Episode 13: The Wolfmon of the Apocalypse

An eerie howl echoed throughout Square City. The hairs on the back of Matt and Takeshi’s necks were raised at hearing the familiar sound of a wolf-like Digimon.

“Dorulumon.” Matt whispered, afraid to speak at normal volume. It was close to midnight and the power was out throughout the city. Takeshi had lit some candles in the apartment.
“I hope Viola and Heraldimon are on their way…” whispered Takeshi. Just as he did there was a loud knock at the door. Takeshi instinctively jumped up, squealed and dove behind the couch. Matt answered the door, relieved to find that it was Alex and Viola with their Digimon in toe.
“Man, are we glad to see you guys.” said Matt.

“Viola managed to call me before everything got cut off and the power went out. You hear that noise? Like a wolf howling?” Alex asked.

“Yea. Dorulumon. Don’t think I can forget that sound.” Matt replied.

“Dorulumon? From the Memorial Bridge incident?” Viola inquired.

Matt nodded. Takeshi raised his head up from behind the couch and found that the two rookies were staring at him. Vulpemon’s fur was constantly raised, a sign that she was uneasy about the occurrences. Heraldimon stood close to Viola, not letting her out of her sight.

“Does anyone know what’s happening here?” Viola asked.

“The news reported clouds at various locations all over the world. At the water park where Maya and the others were, the cloud burst into Digimon. There’s no way of knowing if all the other clouds burst as well.” Matt explained.

“Uh, guys…” Takeshi stood behind the couch staring out the window. He raised his hand and pointed.

The others walked over and saw the silhouette of a creature on the rooftop of the building across the street. The moonlight shone brightly on it, its silver drills glinting with the reflection. “Is it looking at us?” Takeshi asked nervously.”

“I think it’s safe to assume so, Taki.” Matt replied, his eyes fixed on the creature.

Dorulumon sent out another screeching howl, causing the group of humans to cover their ears. “Alex?” Vulpemon jumped up to the window. Alex nodded and reached for the D-Ark in his jacket pocket. Matt handed Viola hers. “Activate Evolution!”


“Vulpemon evolve to…”
As Vulpemon leapt out the window her form was replaced by a bigger fox Digimon with nine tails.

“Heraldimon evolve to…”
Heraldimon stood by the window as her form became that of a doll-like Digimon with bright pink hair.

Youkomon landed a short distance from Dorulumon, who was slightly bigger in size than she.

“Be careful Rosaemon.” Viola said as her Digimon climbed the ledge of the window, waiting to jump in and join Youkomon.


Maya and Phoebe had set some drinks down on the little table just before the power went out. Duke reached for his mobile phone in order to use the screen as a light. “That’s strange. Signal’s gone.” The others held up their mobile phones.

“Signal and power? That couldn’t be a coincidence…Could it?” said Phoebe.

“I have a bad feeling about this…” Trask stood up and looked out of the window.

Rockymon jumped up and turned to the other Digimon, “You guys feel that?”

“What is it, Rockymon?” Maya asked.

“I feel something, like a small vibration. But it’s in the air…I think”

Maaumon and Equimon stood up. Elishamon tweaked the frill-like structures on the sides of her head. “I feel it too.”

“I…don’t think I feel it…” Equimon squeezed his eyes shut to concentrate.

“What could it be?” Phoebe asked.

“It’s a signal.” An unfamiliar voice sounded.

The tamers and Digimon looked around to see where the voice had come from.

Maya looked straight at her D-Ark device, knowing it had come from it, “What?”

“It’s a signal.”


Phoebe, Trask and Duke each held their devices up. Ophanimon had begun to explain, “Tamers. I thank you for reviving me. There is much to discuss, but first you must put an end to the signal.”

“What signal?” Duke asked.

“The Shadow Lords are sending out a signal that is causing the Bakemon to manifest all over your world. The signal interferes with every electric device and all other signals of the human world. You must find a way to end it.”

“How the hell do we do that?” Trask exchanged looks with the other tamers. Maya thought for a moment and then said finally, “Matt…Matt has Viola’s D-Ark. Ophanimon is it possible for you to repeat everything you just said to Matt and the others?”

“I will.” After that there was a soft click, then silence.

“That’s that. We gotta get back to Square City.” said Maya.

“So much for our Spring Break.” Phoebe showed a hint of disappointment.

“I’ll meet you guys at the car.” said Trask. After he had explained to Duke where he had parked his car the guys left as Phoebe and Maya frantically packed up their bags, the two felines assisted. After a minute or so they raced out of the apartment, through the corridors and down to the lobby, where Duke rejoined them.
“Guys, I can take Elishamon and fly to Square City faster.” He said.

“There’s an idea.” Phoebe was almost completely out of breath at keeping up with the more athletic Maya.

“You can relay Ophanimon’s message to the others. How long will it take you to get there?” Maya said.

“Maybe 15-20 minutes.” Duke replied.

“I can do it in less than that!” Elishamon said, wearing an oversized raincoat as a disguise.

Maya nodded, “You’ll know where to find them, Matt and the others. Use your device.”
Duke nodded and he and Elishamon dashed off out of the building. Phoebe and Maya ran the other way and caught sight of Trask pulling up at the entrance.


Dorulumon and Youkomon clashed on the rooftop of the building across the street from Matt and Takeshi’s apartment. Flashes of blue thunder collided with blasts of golden fireballs. Rosaemon jumped in every now and then but was quickly subdued by the large wolf-like Digimon.

“Come on, Rosaemon…” Viola said softly to herself. The four humans watched on intently as the two Digimon battled Dorulumon. They were each of them nervous, but didn’t show it, except, of course, Takeshi.

“Dorulu Cannon!”

Dorulumon aimed and launched the huge, silver drill from his forehead towards Youkomon as she leapt for him. Instinctively she curled into a ball, somersaulting through the air and forced her fur to ignite into golden flames just at the drill struck. The flames and speed of her spinning body caused it to deflect away from her body. Youkomon carried on spinning towards Dorulumon.

“Blazing Sphere!”

Her body struck Dorulumon and he tumbled backwards off the side of the building. The humans watched him fall, but couldn’t make him out in the total darkness of the street below.

“Tamers!” the D-Ark in Alex’s hand began to vibrate. He raised it up, “Huh?”

“Tamers! You must listen!” the familiar female voice sounded from the device. Matt and Viola turned their heads as they heard it. Takeshi’s eyes were fixed on the dark streets, examining every bit for a sign of Dorulumon.

“Was that…Ophanimon?” Matt asked. Just then Viola’s device began to vibrate in her hand.

“There is a signal. It’s been sent out by the Shadow Lords, luring the Bakemon into your world. You must find a way to put an end to it, before it’s too late. The others are on their way back to you. You must find a way to stop the signal.” After that there was a soft click, then silence.

Alex and Viola turned to Matt. “There’s no way…The power, on everything, is completely out…everywhere…”

“There is no hope…” Takeshi pressed his forehead against the window. He could feel his slight heartbeats in his ear.

Alex began pacing the room, thinking for a moment. Youkomon and Rosaemon scanned the streets below for a sign of their adversary.

“Wait…” Alex said finally. “The cars, the cars are running. On Blackout Sunday even they weren’t working. But today they are…”

“What are you suggesting?” Matt asked.

“I think we need to find a police car…”

“What for?” Viola asked.

“The police radio?” Matt caught on.

Alex Nodded. Just then Takeshi caught a glimpse of flashing blue lights from the corner of his eye, “Shouldn’t be too hard.” He pointed towards the convoy of police vehicles speeding down the street, lighting up the darkness with flashes of blue. Takeshi noticed that Dorulumon wasn’t anywhere in the glimpses of light, where he should have fallen. He stood upright, feeling his heartbeat even faster, “Dorulumon’s gone…”

Alex, Matt and Viola peered out of the window down to the dark street. Youkomon and Rosaemon hopped from rooftop to rooftop for a sign of the wolf Digimon, but didn’t stray too far from the tamers. Matt turned to Takeshi, “Taki, can you intercept the signal on a police radio?”
Takeshi, not averting his gaze from the street, nodded.

“Wait, after that, then what?” Viola asked.

“First gotta see if we can actually get it.”

“Right, we gotta catch up to those police cars quick if we wanne try.” said Alex.

“We’ll take my car,” said Viola.

After relaying their plan to their two champions the tamers, along with Matt and Takeshi, took off in the direction of the police vehicles. Youkomon, with Rosaemon on her back, kept up with them from the rooftops.

Dorulumon was on a mission. As he tumbled off the building after being hit by Youkomon’s attack he teleported himself in thin air, appearing on the rooftop of Core Bank, the tallest building in the city. The mysterious cloud hovered motionless directly above the building, purple sparks of lightning appearing every couple of seconds.

Dorulumon gave a wry smile as he looked up towards it. Then he lowered his head, pointing the large drill on his forehead towards the cloud and with a loud roar the purple lightning from within the cloud struck the drill like a lightning conductor. Dorulumon’s roar became louder. After a few seconds it ceased and he lowered himself onto all fours, panting heavily.
The cloud began to shift internally. Then slowly it began to compress towards its center. For a moment everything became eerily silent and then all at once there was a deafening bang. The cloud had burst and countless ghost like creatures, Bakemon, dispersed, spreading and descending upon the dark city.

Matt and the others caught sight of it as they neared the convoy of police vehicles. The police were called to that street for some disturbance or another. Officers standing by instinctively turned towards the sound of the large blast. Moments later the ghastly Digimon descended upon them. The officers fired at the Bakemon. The bullets went right though them. One Bakemon flew down towards the officers.

“Zombie Claw!”

From beneath their sheet like form rose two large, ghastly, decaying hands which shot out, clawing the nearby police car, ripping the blue and red light fixture right off. They continued shooting at the Bakemon. It was futile. Just as another Bakemon fixed his sight on one of the officers with its claws oustretched a ball of fire struck it on the side of its head, sending it flying through the air. The man shook, with his arms outstretched, clutching to his firearm that was aimed at the creature. As Youkomon leapt from a nearby rooftop Viola and the gang pulled up.

The police took no notice of the car and aimed their weapons now at the large, multi-tailed, purple fox creature jumping down towards them. Alex jumped out of the vehicle and shouted at them, “Hold your fire!”
He waved his arms around to get their attention.

One officer looked at him, “Sir, get back in the vehicle now!”

Matt, Viola and Takeshi jumped out of the car. Youkomon landed a few meters from the nearest officer. The men noticed a little pink-haired child jump off the back of the creature. Some of them lowered their weapons slowly. “It’s a child! Hold your fire!” one of them said.
Going along with it Alex walked towards the nearest officer, “Don’t shoot them. It’s okay. They’re here to fight off those ghost things.”

“What are they?” the officer looked up at the many Bakemon who were flying above the rooftops, like a swarm of bees in a hive.

“You wouldn’t believe me if I told you. And there’s not much time. We need to use your cars radio.” Alex explained.

“I can’t let you do that, sir.”

“Look, you wanne get rid of these things or not?”

The officer stood silent for a moment, then nodded. Alex gestured for Takeshi, who ran over.

Youkomon began taking down the Bakemon who descended upon them. The police officers were stunned to see the little girl shoot vines out of her arms.

“What the hell are they?” one officer asked his comrade who just stared with his jaw dropped.

“Flaming Dragons!”

The tips of Youkomon’s nine tails ignited. She aimed and launched the small golden fireballs, taking down a handful of Bakemon at a time. Yet each time one went down, another two took its place.
“Everytime we get rid of one, more appear.” Youkomon said, she was beginning to breather heavily.

“There must be some way of getting rid of them all…” Rosaemon said, shooting out thorns towards her opponents.

Takeshi and Matt were fiddling with the knobs and switches on the police car radio.

“How do we know what signal it is?” Takeshi asked.

Matt paused, “You ask me this now?!”

Alex and Viola’s D-Ark devices began to beep as Ophanimon’s voice sounded once more, “The Digimon.”

Alex raised his device. “You Digimon will know the signal.”

“Rosaemon!” Viola called over her pint sized champion. “Help Takeshi and Matt!”

“Go, Rosaemon. I’ve got this!” said Youkomon.

Without further adieu Rosaemon ran over to Takeshi and Matt. As various sounds were heard over the radio as Takeshi went through the frequencies Rosaemon caught the sound.
“Go back! That’s it!”

Takeshi frantically reversed his steps and locked onto the signal, memorizing the exact frequency.

“Now what?” said Matt.

“It’s getting more intense!” Rosaemon noted.

Just then Dorulumon appeared on the rooftop of the building before them, giving out the same shrilling howl that made the hairs on the back of Takeshi’s neck stand up.

“It’s him! The signal’s coming from Dorulumon!” Rosaemon shouted.

“Play time’s over!” the wolf-like Digimon locked onto Youkomon, sensing her tiredness and leaping down upon her.
“No!” Alex yelled out. Viola trying to restrain him.

“Twisted Thorns!”

Summoning thorns of vines from beneath the concrete and tar surface Rosaemon wrapped them around Dorulumon’s legs. He struggled to free his limbs, but Youkomon took the opportunity to strike.

“Blazing Sphere!”

As Youkomon charged up her body in flames and dashed towards her trapped opponent a group of Bakemon intervened, proving a shield for Dorulumon. They absorbed Youkomon’s attack, some bursting into data fragments. From behind Dorulumon began absorbing their data fragments, his form growing slightly bigger.

“Warning! Opponent Limit Attack Activated.” Alex and Viola’s devices sounded.

“Destruction Drill!”

The drill on Dorulumon’s head began spinning rapidly. He lowered it towards his bindings, snapping the vines wrapped around his paws. With the drill still spinning he leapt once more for Youkomon, who braced herself. Before he made contact Dorulumon was met with a flying ball of solid rock, shattering as it hit the spinning drill.

Dorulumon jumped back, looking up in the direction of the flying rock. Surprised, the tamers and group of officers looked up to see the softly glittering silhouette of a dragon-like creature.

Viola held up her device, “Enumamon, champion level dragon Digimon. One of the Digimon of Origin.”

Enumamon lowered herself down onto the ground with her fairy-like wings, revealing her tamer. Once her tamer dismounted the dragon raised herself up once more.

“Frozen Nova!”

Inhaling deeply Enumamon let out an icy cold breath at Dorulumon. He growled deeply as the tips of his mane began to freeze up.

“Dark Charger!”

In an attempt to ward off the freeze Dorulumon released toxic fumes from the exhaust-like ducts on his body. The humans began coughing frantically, Rosaemon waving her hands to ward off the fumes. Thinking quickly Enumamon lowered herself and beat her wings rapidly, dispelling the fumes from the humans.

“Together!” she shouted towards Youkomon and Rosaemon. Rosaemon took a breath.

“Twisted Thorns!”

Dorulumon was once again trapped by the vines from under the grounds surface.

“Dragon’s Breath!”

Enumamon spat out large balls of molten rock which, when combined with Youkomon’s Flaming Dragons attack became super heated fire balls of flying lava. They struck Dorulumon dead on, causing him to cry out loud, but not destroying him.

“That should’ve finished him!” Alex cursed softly.

Enumamon’s tamer ran over to where Alex and Viola stood, “The others are on their way.”

“What?” Alex looked at him.

“Maya, Trask and the others.”

“How do you-“
Before Alex could finish his sentence Dorulumon let out yet another howl. Bakemon from all over the city converged down to the street they were in.

Alex could feel Youkomon tiring. She had always pushed herself beyond her limits, and became disappointed when beat. Now more than ever she was determined to defeat her opponent.

“How could he be that strong? He’s champion level just like they are.” Viola said.

Alex looked at his device, “We could really use a Limit right now, Ophanimon.”
There was no response.

“Hahaha. You’ll never win against THEM!” Dorulumon snickered. Then, in a poof of black smoke he was gone, leaving the humans and the three champions with countless Bakemon.

“I think it’s safe to assume we’re screwed…” said Matt, who watched the events with Takeshi from inside the police vehicle. The officers themselves were aghast and dumbstruck.

Rosaemon, Youkomon and Enumamon continued fending off the Bakemon. “Back to square one.” Youkomon said.

“Never give up!” Enumamon yelled out before releasing an icy attack on a group of Bakemon.

From above there was a blinding light. The Bakemon froze, distracted by it. The humans shielded their eyes. A scythe-like weapon flew from the center of the light, splitting handfuls of Bakemon in two before they disintegrated. The light faded to reveal a silhouette of a familiar, yet unfamiliar Digimon. It descended towards the ground, catching its weapon after it had boomeranged throughout the street. It landed softly on its rabbit-like legs, which seemed to be wearing metal footware. It wore a large headdress, its long ears protruding from the sides. On the shield it held it its hand was the shape of a crescent moon.

“Crescemon, Ultimate level Data Digimon.” Viola held up her device as it showed the status of the Digimon.

“It’s Lekismon!” Rosaemon said. Crescemon looked at her with a reassuring twinkle in her eye.

“Ice Arrows!”

Crescemon raised her weapon, the Nuova Luna. The scythe-like blade transformed into a bow and from it she shot arrows of ice at the remaining handfuls of Bakemon. The three champions joined in. Once Enumamon struck the very last one down, Rosaemon began rejoicing.

“Where did he go now?” Alex asked.

“Who?” asked Duke.


“That blue wolf thing?”

“Yup” Alex reached out his hand to the new tamer, “Alex.”


“That’s Viola, Rosaemon and Youkomon.”

“That’s Enumamon.”

The group of officers walked towards the tamers. “Hey! I don’t know what the hell just happened here, but all of you are coming to the station right now.” He turned to Matt and Takeshi, “You two, out of the car, now!”
The two of them jumped out, automatically lifting their arms up with their hands behind their heads.
The officer then turned to face Crescemon, “You! Drop the weapon!”

Crescemon raised the Nuova Luna up in her arm and began to spin it. The policemen aimed their weapons.

Viola jumped forward, “Wait! No!”

In a flash of white light they were all gone; the five humans along with the four strange creatures. The officers were dumbstruck.


“He’s still out there somewhere.” Alex said.

Crescemon had transported the group to the rooftop of Matt and Takeshi’s apartment. The three champions reverted back to their rookie forms, Elishamon formally introducing herself to Heraldimon and Vulpemon.

“As long as Dorulumon exists, your world will be in permanent darkness.” Crescemon began to explain.

“Who is he to the Shadow Lords?” Duke asked. Matt and Takeshi had explained to him the details surrounding the mysterious wolf Digimon, along with why Crescemon was there to help them.

“Dorulumon is a corrupt spirit. A slave to the Shadow Lords. He was created from corrupted files deep within the Digital World. And there are others.”

Alex checked his watch, “Maya and the others should’ve been here by now…”



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