Here are some facts about the story and characters…

Story Facts

The story was developed long after being called Digimon ‘Origins’. The Origins concept didn’t come in until much later.

The title Digimon of Origin

The data of the ten Digimon who defeated the Shadow Lords was saved by the Creators before the Digital World was erased. Their data held the source codes for all Digimon, even the Shadow Lords.

When the Digital World recreated itself years later, their data was used to bring back the Shadow Lords, but also the Holy Angels, the ten chosen Digimon as well as all other Digimon that came into existence. The ten Digimon became the origins of the next generation of Digimon…


Square City

Digimon Origins is based primarily in the fictional city of Square City, which is somewhere in the USA.

Square City is named after game giant Square Enix. Likewise Keslar’s company Kingdom Games is named after Square Enix’s hit Kingdom Hearts.


Almost all of the Digimon of Origin’s forms are inspired by various Mythological characters of the world.

Rockymon was created after my pet cat, Rocky, and was created before the story concept came about.

Vulpemon was the second character to be created, also long before the story came about.

Viola & Heraldimon’s Mega, Odoramon, were named after ‘Viola Odorata’, the classification for the Sweet Violet.

Elishamon & Enumamon are named after ‘Enuma Elisha’, a Mesopotamian creation epic written in 2000bc, centering around the Goddess Tiamat, the dragon-like personification of the oceans.

Lotusmon was originally considered for Heraldimon’s Mega level before the re-colored Rosemon (Odoramon) came in.

Midomon got his name from ‘Myrmidon’; in Greek Myth, people of the island of Aegina, the followers of Achilles during the Trojan War.

Maaumon got her name from ‘Maau’ an extremely rare cat breed that originated in Ancient Egypt. Maau was also the name of an Egyptian Goddess.


Creators Matt and Takeshi were named after the Digimon Adventure/Season 1’s brothers Matt/Yamato Ishida and T.K/Takeru Takaishi.


Ep. 4 title “Float Like A butterfly, Sting like a Beemon” is homage to boxing legend Muhammad Ali. Boxing feline Manxmon debuts in this ep.

Ep 7 & 8 title “Blaze In The Dark” was taken from the poem “A Dream Of Foxes” by Poet Lucille Clifton.

Ep. 19 “A Hunka Hunka BurningGreymon” is homage to the Digimon Frontier/S4 Episode of the same title, in which BurningGreymon debuts.

Ep 22 Tamer Joshua Mphahlele was named after Es’kia Mphahlele, a famous South African writer and professor.