• Level: Mega
  • Type: Demon Lord
  • Family: Dark Area
  • Attribute: Virus
  • Attacks:
  1. Phantom Pain: Rots the opponent’s body with a sigh of darkness, causing the data to dissipate from the tips of their bodies, and they suffer from that pain as they die.
  2. Nazar Nail: Corrodes anything she touches with the Nazar Nail.
  3. Empress Emblaze: Summons an eldritch, hand-shaped monstrosity which annihilates the opponent.
  • Limit: Code Breaker: Lilithmon copies the source code of any Digimon and alters it to create a personal Digimon servant.

Personality: Lilithmon is without mercy or remorse. She loves getting her way and will not tolerate failure. She finds pleasure in the pain and suffering of others. She is too proud to admit defeat and is prone to throw tantrums when her plans fail, often destroying her surroundings.

History: Lilithmon became second in charge after Kronosmon. She had gone on a rampage destroying Digimon who would not choose to follow the Shadow Lords. In an epic battle with the Digimon Lords, Lilithmon defeated Ophanimon, but not without great difficulty.

Extra Information: Lilithmon was the first of the Shadow Lords to appear to the Creators. After ‘the remaking’ she had taunted Matt, Takeshi and Keslar and continues to send out her minions to destroy the Digimon of Origin.

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