• Pronounced: ‘Bee-el-zuh-mon’
  • Level: Mega
  • Type: Demon Lord
  • Attribute: Virus
  • Family: Dark Area / Nightmare Soldiers
  • Attacks:
  • Darkness Claw: Raises his claw overhead and cuts the foe into pieces.
  • Double Impact: Rapid fires his Berenjena.
  • Limit: Xacerbation:  Corrupts existing Digimon, making them more powerful than they were before (X-antibody equivalent)

Personality: Beelzemon is arrogant, egotistical, selfish and the very definition of Gluttony. Following orders is a tiresome chore to him. He is also quite impatient and childish at times, traits the the other Shadow Lords find quite annoying.

History: During the great war Beelzemon nearly defeated Virtuemon. His very presence sparks greed in those around him. When he’s not loafing around in his lair, he rides around on his motorcycle, Behemoth, wreaking havok in one Digimon village or another.