

“You ready?” Max asked him. After Midomon nodded Max pulled out his D-Ark device from his pocket. “Now watch closely folks.”
The drummer began to play a suspenseful beat.

Max gave the order and a second later a voice exclaimed from his device.


The crowd watched in awe as the child became engulfed in a bright, navy blue light. His form grew tremendously from a few feet to about eight feet tall. Once the light faded the crowd looked upon a gigantic man wearing Greek-like armor. They cheered wildly at Graikosmon, who now in his taller form, spotted each of the other tamers in the crowd.

“Woah! How’d you do that? Rad, man, rad.” The bass guitarist cheered.

“Yea, uh. You guys liked that? Maybe we can do some magic with these other…kids right here.” Max improvised, hoping he was understood by the tamers scattered in the crowd. The crowd cheered and clapped in agreement.

Max beckoned for the others and, one by one, with the tamers secretly activating their devices, the Digimon evolved right before the audiences eyes; a tall boxer wearing a panther suit, a centaur with blue-green orbs, a large dark pink, winged dragon, a huge purple fox and two smaller forms, one with pink hair and green skin, the other a bipedal cat. The crowd in the hall went wild, shouting and clapping.

“Now those must’ve taken ages to make!” one audience member told another, commenting on the ‘costumes’ of the Digimon who had to move onto part of the dance floor sue to their size. “How do you think they got more than one person in those?” the man asked his friend pointing to the four legged champions Kentauromon, Youkomon and Enumamon.

As Manxmon was being complimented he sniffed the air. The scent was stronger than before. He looked at the others. Each of them nodded slightly in turn. The odor was almost like rotting flesh with a sense of forebodingness. Maya, Alex and the other tamers had made their way towards the main foyer. The champions managed to follow them by gently pushing their way through the crowd, Mikemon and Rosaemon on Kentauromon’s back.

“Just…keep playing…I’ll be back.” Max told his band, sitting his guitar down on the wooden floor of the stage.

“What?! Where are you going?” the drummer was concerned.
“Chris. Take over vocals. Just…play some music. Some loud music.” He told his bass guitarist before heading off to get to the others.

The seven tamers and their Digimon stood outside the mansion. Lifting his D-Ark Trask discerned which direction the mysterious Digimon was coming from, with the help of Rosaemon. It was a few minutes down the street and the team raced down to meet it.

Phoebe and Viola gasped. “NeoDevimon. Fallen Angel Digimon. Ultimate level. The mere presence of this Digimon causes conflict with those he passes.” Trask read out from his device. The tamers and their Digimon looked upon it as a nearby streetlight shone on it from above, revealing its appearance to the tamers. It stopped as soon as it caught sight of the champions.

“I hope this is all just one, big Halloween joke…” Viola said, holding herself out of fear of seeing such a creature. Phoebe and Maya stood close to her.

“Yea, a sick joke. From the Shadow Lords I’ll bet.” Alex looked upon the tall, lanky, awkward looking Digimon.

NeoDevimon didn’t move, not once. He stood, surveying the group of tamers and their champion Digimon, all of whom were growing nervous with every passing second.

“What’s he doing?” Alex was confused.

“He’s just standing there, staring at us. I don’t like it.” Trask felt a single drop of sweat run down the side of his face.

“How do we know he’s not devising an attack as we speak?” Phoebe kept close to Maya and Viola.

“I’m tired of this.” Graikosmon said.

“He’s taunting us.” Manxmon swung his arms in preparation.

“How do we go in?” Kentauromon asked, needing to know a plan beforehand.

“Each of us takes a shot at him. That don’t work, together, as one.” Manxmon instructed.

“Right.” Kentauromon readied himself. “Who’s going first?”

Manxmon was taken aback by the centaur Digimon. “You scared, Kenty?” Kentauromon glanced at Manxmon, “What?”
“You heard me.” Manxmon kept his gaze on NeoDevimon, who still refused to move, but groaned every so often, seemingly amused by the champions.
“You callin’ me afraid?” blue electrical charges began to build up in Kentauromon’s mangled right arm. “Why don’t you go first?”
“I always deal the finishing blow.”
“Lame excuse. You’re just being a coward.”
Manxmon stood up straight and turned to the taller centaur Digimon, “Did you just call me a coward?”
“Did I st-st-stutter?” Kentauromon mocked, turning to Manxmon in return.

“What’re they doing?” Trask was confused by his Digimon’s sudden lack of backbone. But even more so at his sudden disinterest of NeoDevimon.
“It’s NeoDevimon. He’s causing them to turn on eachother.” Alex clenched his fists.
“Manxmon, get your head in the game!” Maya scolded.

Manxmon turned away from Kentauromon. No sooner had he began swinging his arms he heard the sly remark, “Chicken” from behind him.
“That’s it!” he swung round, ready to leap for Kentauromon.

“Flaming Dragons!”

Youkomon came charging between the two before releasing nine golden fire balls from her tails towards NeoDevimon. The two bickering champions watched as they struck NeoDevimon full on his torso. Still, he wouldn’t budge.

“Come on! Not even a flinch?!” Alex shouted.

A low growl was heard from NeoDevimon which grew louder into a chuckle, then a laugh. Youkomon felt a shiver as the fur running down her spine stood erect.

“Metal Fist!”

Graikosmon leapt forward and slammed his fist into the side of NeoDevimon’s golden mask. Graikosmon stood in front of him, feeling a sense of victory. NeoDevimon turned his head forward and lowered to look at Graikosmon, who stepped back, clenching his metal fists.
Suddenly, with deadly speed one of NeoDevimon’s long arms came swinging and struck Graikosmon, sending him flying twenty or so feet in the air before hitting a tree and tumbling to the ground.

“Graikosmon!” Max called out to his Digimon, who slowly lifted himself up off the ground.

“Your plan’s not working.” Youkomon told Manxmon.
Manxmon stood for a moment, unsure of what to do. He glared at NeoDevimon with determination. “Together!” he shouted finally.
The seven champions launched themselves all at once.

“Flaming Dragons!”

“Blue Lightning Burst!”

Youkomon released the golden flames from her tails as Kentauromon let loose the blue electrical energy from his right arm. The attacks struck home.

“Neko Claw!”

“Needle Dance!”

“Dragon’s Breathe!”

Mikemon dealt a swift blow to NeoDevimon’s shielded face as Rosaemon’s thorns shot at him. Enumamon circled from above, spitting fireballs of molten rock down at him.

“Metal Fist!”

“Panthera Punch!”

Graikosmon and Manxmon jumped in to deliver what in their minds would’ve been the finishing blows. They struck at the same time, hitting NeoDevimon square in the torso, sending him careening back down the street and finally tumbling to a stop.

The tamers all breathed a sigh of relief. Manxmon and Graikosmon stood where they had regained their composure, looking upon the fallen angel Digimon. Slowly NeoDevimon began to stir, bringing himself up with a flap of his long, demon-like wings. He began to growl, a tortured noise that shook the tamers to their core. Maya, Phoebe and Viola watching with eyes widened as NeoDevimon turned his head to face their Digimon, the three orbs on the side of his face glowing in a bright red, as did those decorating the left side of his torso.

The Digimon themselves became unnerved, losing morale fast. Rosaemon felt the sweat run down the side of her face as NeoDevimon regained his form, raising his long arms with his palms facing the group of champions. He spoke in a voice that was calm yet fearful. It was low and eerie.

“Stun Claw!”

Before any of them could blink NeoDevimon was upon Manxmon and Graikosmon, gripping their necks in his long hands and raised them off the ground. He squeezed tighter and tighter, finding sick pleasure in hearing them squirm and squeal.

Maya and Max shouted for their Digimon in unison.

“Come on!” Youkomon beckoned the rest of the champions as she dashed forward.

“Blazing Sphere!”

Somersaulting forward Youkomon became engulfed in a large golden flame that leapt for NeoDevimon. It wrapped around him, the flames licking and burning him, causing him to release his grip of the two champions. Manxmon and Graikosmon fell to the ground as NeoDevimon was thrust with the spiked arm of Kentauromon in the gut. The golden flame jumped off of the enemy and dissipated into Youkomon. NeoDevimon was pushed backwards with Kentauromon’s bulk, screaming at the blunt blades that were impaling him.
The centaur withdrew, leaving gaping holes in NeoDevimon’s torso that began to ooze with a dark purple liquid.

“He’s not so tough!” Kentauromon assured the others.
Just as he spoke, the wounds on their enemy’s body began to close and heal themselves.

“You were saying?” Mikemon clenched her fists.

“How the hell?!” Trask raised an eyebrow.

NeoDevimon gave a sinister chuckle. The champions leapt all at once, attacking him together once more. NeoDevimon only had to swing his unnaturally long arms, knocking off the Digimon one by one.
The champions were growing increasingly tired and pulled back their attacks for a moment.

NeoDevimon’s low, eerie voice sounded. Maya checked her D-Ark. Next to Manxmon’s silhouette the health gauge was running out, it was at thirty-five percent at this point.
The seven champions regrouped and gave another charge.

“Deep Sorrow!”

A black circle formed around the devil Digimon. Manxmon was the first to reach it. As soon as he did he slowed down, Graikosmon came crashing into him from behind and they both tumbled to the ground. Kentauromon tripped over Mikemon and the others each fell to the ground after penetrating the black radius. Rosaemon, however, noticed before she had reached the circle and immediately forced herself to stop in her tracks. Her fellow champions lay still on the ground, groaning and twitching. They had fallen asleep under NeoDevimon’s spell.

“What has he done?!” Maya looked at the fallen Digimon with worry.

NeoDevimon glanced around at the sleeping champions, realizing that Rosaemon had not passed into the radius of his attack. He took a long step forward, over Graikosmon, who was passed out across Manxmon. The black radius dissipated as NeoDevimon touched it. Rosaemon walked backwards a few steps her eyes fixed on NeoDevimon who was getting closer with every stride. Feeling fear well up inside her Rosaemon tripped backwards over herself.

The tamers took the opportunity to run across the street to their sleeping Digimon, each trying to wake them up frantically. Maya slapped Manxmon’s face over and over, Max tried to pull his partner off Manxmon, but Graikosmon was far too heavy for the human to lift. Phoebe lifted Mikemon into her arms, shaking her every so often in an effort to wake her. Trask grabbed and shook the wide shoulders of Kentauromon as he sat slumped forward, his equine half keeping him upright, while Alex held Youkomon’s head in his hands, trying to coax her out of her slumber while Duke lifted Enumamon’s head onto his lap, opening her eyelids gently to confirm that she was fast asleep. Viola hadn’t moved from the spot the tamers stood moments before. Rosaemon sat on the ground in fear as she looked up at the six glowing eyes peering out of NeoDevimon’s golden mask.

Viola felt her entire body fill up with Rosaemon’s fear. She called out to her plant Digimon, willing her to stand up despite her fear. “Viola.” Rosaemon breathed deeply.
Viola’s fear suddenly turned into rage. She couldn’t understand how but she suddenly had no fear at all. She stormed into the street and stood in front of her Digimon, fists tightly clenched. NeoDevimon stopped in his step, a few feet or so away from her and Rosaemon.

Viola looked him dead in the eyes, all six of them. She pointing a finger accusingly at him and began to yell out in anger.
“Listen you! You’re not gonna ruin MY birthday! Oh no, not today! You’re gonna march back to wherever the hell you came from and never come back. Got it?!”

NeoDevimon cocked his head to one side, examining Viola confusingly. The other tamers stopped to look up at her, taking on the devil Digimon. “Viola, what are you doing?!” Trask called out.

Rosaemon felt her fear subside and stood up, standing next to her tamer. NeoDevimon slowly raised his hand. The other knew by now, he was gonna swing his arm violently. They yelled and shouted for Viola and Rosaemon to get out of the way, but the two remained, strengthened by each other, they stood facing NeoDevimon. Rosaemon held Viola’s hand in hers, determination welling up slowly inside her. Somethings happening to me, she thought, she felt her power restore little by little.

NeoDevimon swung his hand with lightning speed. In a flash his arm suddenly stopped, the sudden force causing a shake up his arm. It felt as if he’d backhanded a brick wall. A bright green light appeared from Viola’s D-Ark device. Rosaemon lifted a few feet into the air, glowing in the same light. NeoDevimon realized that the plant Digimon had stopped his arm.

“Limit Activated!”

Rosaemon’s eyes filled with the green light as she raised her arms. Bits of data formed infront of her, taking on the shape of stem less roses. The roses seemed to solidify into some kind of hardened material in mid air.

“Rhodonite Strike!”

Shooting her arms forward the roses launched at NeoDevimon, who had taken a few steps backwards. He was bombarded with the solid roses, yelping as they scratched his skin and dented his mask.

“Twisted Thorns!”

Rosaemon wasn’t done yet. From beneath NeoDevimon the ground cracked open as thick vines with thorns sprang up, wrapping themselves around NeoDevimon’s legs and long arms. NeoDevimon flapped his wings and pulled at the vines in an effort to escape. He groaned and growled at Rosaemon, who closed her eyes halfway, determination written clearly on her face. Suddenly the areas on NeoDevimon which were being pierced by the thorns of the vines began to singe slightly. He yelped as he realized the thorns were becoming venomous, feeling the venom being transported from his arms and legs up into his core and head. His limbs began to take on a dark purple tint that crawled upwards and slowly colored him in a dark purple hue entirely.
Rosaemon seemed to clench her fists, willing the vines to tighten and pull harder, eventually ripping off one of NeoDevimon’s arms, which quickly became data and eradicated. He screamed wildly before the now free vine worked its way up his torso and wrapped around his neck. Clenching again, Rosaemon ordered her vines once more and, all at once, NeoDevimon’s body was pulled in all directions, finally giving in to the force and bursting into data fragments instantly.

Rosaemon descended to the ground, her body still glowing as she de-evolved into Heraldimon. Viola looked down at her as she turned around. Viola stood, still and speechless for a moment before throwing her arms around Heraldimon’s neck and hugged her tightly.

The other champions began to stir, their tamers eyes still fixed on Heraldimon, trying to take in what just happened. Graikosmon lifted himself off of Manxmon and sat holding his head. “You alright, buddy?” Max put a hand on his shoulder.
“I had the weirdest dream. And now, a massive headache.”

“Is it over?” Manxmon pulled himself up off the ground, Maya helping him. Kentauromon stood up on his four back legs, and looked around for his adversary. “Where’d he go?” he looked down at Trask.
Phoebe still held Mikemon in her arms as she awoke. Youkomon stood up, pressing her head against Alex’s chest as he began to scratch behind her ear, a favorite spot of hers. Enumamon flapped her wings to pull herself up. She nudged Duke affectionately with her head, almost knocking him over.

“Rosaemon defeated him.” Maya pointed to Heraldimon, who was still being squeezed by her tamer.

“Rosaemon?!” Manxmon’s deep voice lightened into that of a child as he reverted back into Rockymon. The others de-evolved as well.

“Seriously? All by herself?” Equimon asked.
“Yeah.” Trask confirmed.

The others rejoined Viola and Heraldimon, each congratulating her in turn. “You what they say about dynamite…” Duke smiled as he patted Heraldimon on her head. Heraldimon felt her cheeks warm up in a blush at all the attention she was receiving.

“Let’s get back, quickly!” Alex pointed to the distant blue glows flashing on the walls of the building down the street as the faint sounds of sirens got louder.

When they had reached the Swanson mansion some guests had started to make their way out onto the porch. They saw Viola, who slowed to a dignified walk as soon as she saw them, and rushed down the few steps to bid her a farewell greeting, laughing and cheering about the party and the ‘magic’ tricks the band performed. Valets had brought the guests respective vehicles over to the long drive way, some guests had limos and private drivers who returned to pick them up.

Moments later the street was abuzz with departing vehicles and limos full of cheerful guests still giggling at the pleasant events of the party. The vehicles had to work their way around a few police cars and officers who were examining a large crack in the middle of the street, along with some minor wreckage to the nearby trees and grass.

Butlers and maids were cleaning up the main dining hall of crockery and cutlery, tinsel and glitter littered the vast marble tiled floors of the entire room that was still lit in the purple hue of the decorative lights. Max’s band members were packing up their instruments when he ran up to them. They looked at him quizzically after he had walked in with a group of six adults and seven heavily costumed kids.

“What happened? Where’d you go, man?” Chris, Max’s bass guitarist was almost angry at the fact that the lead singer had left them dry in the middle of a gig. He was grateful though, for Max’s impromptu magic trick, as the guests had complimented them over and over before they had left. Picking up his guitar, Max sat it in its case. Each of the band members picked up their gear and headed for the doorway. Max stopped by the tamers.

“You coming, man?” Chris turned around.

Max looked down at Midomon, who smiled widely. “I’ll catch up with you guys later,” he waved his hand.

The tamers were left in the spacious dining hall alone with their Digimon. “Well, what do we do now?” Phoebe picked up Maaumon.

“I have an idea.” Max returned to the stage and set up one of the speakers hired for the band. From his bag he brought out his Ipod and connected it to the speakers and, a minute later, blasted out the original track of Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’. Trask raised an eyebrow and smiled, “Really?” he said sarcastically.

“Come on.” Max walked back over to them and held his hand out to Viola, “Happy Birthday.”

Viola looked down at Heraldimon, who took her hand as she took Max’s and they headed to the center of the hall and proceeded with the iconic dance. Maya had her arms folded, but joined in when Rockymon tugged at her dress. Moments later all seven tamers and their Digimon danced along with the beat, some of the Digimon mimicked the moves from the others as they went along.

The end…



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