The Creators

Matthew (Matt) Connor Rae

Age: 32
Nationality: American
Occupation: Graphic Artist at Kingdom Games

Personality: Matt is easy going and friendly. He’s often the guy people go to for advice, thanks to his vast knowledge of things and open-mindedness. He’s never judgmental but is often a skeptic about certain things or situations.

He’s a very creative personality and will often look at things different than the average person. He’s also quick to jump on an idea, even if it doesn’t work out in the end. He’s always determined and most of the time has a positive look at life.

He’s not agitated quickly but once he becomes angry it will take some time for him to cool off. Despite his smallish frame he never backs down from a fight.
In his spare time he likes to wander the city, looking for new and interesting places or things to inspire him.


Takeshi Hirotoro

Age: 29
Nationality: Japanese
Occupation: Programmer at Kingdom Games

Personality: Takeshi is somewhat of a social outcast. He was never one to go out clubbing and the like, he’d much rather stay home and enjoy a good movie or surf the web. He’s very logical and will often get caught up explaining something in detail whilst in conversation. Despite this he gets along well with co-workers and people he knows.

He scares easily, something developed from his childhood when his grandfather used to tell him scary tales of Japanese folklore. Because of this he’s also very superstitious and will go to great lengths to avoid bad luck.

He loves technology, and loves how to tweak things to his liking. He often spends most of his savings on the latest PC hardware and gadgets. He also splurges on the latest video games.