D-Ark Devices

The D-Ark is an electronic device obtained by the tamers of the Digimon of Origin. It serves as an indicator of the Digimon’s health and connects the tamer with his/her Digimon. Its numerous functions include detecting other similar devices within a certain range, detecting and recording information of any other Digimon within its range as well as recording information containing the tamer’s Digimon’s evolution processes. The D-Ark also serves as a transportation method to the Digital World and back.

Primary functions:

  • • The device holds all the data and health status of the tamer’s Digimon.
  • • Allows tamer and Digimon unlimited access between the Digital World and real world.
  • • By use of a digital portal, the device can also transport tamers and their Digimon to any other area of the real world.
  • • It records the evolution process for all levels of evolution the Digimon has reached and, if the Digimon has enough energy, allows evolution to be remotely activated.
  • • Under special circumstances the device picks up on a data reading within the tamer’s Digimon that allows a special Limit attack to be used.

Secondary Functions:

  • • The device records data of any and all Digimon in its radius.
  • • The device also locates other D-Arks within a certain radius.
  • • The device enables communication with the Holy Angels (Digimon Lords).
  • • The device is voice activated.
  • • Can display what the Tamer’s Digimon is seeing.
  • o Can analyze Digimon that the Tamer’s Digimon sees.

Other Features:

  • • Has a Compass/Radar function.
  • • Has a clock setting.
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