Other – Allies


A complete list of ally Digimon the team have met up with so far.

 A * next to the name means that Digimon is an original character and might not have a profile yet.
Clicking on the name of an official Digimon will open up that Digimon’s profile in Wikimon.net. (Keep in mind Wikimon often uses the Japanese names of the Digimon rather than the English dub names used here. (Example Kazemon is originally Fairymon). Don’t be confused!

Episode number – Digimon Name

19. Agunimon / BurningGreymon
22. Joshua (Tamer) / Ceromon*

Special Episodes

Christmas with the Digimon of Origin: Tarandamon* / Rangimon* / Klaasmon* / Elfmon*

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