• Name: Viola Marie Swanson
  • Age: 25
  • Gender: Female
  • Nationality/Ethnicity: American
  • Eye Color: Green
  • Hair Color: Lilac (Originally light brown)
  • Occupation: Florist, Heiress
  • Digimon Partner: Heraldimon
  • Partner’s Origin: Earth
  • D-Ark Color/s: Deep Green / Gold
  • Hobbies: Reading, Shopping, taking care of her garden
  • Favorite Shows: Desperate Housewives, 2 Broke Girls, Missing
  • Favorite Musicians: Dean Martin, Adele, Il Divo

Personality: Viola was raised the only child of Richard and Evelyn Swanson and had everything she could ever want, except the company of her parents who were busy building their fashion empire. She has a tough outer shell, which comes across as arrogant most of the time. She hides her true self, which is a sensitive and misunderstood girl. At first she tried to hide this from Heraldimon, but the plant Digimon can see right through her.

Extra Information: Viola is an heiress to a fashion empire. After graduating from design school she decided not to pursue the family business but instead opted to start her own florist business. She has a passion for flora, something that’s often shown in her annual fashion collections.

Five random things about Viola:

  1. She sometimes wishes she’d been born in the 20’s.
  2. She dislikes pop music, saying it’s an absolute waste of musical creativity.
  3. She died her hair lilac to spite her parents.
  4. She’s taken various online courses on Horticulture.
  5. As a child, her family lived in Italy for two years. Viola speaks fluent Italian, along with Mandarin Chinese.